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Chapter 15: The Lookout Fish! Lin Mos Intimidation

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Scarface could only watch helplessly as his companions fell one by one. He gathered all of his spiritual power and attempted to grab on the creature. However, the creature was simply too fast. It slipped off his hands every single time.

Sometimes, his skills would miss and land on the other robbers instead. This caused them even more agony.

The robbers who were still able to fight followed suit. All kinds of martial skills and spiritual power were released. Since they could not escape the creature, they might as well fight back. However, they could not even properly see its shadow, let alone hit it.

The situation became more chaotic and the number of casualties increased.

This scene made Scarblade exasperated. He had no choice but to ask for help from others.

“Whos willing to help us”

However, the rest of the people avoided him like the plague. Before long, his surroundings were empty.

The cries of the robbers rose and fell. Only Scarface was safe and unharmed. He was not attacked by the white shadow. This was basically mental torture for him.

A quick death was nothing but his companions were dying in a tragic and painful manner.

Even robbers who had been living on the edge for years were scared.

Scarface had never felt so powerless. Large beads of sweat slid down his forehead. His eyes were bloodshot. He glared fiercely at Lin Mo.

“This is your fault!”

Lin Mo looked completely calm. Clearly, he did not seem to care. An unprecedented chill rose in Scarfaces heart.

He realized that he had offended the wrong person.

“What can you do to me”

That sentence was extremely lethal. The blood color on Scarfaces eyes suddenly faded and they turned pale instead.

Still, he was an ambitious person. So once again, the scar-face man revealed a ferocious expression.

“I want your life!”

Despite that, upon closer inspection, one could see his eyes were filled with fear.

Scarface charged towards Lin Mo. Uncle Wangs heart was beating rapidly. He could not help but shout, “Young master, be careful!”

Lin Mo sneered. He could tell that Scarface was strong on the outside but weak on the inside. With a slight wave of his hand, a huge air current formed in the center. Scarface could not even get close. He instantly flew a few feet away.

Everyone was dumbstruck. They thought that they were hallucinating.

After all, Scarface was a level seven powerhouse. Even Li Yunfei was no match for him. Yet, Lin Mo was able to defeat him with a wave of his hand. He did not even use any martial art or cultivation techniques. If he could deal with Scarface so effortlessly, one could only imagine how powerful he was.

“Thats it”

Everyone was in disbelief. They recalled Scarfaces earlier claims.

“Youre telling me that hes an ordinary person Who are you trying to fool!”

The Blood Harvest leader, Qingyang Citys lord, and the rest originally only thought of this situation as a show but now, their expressions had turned serious. Their gazes toward Lin Mo were filled with curiosity and fear.


Surprisingly, Scarface was still able to stand up. After what Lin Mo had put him through, most people thought he was dead. Supposedly, Lin Mo was only a level one trash. How did he gain so much strength in such a short period of time

With a wail, Scarface spat out a mouthful of blood. It was unknown whether he was angry or shocked.

“Look at those robbers!”

Suddenly, everyone realized that they could no longer hear the screams of the robbers. Only Scarface was left standing in the middle of the venue.

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“Creak. Crack.”

A bone-chilling sound rang out in the air. Scarfaces body stiffened. He turned his head back in disbelief. The robbers who had come with him had already been gnawed on until only their bones were left.

His eyes were wide open. It was as if his eyeballs were about to pop out. Any hope of him emerging victorious had been completely crushed. He said in a crazed manner, “This is impossible!”

At the same time, the white shadow in the air finally stopped moving. Its outline began to slowly take shape.

The creature turned out to be an extremely large fish!

White scales covered its entire body. They were as sharp as blades. When the fish swam, it could split the air in half. Steel-like fins were stuck to both sides of its body. They looked as thin as a cicadas wings, but they were actually indestructible.

The most shocking thing was the fishs teeth. Without a doubt, they could crush a persons skull with a single bite.

“Its actually a fish!”

People had been trying to guess what type of creature could annihilate Scarface and his group. They never expected it to be a fish as that did not make any sense.

“What kind of species is it Its not restricted by land or water and its so ferocious.”

Even the most ruthless blackwater fish was nothing like it. Ordinary fish could only live in water. Once they got out, their attack power would be greatly reduced. If they stayed out for too long, they might even die.

Scarfaces eyes were filled with fear as he shouted, “Dont eat me! Ill tell you a secret!”

Lin Mo raised his eyebrows and walked over.

“What secret”

At this moment, Scarface was heavily injured and did not have the strength to fight back. Thus, Lin Mo was not afraid of any sneak attacks.

Scarface lowered his voice so no one could hear him. After whispering something, he tried to make a run for it.

Lin Mos expression changed slightly.

Scarface knew that he would not be able to escape. His heart was filled with regret. Why did he accept this mission and provoked Lin Mo

Unfortunately for him, Lin Mo had no plans of being merciful. His eyes turned cold.

“You want to escape It wont be easy.”



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