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Chapter 21: The First Auction in Qingyang City

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The news about the tier five resources in Lin Mos auction spread quickly.

A few days later, the auction was officially held. Many young disciples from the four great clans came to participate.

The venue was extremely lively. People were exchanging greetings and boisterous voices could be heard at all times. Although this popularity could not be compared to large-scale auctions, it was not bad. Besides, it was the first time Lin Mo was holding an auction in Qingyang city.

“Looks like there are quite a number of people here.”

“Thats right. Apparently, there are tier five resources. So, I came to join in the fun.”

“I dont know if its true, but this auction is being held by a new owner. His background is quite mysterious. What connection does he have with the royal family He might really have some good stuff.”

“Connection with the royal family Ive not heard of such news. Its not a lie, right”

Regardless of the rumors were true or not, everyone was looking forward to the auction.

There were already several people sitting in the first few rows.


Someone with sharp eyes noticed that an old man was sitting in the front row. His aura was stable and did not have any fluctuations. He seemed to be an ordinary person. However, no ordinary person would be sitting in the first row.

Most auction houses were very particular about their seatings. Those who were able to sit in the first row were either powerful people or those with high status and background.

“Isnt that Butler Zhang from the royal auction house Why is he here Does this auction house really belong to the royal family”

“I dont think so. Perhaps Butler Zhang is only here to take a look.”

While everyone was discussing, the old man remained calm and composed.

There were also two pretty women who stood out. They were wearing dresses with yellow and golden butterfly patterns. Both of them looked lively and cute.

Not only were they wearing the same clothes, but they looked identical as well. It was like looking at a mirror reflection. Many people were attracted to their appearances. They kept staring at the two women.

The twins were the daughters of the Huang family. Their names were Huang Zhiyun and Huang Zhirou. Most people could not tell them apart if just based on their looks. In reality, they had very different personalities. The lively and charming younger sister was Huang Zhiyun while the mature older sister was Huang Zhirou.

Huang Zhiyun looked around with her dark eyes.

“Elder sister, why did we come to this place Is the royal familys auction house not good enough”

“I came to take a look because I heard there are tier five resources here.”

Sitting not too far away from them was the eldest and only son of the Miao family, Miao Yan. When people saw him, a disdainful expression would appear on their faces.

“I didnt think that he would come as well. Doesnt their family have an auction house Why is he here”

It turned out that Miao Yan had an arrogant personality. He was the strongest among the younger generation. In addition to his extraordinary background, he could basically do whatever he wanted.

One person could not help but ridicule him.

“Of course hes strong. Other families had multiple children. Hes the Miao familys only child and is favored by the royal family. Naturally, they are going to spend everything to nurture him.”

The persons companion tugged at his sleeve, hinting for the latter to speak less.

Miao Yan was a picky person. Obviously, he did not think much of the auction house.

“This place is small and shabby. Its not even half as good as my familys auction house.”

Those who wanted to suck up to him immediately complimented, “Thats only natural. How can such a place satisfy Young Master Miao Just treat it as a show.”

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Miao Yan then turned his gaze to the Huang sisters. He said eagerly, “What a coincidence. The two sisters are here too.”

Huang Zhiyun secretly rolled her eyes. She did not say anything. Huang Zhirou nodded at Miao Yan and said, “Young Master Miao is here too.”

Miao Yan was overjoyed that Huang Zhirou spoke to him.

“Theres probably nothing good here. Instead, you should come to our clans auction house. Its much better.”

Clearly, the two sisters did not like Miao Yan either. However, due to the Miao familys reputation and the delicate relationship between the four great clans, they had no choice but to tolerate him.

Huang Zhiyun said abruptly, “The auction is about to begin. Young Master Miao, you should return to your seat.”

Miao Yan looked embarrassed and returned to his seat awkwardly. Of course, no one dared to laugh at him.

After he left, Huang Zhirou looked at Huang Zhiyun with a disapproving expression.

“How can you talk to him like that Miao Yan is very powerful. Its very easy to offend him.”

Huang Zhiyun snorted coldly.

“I cant stand him. In fact, I hate him to death. He looks like a starving dog whenever he speaks to us.”


The person sitting behind them saw the commotion. He could not help but let out a low laugh.

That person was none other than Du Wan, the illegitimate son of the Du family.

“Hes not favored by his family and is also the weakest among the younger generation. Du Wan is probably only at the peak of level 6. However, I heard that he controls a very powerful demonic beast.”

Sitting beside Du Wan was the illegitimate son of the Wang family, Wang Qing. He was in a much better position than Du Wan because the Wang family only had him and his brother.

The Wang family treated the two of them equally and did not show any favoritism. Thus, he turned out to be rather honest and loyal. He even made quite a few friends.

Du Wan and Wang Qings gazes met. They both nodded and smiled at each other.

The auction had yet to begin, but Lin Mo had already gathered some useful information. The corners of his mouth curled up into a playful smile.

“Looks like this auction will be interesting.”



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