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Chapter 28: A Trip to the Du Familys Estate

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Lin Mo was not worried that the Du family would kill him or steal his treasures. They would not be able to do such a thing in broad daylight. So many pairs of eyes were watching them. Besides, Du Wan did not seem to be that type of person.

At the same time, Lin Mo was also very curious about the lookout fish. The system gave too little information,

Lin Mo was very straightforward. Du Nanfeng could not help but laugh out loud. Then, he made a hand gesture.


The group walked out of the royal auction house and soon, they arrived at the Du residences main entrance.

There were two stone lions at the entrance that seemed to be guarding this place. Their bodies were glowing with life-like light. It was as if they would come to life at any moment. Those stone lions were actually made from hundred-year-old spirit marrow jades.

Lin Mo entered and took a look. Apparently, there was another world inside. Ancient buildings stood on both sides. In the middle, there were mountains and rivers.

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The mountains and rivers were full of spirit energy. White fog filled the air. When Lin Mo got closer, he realized that it was a spirit gathering array. The array created the fake appearance of the mountains and rivers. It was both artistic and ingenious. Whoever saw it would definitely be filled with admiration.

Wu Jins eyes were wide open. This place was filled with an ancient charm. It was like Fairyland on Earth. There was no way a small place like Chuxin Village could compete. In fact, it made him feel like he had been staying in a pigs nest.

As expected of a large aristocratic family. Even Lin Mo looked amazed.

“Please take a seat.”

After Wu Jin and Lin Mo took their seats, a servant brought over some tea. Lin Mo lifted the lid and teas fragrance burst out. Upon smelling it, their spirits were roused. The pale green tea leaves faded away. Their spiritual energy immediately welled up.

“Can I see the black-blood tiger”

Lin Mo was a little curious. Other than his own lookout fish, he had not seen any other demonic beasts. After all, not everyone could form a contract with them.


Du Nanfeng readily agreed.

A black magic formation appeared in the air along with a tigers roar.


The light from the magic formation dissipated and a tiger appeared in front of Lin Mo. Its body was covered with black patterns and it looked extremely orderly. The fangs in its mouth flickered a sharp, cold light. An oppressive aura assaulted Lin Mos face and he felt like it could bite his throat at any moment.

It made Lin Mo and Wu Jin feel threatened. Their faces turned pale and were covered in sweat.

The black-blood tigers eyes had a bloodthirsty and cold look in them. It only became slightly gentler after looking at Du Nanfeng. Then, Du Nanfeng recalled the black-blood tiger back to its pet beast space. Even so, the pressure was still present.

“Its indeed a peak level nine demonic beast.”

After hearing Lin Mos praise, Du Nanfeng smiled modestly and said, “Owner Lin, summon your demonic beast and let me take a look.”

Lin Mo agreed. There was a flicker of white light and an afterimage flashed through the air. Normal people would have a hard time seeing what it was, but not for Du Wan and Du Nanfeng. It was thanks to their special cultivation technique.

Du Nanfeng revealed a surprised expression.

“Is it really a fish”

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it. A strange fish that could survive in the air and move so quickly. It was certainly bizarre.

“Ive never seen anything like it. Im sure the lookout fish is not an ordinary demonic beast. If you refine its bloodline in the Xuanming Cauldron to be purer, you will surely develop more of its abilities. Simultaneously, your strength will also increase.”

Lin Mo asked in a puzzled tone, “Xuanming Cauldron”

Du Wan explained, “Brother Lin, you have no idea because youre not a beast tamer. Xuanming Cauldron is a method that can help demonic beasts refine or evolve their bloodline. Its the reason why the black-blood tiger can level up so fast. However, it requires a lot of materials. Ordinary people cant afford it. At the same time, a high-level beast tamer is needed to control the Xuanming Cauldron.”

This piqued Lin Mos interest. Obviously, Du Nanfeng was a high-level beast tamer. With the system in his hands, he did not lack materials either. As long as Du Nanfeng was willing, he could give the Xuanming Cauldron a try.

Du Nanfeng could see through Lin Mos thoughts. He was also very interested in the lookout fish. Furthermore, Lin Mo had extraordinary strength. It would be a good idea to befriend him.

“If Owner Lin can provide the materials, Im willing to help you raise the strength of the lookout fish.”

Du Nanfeng had good intentions and Lin Mo was not a stingy person. So. he immediately returned the favor.

“Youre so straightforward. Well definitely get along. Within a month, Ill get a level 5 demonic beast for you. It should be enough to keep the black-blood tiger filled for 3 months. I think theres a high chance that itll have a breakthrough as well.”

Du Nanfeng was overjoyed.

“This is great. I dont know what method youll use, but isnt a month too short”

Du Nanfeng did not think that Lin Mo was lying. Since the words came out from his mouth, he must have a certain degree of confidence. So, he did not mind waiting a little longer.

“Dont worry.”

Upon hearing that, Du Nanfeng did not probe further. After all, everyone had their own secrets. Nonetheless, he was a little curious about Lin Mo.

Lin Mo had a very simple plan. He would just auction off low-level demonic beasts in the auction house and the system would reward him with high-level demonic beasts. The entire process would not cost him much. Not only would he be able to earn spirit stones, but he would also do Du Nanfeng a favor.



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