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After I thanked Lillie-san for the incident in the God Realm and gave her a gift, we chatted for a while.

Lillie-san was gentle and kind, but also mischievous at times, and our conversation was lively and the time flew by.

In particular, the practical way Lillie-san uses her Perception Magic was quite helpful…… Well, in regards to whether I can do the same or not, I'll have to consult about this with Kuro.

Incidentally, Lillie-san explained in detail about the magic she uses when in battle. It seems that her main strategy is to fight using spells "Flower Haven" and "Illusion Tree".

Flower Haven is a Counter Magic where Lillie-san detects the opponents' attacks with her exceptional perception ability, and whether it's physical or magical, she reverses and amplifies the Law of Causality and "reflects their attack with five times the power". The magnification is just plain nasty.

Illusion Tree is said to have the effect of "making it so that a phenomenon that happened to you looks like it didn't occur", postponing the damage she received and pretending it never happened…… Seriously, the peak Count-ranks really have Last Boss-like extraordinary abilities…… I'm really glad that the world is at peace.

[……I'm sorry for taking up a lot of your time. I've learned a lot today.]

[No, I had a good time too. If you are interested, I could teach you how to use Perception Magic, so please come visit me when you have time.]

[Thank you. I'm really looking forward to it.]

[……However, it's just that most of what I can do is actually possible for Lillywood-sama. However, since she might want to get the opportunity to teach you, this is a secret to Lillywood-sama, okay]

I felt that Lillie-san, smiling like that with an impish smile, really was very easy to talk to. I felt a sense of security, and the emotions that were being conveyed from her were calm and relieving.

……No, this is normal, right For having about half of their group have a very heavy and overwhelming loyalty, and strange fetishes, it would probably be the Ten Demons that are the peculiar ones.

Because the members of the Ten Demons really had quite the character, there was a part of me that told me to keep my guard up, but if the other members of the Seven Princesses were like Lillie-san, the greeting would really end calmly and peacefully.

With these thoughts in mind, I thanked Lillie-san once more, then we parted ways and I headed back to Yggfresis city.

I could have used Teleportation Magic to leave when I was done talking to Lillie-san…… but Kuro told me about a delicious jam in Yggfresis, so I'm going to buy some of that before going home.

I was walking along, looking at my notes on the location of the stores I had researched beforehand…… but as I turned in a corner, I almost collided with a girl who looked like a fairy vigorously flying at me from ahead.

……I- I just barely collided with her, right That was close, I was so focused on my notes that I wasn't paying attention.

[Hawawawa, did I bump into you A- Are you alright Are you hurt]

[We didn't bump into each other, so it's alright.]

[I- I see…… In that case, that's good. I was in a bit of a hurry and didn't properly look ahead, so I'm sorry.]

[No, I also wasn't paying attention, so I'm also at fault. My apologies.]

The blonde fairy girl bows her head and apologized, and I also apologized to her.

[In that case, we're both at fault then~~]

[Right, let's both be careful in the future.]


[I'll be taking my leave then.]

[Yes! Bye bye~~]

Since neither of us was hurt, we only exchanged a brief conversation. The fairy girl smiles when she hears my words, and waves her hand as she turns to leave, so I lightly wave back to her.

And then, just as I started to walk towards the store again……

[……A- Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!]

[ ! ]

Hearing a loud shout, I turned around and saw the fairy coming back to me with a shocked expression on her face. What is this What's going on

As I tilted my head, for some reason, the fairy girl flew around me, looking at me curiously.

[Eh Ummm…… What's the matter]

[Light brown hair…… Black magic crystal necklace…… Magic power as warm as sunshine…… T- There's no doubt!!!]

[No doubt Errr, what are you……]

[Y- Y- Y- You are! "Kaitokun-san", right!]

[……Eh Yes, that's right……]

The peculiar name the fairy girl suddenly called me with sounded very familiar. Could it be that she was Raz-san's acquaintance

[I knew it! You're just as I heard from Raz-sama! Yay! Finally, "Tir" has also met Kaitokun-san~~!]

The fairy girl with a big smile on her face, flapping her tiny wings…… With that statement, I immediately knew who she was.

She probably, no, I'm sure…… She was Raz-san's friend, and the fairy that Ariel-san said was also her friend…… "Tirtania-san".

Serious-senpai : [……His flag-retrieval constitution sure doesn't change.]

: [Well, just like usual, I suppose.]

Serious-senpai : […….You should stop chattering here already and go stop Makina.]

: [……Fumu, I just suddenly thought of something…… If I just leave her unstopped, I wonder how long she will talk before she stops]

Serious-senpai : [……I dunno]-

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