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Chapter 7: Mercenary Group Leader

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Although the decoration of the venue was simple and limited, it was enough. Everything that needed to be there was present.

Many people had already arrived.

Sitting at the VIP seat was the village chief. His clothes were very simple and he looked no different from an ordinary villager. There was also a kind and amiable look on his face. However, he was not to be underestimated. The aura that he inadvertently exuded was proof of it.

There were a few middle-aged men in their thirties. They wore robes made of animal skin. Although it was unsure what beasts they were exactly, the material looked very good. The accessories on their bodies were also not something an ordinary person could afford.

Their eyes were bright. At the same time, they emitted a murderous aura. At a glance, one could tell they spill blood to earn a living.

Uncle Wang introduced, “They are from the Wolf Mercenary Group and Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group.”

Suddenly, there was a commotion coming from the door. Four or five people walked in. From the looks of it, they belonged to a mercenary group.

The leader was wearing a belt made from python skin on his waist. There was a huge snakehead on it. The snake still retained its ferocious and terrifying look from when it was alive. In fact, it looked as if it would come back alive in the next second. Everyone was scared and automatically made way for them.

“I didnt expect the leader of the Snake Head Mercenary Group to come.”

As the leader sat down, it caused a small uproar. The leaders from the mercenaries group had gathered in one spot. Their gazes met and they seemed determined to win.

Before the auction even started, everyone could already detect the smell of gunpowder.

They could not help but sigh.

“The tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique had attracted various people from the surrounding small towns.”

“Its been a long time since Chuxin Village has been this lively.”

“Yea. Its also rare to see the leaders of these mercenary groups gather at the same place. I guess its not unexpected. A tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique is pretty rare. Almost everyone would be interested in it.”

Indeed, a top-grade tier five cultivation technique was not common. This might not be considered rare in large cities but in small towns, it was a different story. It could even be seen as extremely precious.

There were quite a few forces near Chuxin Village. They were evenly matched. Everyone wanted to become the overlord of this area, but they could not achieve a decisive victory.

When they heard about the top-grade tier five cultivation technique, they all rushed over regardless if it was true or not. Their goal was to obtain the top-grade tier five cultivation technique so that they could strengthen their own forces.

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“I wonder if this auction actually has the tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique. So many mercenary leaders have attended.”

“The news should be true. No one would joke about such a thing unless they were trying to sabotage themselves. Moreover, its not a good idea to fool these mercenary leaders. If they cant bring out the item, this place will be destroyed.”

“I wonder who will win the tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique. Apparently, the leader of the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group had brought along a lot of spirit stones.”

“The Wolf Mercenary Group is also quite wealthy. Supposedly, they completed a few difficult missions a couple of days ago.”

Everyone was discussing among themselves.

Wu Jin held the auction hammer in his hand and slowly walked onto the stage. He was the auctioneer Uncle Wang had hired. Allegedly, he was a decent person. Lin Mo planned to observe him for a period of time. If things went wrong, he would replace him.

“This auction has officially started. There are a total of five items up for grabs! The first item is a tier 3 top-grade essence pill. Starting price is 1,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the village chief said, “2,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Lin Mo looked at the village chief without batting an eyelid.

He was an upright person who guarded the village. Moreover, he had never taken anything from the villagers or used his position to make a profit. Thus, he did not have much wealth. The village chief only bid to help Lin Mo and to liven up the atmosphere.

As expected, after the village chiefs bid, more and more people joined in. There was no longer a need for the village chief to make further bids. The place had a proper atmosphere and the bids were getting higher and higher.

“2,500 low-grade spirit stones!”

The leader of the Snake Head Mercenary Group, Guo Wen, made a bid. He rarely used medicinal pills. The ones he had were mostly first or second rank. Guo Wen did not expect the first item to be auctioned would be a third rank medicinal pill. This excited him quite a bit.

“3,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Another voice followed closely from behind. It was none other than the leader of the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group, Li Yunfei. His eyes were basically burning as he looked at the pill on the stage. He needed it to increase his strength.

Li Yunfei was the weakest leader among the three mercenary groups. He had just entered the sixth rank, so he urgently needed this kind of pill to consolidate his strength.

The price tripled in an instant, causing many people to drop out. Only the mercenary group leaders were competing.

“I knew it. Ordinary people like us wont win. Theres no way I could afford to compete with them.”

Guo Wen and Li Yunfei clearly wanted this pill. The two of them continued to go up against each other, making the atmosphere more lively. On the other hand, the leader of the Wolf Mercenary Group, Huang Kegan, stayed silent.

He was the first of the three mercenary group leaders to reach the sixth rank and was proud of his achievement. Despite that, there was a huge gap between the sixth and seventh stages. In other words, this pill could not help him increase his strength.

If one of the other two mercenary group leaders bought it, they would reduce the power gap between them. The advantage Huang Kegan previously had would slowly disappear.

So, he decided to wait and observe the situation. If there really was a top-grade tier five cultivation technique, he would definitely buy it no matter the cost.



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