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Chapter 23: Level 6 Cultivation Technique, Publicly Smacked in the Face!

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Originally, Lin Mo wanted to use the Cross Blade to excite the crowd. That way, the price of the Chaos Pill would rise. However, with Miao Yans interference, the opposite happened.

Worst still, no one even placed a bid. Everyone looked hesitant at the Chaos Pill and Miao Yan. They did not want to offend either party.

Nonetheless, it was only a top-grade tier five pill. Although it was rare, it was not something the audience did not possess. Offending the Miao family because of this would not be worth it.

Wu Jin was a little anxious. After all, there were only two items to be auctioned. If one of the items was not sold, it would obviously be a loss for the auction house.

Suddenly, someone called out, “8,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

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It was Du Wan. This was completely unexpected. Miao Yans expression instantly darkened as he fiercely glared at Du Wan.

However, Du Wan was not afraid at all. He looked at Lin Mo and said, “I hope that we can become friends. In the future, we could exchange breeding experience.”

It turned out that he was very interested in Lin Mos lookout fish, which explained his action.

Miao Yan smiled coldly and said, “As expected of an illegitimate son who is not even worthy of being mentioned in public. All you do is bootlick others.”

His words were directed to both Lin Mo and Du Wan.

Lin Mos eyes turned deep and dark like a ball of burning flame, but his expression was calm.

“In order to thank everyones support, I have decided to auction something from my personal stash. Tier 6 top-grade martial art, Frost Sword Manual. Starting price is 10,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

Those words dropped like a heavy bomb.

Miao Yans expression rapidly turned ugly while the others were in utter shock.

“What A tier 6 top-grade martial art! I didnt expect this. Its an extremely rare existence even in the royal familys auction house.”

As Lin Mo took out the “Frost Sword Manual”, his fingertip released a spiritual force that landed on the light blue cover. Promptly, an invisible icy current spread out from the center of the stage.

Everyone could clearly feel the temperature around them dropping. The light blue crystals covered the entire stage, making the scene look very dreamy and surreal. It was as if they were in a world of ice and snow.

When the cold wind blew past, it jolted everyone back to reality.

“Such a powerful aura. Its definitely a tier 6 top-grade martial art!”

Everyone was thrilled. They were like wolves who had seen meat after a very long time. Their gazes were fixated on the “Frost Sword Manual”.

A tier six top-grade martial art was something that could only be found by chance. Even the Huang sisters could not sit still. This sword manual would be of great use to them. They had to bid for it.

“15,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

“20,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

“25,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

As expected, everyone began bidding hysterically. In just a few seconds, the price had already soared to over thirty thousand.

Other than Miao Yan, everyone else who had some assets participated in the bidding.

Du Wan and Wang Qing also wanted to obtain this cultivation technique but in the end, the twin sisters won at the price of forty-one thousand low-grade spirit stones.

Wu Jin announced, “The tier 6 top-grade martial art, Frost Sword Manual, has been bought by Huang Zhiyun and Huang Zhirou.”

The crowd could not calm down for a long time. They did not expect such a turn of events.

Lin Mo struck the iron while it was hot.

“The next auction will be in a week.”

Thanks to the “Frost Sword Manual”, Lin Mo became famous in Qingyang city.

After the auction ended, everyone started asking about his identity.

“His auction house actually has a tier 6 resource. To boot, its a top-grade martial art with potent lethality.”

“Ive never heard of him before. He just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.”

“Apparently, on his first day in the city, he took over the poorly operated auction house. He didnt even bat an eye and took out 100,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“Could he be a descendant of some reclusive family Who knows, he might have something to do with the royal family.”

Those who left the auction early immediately felt regret. If they had been a little more patient, the outcome might have been different.

Meanwhile, Lin Mo was completely unaware of these discussions. He was happily chatting with Du Wan. The latter was a straightforward person. After the auction ended, he found Lin Mo and the both of them instantly got along. They had already become friends.

“I was trying to find the owner of the lookout fish, but I didnt expect to meet you here.”

Du Wan was extremely familiar with demonic beasts. With a glance, he could tell that Wu Jin was not the actual owner and the lookout fish was only protecting him.

After seeing Lin Mo, he felt a similar aura coming from his body. So, he guessed Lin Mo was the actual owner.

On the other hand, Wu Jin was a little curious. He could not help but ask, “How did you know that Im not the real owner of the lookout fish”

Du Wan revealed a mocking expression and teased, “When you sat on the fish, you looked like you were about to vomit. The lookout fish clearly despised you. Moreover, your cultivation level is not high.”

Lin Mo laughed out loud.

“Looks like you have to cultivate properly. If not, even the fish will loathe you.”

Wu Jin widened his eyes.

“It wouldnt dare! Otherwise, Ill make braised fish tonight.”

An afterimage flashed through the air. Wu Jin felt a cool sensation on his face. It was a little painful as if he had been slapped by something.

There were clearly fin marks on his face. Obviously, it was the lookout fishs masterpiece.



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