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Chapter 9: The Appearance of a Tier 5 Top-Grade Cultivation Technique

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So far, four items have appeared. The auction was coming to an end. Since the tier five top-grade cultivation technique had yet to make an appearance, the audience could not sit still.

“Whats going on Wheres the tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique Do you have it or not”

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“Did you trick us into coming here”

“You probably only have the tier 4 cultivation technique. In order to attract more people, you lied and said its tier 5.”

Wu Jin tried his best to calm the crowd down, but it was to no avail. In fact, he was not too confident about the article in question either. Lin Mo had yet to bring it out. It might not even exist in the first place.

At this moment, Lin Mo walked up to the stage and whispered to Wu Jin.

“Everyone, please calm down. We understand how you feel. The next item will be auctioned by the owner of this auction house himself.”

After Wu Jin said that, Lin Mo was in charge. The latter slowly took out a venerable-looking box. This box looked even more ancient than the one before. There were mysterious carvings on it. They looked like totems and symbols. There also seemed to be an image of a dragon and an elephant.

In an instant, the noisy crowd became silent. They stared at the box attentively. There was indeed something extraordinary about this box. The box was even emitting a powerful aura. Whatever that was stored inside, it must be really incredible.

Everyone subconsciously held their breaths. It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground could be heard.

As Lin Mo opened the box, the sound of a dragons roar could be heard. It was so loud that it caused everyones spirits to shake. Pale-colored gas rose from the box to the top. Then, it began to take the shape of elephants with long tusks. The gas elephants charged toward the crowd menacingly.

This caused the people sitting in the front row to involuntarily lean back. They were scared that they would be trampled by the herd of elephants. However, since the elephants were made of gas, they dispersed after a short while.

“The fifth item up for auction, a tier 5 top-grade martial art, Dragon Elephant Fist technique. Starting price is 10,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

The audiences expressions were almost in sync. Their mouths were agape as they stared at Lin Mo. They were unable to recover from the shock.

There really was a top-grade tier five cultivation technique!

Wu Jin and Uncle Wang were equally surprised. Lin Mo was telling the truth after all. This was not merely a gimmick.

Uncle Wang knew that Lin Mo was robbed, so he did not expect the latter to have such a good item on him. His respect for Lin Mo had risen to a whole new level.

“I must get my hands on that cultivation technique!”

“15,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

This sudden call for a price grabbed everyones attention. For a moment, the audience went crazy and began bidding non-stop. The price rose higher and higher.

Even though the price was several times higher than the previous items, not many people backed out. The crowd was full of enthusiasm. A top-grade cultivation technique was extremely rare. Some people might not be able to attain one their entire lives.

The crowd got even more heated. Many peoples eyes were bloodshot. Even the veins on their foreheads were popping out. They were hysterical. It almost looked like they were going to fight.

This was basically the climax of the auction. It was insane!

Of course, there were rich cultivators in the crowd. However, they could not be compared to the leaders of the mercenary groups. After all, they had an entire gang backing them up.

“22,000 spirit stones!”

Everyone was annoyed at Huang Kegans bid, but there was nothing they could do. Their eyes got even redder due to the anger. The treasure was within their reach. If only they had the money.

Li Yunfei could not help but sigh.

“In the end, we still lost to the Wolf Mercenary Group.”

Meanwhile, Guo Wen was astonished. He did not expect to find so many good items on auction in this small village. Even a top-grade tier five cultivation technique was available. It was a pity that he did not bring enough money today.

However, on second thought, he had already gained a lot from this trip. Guo Wen comforted himself by thinking,Perhaps there would be another opportunity next time.

Upon seeing that no one else was bidding, Huang Kegans face lit up. His patience had paid off. If he had bid on the previous items, he would not be able to obtain the tier five top-grade cultivation technique so easily.

With the “Dragon Elephant Fist technique”, Huang Kegans strength would definitely increase exponentially. He might even be able to use it to fight against a level seven expert. It was not impossible.

In the end, tier five top-grade cultivation technique was sold to Huang Kegan for twenty-two thousand spirit stones.

There was no notification from the system. As the rule stated, item obtained from the system that was auctioned would not be counted. Although he was well aware, Lin Mo still felt a little disappointed.

Despite that, Lin Mo had obtained many spirit stones. So, he felt like he did not lose out.

“Our auction has come to a successful conclusion. Dont feel discouraged if you did not get your desired item. There will be another tier 5 article in the next auction. As for whether its martial arts or medicinal herbs, please come and see for yourself.”

Lin Mo turned around and left after leaving a cliffhanger.

Even though the auction had already ended, the enthusiasm of the crowd still did not die down.

“This trip was not a waste at all. I actually got to see a tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique.”

“As expected, the people from the Lin family are really different. With such a large sum of money and so many good items, their younger generation is indeed formidable.”

“I think the biggest winner today is the Wolf Mercenary Group. With a tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique, theyll soon become the strongest force in Chuxin Village.”



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