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Picking Someone Up

School ended at four in the afternoon. Vivian deliberately waited at the gate more than ten minutes earlier. As soon as Leon stepped out of the school, he saw Vivian.

When Vivian saw him, she smiled and walked forward, wanting to help Leon with his bag. “Son, are you tired today”

Leon quickly stopped Vivians hand. “I can carry it myself. Its not heavy.”

“Auntie, youre Leons Mother Oh my God, youre too young!”

Vivian heard the exclamation from beside her and noticed that there was a boy beside her son. She greeted him kindly, “Thank you for the compliment. Are you Leons classmate”

Frank introduced himself enthusiastically, “Were classmates. Auntie, my name is Frank!”

Vivian could tell at a glance that Frank was a warm person. On the other hand, Leon had an introverted personality. Coupled with the environment he grew up in. He must have a dark side in his heart. This needed to be slowly influenced by love. It was not just family but friendship was also important. She was also happy to see Leon having friends like little suns around him.

Vivian responded enthusiastically, “Hello, Frank. I was worried that Leon wouldnt be able to make friends because he didnt like to talk. Please help Auntie take care of him. You can come to our house to play with Leon after school.”

Frank nodded with a smile. He would be alone at home anyway. “Sure, Auntie. Ill definitely go one day!”

“Leon, youre so lucky! Unlike me, Ive always been picked up by a chauffeur since I was young. My parents dont even know what grade Im in when they attend the parent-teacher meeting.” Frank whispered to Leon enviously.

The corners of Leons mouth couldnt help but rise. He suddenly felt that Frank wasnt so annoying anymore. Sometimes, his words were quite pleasant to hear!

From the corner of her eye, Vivian saw the gentle look in Leons eyes. She knew that she had made the right decision to come this afternoon. She knew that this little guy didnt mean what he said! After saying goodbye to Frank, she pulled Leon into the car.

Instead of driving home, Vivian drove to a mall. She said excitedly, “I got someone to clean up the house today, but theres only furniture inside and no household supplies or electrical appliances. Lets go shopping now and decorate our house beautifully!”

In her previous life, she had bought a house and died before she could even decorate her new home. In this life, she had to have a good time.

When Leon heard this, he was also a little excited. The concept of home was too foreign to him. Perhaps when he lived with his grandfather, it could also be considered a home...

When they arrived at the mall, Vivian remembered to ask for Leons opinions on everything. After all, it was their home. Vivian hoped Leon would have a sense of belonging, and the best way to create a sense of belonging was for him to add every item in the house personally.

From small things like towels and cups to big stuff like kitchen utensils and home appliances, Vivian heaved a sigh of relief as she watched how Leon became more and more relaxed after participating in the selection.

This purchase also allowed Vivian to understand many of Leons small habits in life, such as his sweet tooth. So, Vivian bought a lot of dessert ingredients.

Shopping makes people happy, and shopping without thinking about money makes people crazy. Vivian looked at the car that was already full of food and scratched her head helplessly. In the end, the mall arranged a large truck to transport the food to Mountain View City.

It was already eight oclock when the two of them got home. The hungry two quickly heated the large pizzas they had bought halfway.

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The two took a bite of the pizza and a mouthful of coke. Although there was a pile of things on the ground that had not been cleaned up, their hearts were filled with happiness.

After eating, Leon cleaned up the table. When he saw Vivian tidying up the table, he quickly stopped her. “Dont move those things. Ill do it.”

Vivian rejected him without thinking. “How can I do that How long will it get you busy”

Leon was helpless. He finally realized that his mother often forgot that she was pregnant. “Did you forget that youre pregnant again What if you get tired”

It suddenly dawned on Vivian. After she was pregnant, she only felt the occasional soreness in her waist and sleepiness. Other times, she felt exactly the same, as if she was not pregnant. In addition, her pregnancy had just shown, and there were no restrictions on her physical movements, so she often forgot that she was pregnant.



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