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Chapter 18: The Banquet That Will Never End

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Uncle Wang and Wu Jin had been waiting outside for a long time. When Lin Mo appeared, the two of them said in unison, “Congratulations, young master. Your cultivation has improved once again.”

Lin Mo had been cultivating for a few days. During this period, many people came to visit or inquire about him. However, they were all rejected by Uncle Wang.

Once again, Lin Mo was much stronger. This meant the time of separation was coming. As expected, he said, “Prepare to set off tomorrow.”

Uncle Wang did not utter a single word, but Wu Jin looked surprised.

“So soon”

He wanted to say something else but hesitated.

Lin Mo added, “Think about it carefully. Are you willing to come with me”

The two of them were about the same age. Uncle Wang came across Wu Jin by chance in Chuxin Village. He was average in terms of strength and had no interest in cultivation. Wu Jin was tactful and had a good sense of humor. Thus, Uncle Wang thought he was suitable for the auctioneer position.

Even though they had only spent a short time together, Lin Mo admired this young man very much. He reminded him of his past self. If he did not cultivate, being an ordinary person like Wu Jin was a good option.

As soon as Lin Mo finished speaking, Wu Jin replied without hesitation, “Im willing!”

He was afraid that Lin Mo would go back on his words.

Although Wu Jin was not powerful, he had a good sense when it came to judging people. Lin Mo was definitely not an ordinary person. He had already seen his potential. Sooner or later, the young master would be on top of the world. Wu Jin wanted to be by his side before it happened.

After all, it was a good opportunity. Naturally, he had to seize it.


Before long, most of the people had heard about Lin Mos departure.

The village chief, Li Yunfei, Huang Kegan, and many others waited for him at the village entrance.

“Lin Mo, please stop. I didnt expect you to leave so soon. Arent you going to stay for a while longer”

Lin Mo shook his head.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, but Ive made up my mind.”

The village chief was a little disappointed, but he also understood where Lin Mo was coming from. Chuxin Village was too small and had limited resources. With the latters current strength, he definitely would not stay for long.

So, he put a warm smile on his face and took out something.

“This is a small token of my appreciation. I hope youll accept it.”

The village chief was confident that Lin Mos future would definitely be bright. Ideally, he wanted to keep a good relationship with him as there would be many benefits.

After all, Li Yunfei gained two top-grade articles by just defending the young man.

Obviously, Lin Mo could not refuse.

Li Yunfei gave Lin Mo a big hug.

“Brother, dont forget about me. If you need my help, I will instantly rush over. It doesnt matter even if I have to travel thousands of miles.”

If Lin Mo could auction off his items in a large town, he would surely make a big profit. This was an opportunity the people in Chuxin Village did not have due to their limited assets. They could not compete with bigger factions.

Anyway, be it Li Yunfei, Huang Kegan, or the others, they had all received Lin Mos favor.

Huang Kegan sighed.

“Originally, I wanted to have a good chat with you over some wine. Unfortunately, it doesnt seem like I have the chance this time. I hope that we can meet again in the future. We will definitely get drunk together!”

He felt some regret in his heart and wished that he had attended the previous auction.

If he had also stood up against Scarface, he could have received glorious rewards like Li Yunfei.

In short, it was too late.

Everyone had a regretful expression on their faces as they bid Lin Mo farewell.

Uncle Wangs eyes were red. He wanted to follow Lin Mo, but he was already old and frail. Moreover, he was not suited for long journeys. There was no way Lin Mo could bring him along.

Although he was sad about the separation, he was happy for Lin Mo. In a tearful voice, he said, “Young Master, you must take good care of yourself.”

This old butler had given all his warmth and love to the young man. They were basically family. Without a doubt, he was a very important person in Lin Mos life.

Lin Mo even made up his mind to find medical pills for Uncle Wang to extend his life.

Since Uncle Wang did not have a high cultivation level, he would only be able to live for another ten years at most.

“Oh right, what are your plans” asked the village chief.

Lin Mo had nothing to hide. He answered, “Im heading to Qingyang City.”

Qingyang City was about the same size as Lin City. However, it was not like Lin City where the Lin family was dominant. Instead, there were four great families that kept each other in check. Additionally, it was a place where merchants would gather. This was thanks to its geographical location. Thus, the city was rich in resources.

There were many experts there as well. Most of them were crouching tigers or hidden dragons (TN: People with special hidden talents).

The village chief nodded.

“Its a good place.”

Actually, there was another reason why Lin Mo picked Qingyang City. He wanted to increase his strength as soon as possible and avoid his familys assault. Hence, he planned to bypass Lin City and go straight to Qingyang City.

Everyone was reluctant to part with Lin Mo, but they could only wish him well.

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Some day, their paths would cross again.

Lin Mo and Wu Jins figures gradually disappeared into the distance and from everyones sight.



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