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My first visit to the God Realm welcomed me with a very refreshing sight.

The lower level reminds of a city in the Human Realm, with huge flowers that are several meters high and a lake floating in the sky.

The middle level was like a residential area for nobles, lined with beautiful white buildings with trees that resembled the light trees I had seen before, and the entire city seemed to be enveloped in a faint light.

Then, higher than these two lands, the cluster of lands that is the highest area in the God Realm aside from Shiro-sans Sanctuary…… we reached the upper levels.

The upper level is a green carpet of grass that is spread across the open grass, and even though it should be noon, there are multiple layers of light in the sky that look like shooting stars, giving the place a sense of solemnity.

And at the end of my gaze…… At the edge of the donut-shaped earth, closest to the Sanctuary, which can be seen even higher up in the sky, three huge temples are arranged around the Sanctuary.

Each one is as large as a castle, and Im saying that even though were a considerable distance from them to know how large they really are.

Then, at Chronois-sans suggestion, we decided to check out Fate-san and Life-sans temples before going to Shiro-sans home, and so, we headed towards Fate-sans temple, which is the closest one to where we currently are.

It seems that it is true that only the Supreme Gods and their subordinates are allowed to enter this place, as the large space felt incredibly quiet and the other Gods that I had seen on the lower and middle levels couldnt be seen at all.

Once inside Fate-sans temple, we were met with a wide corridor that let alone me, even Megiddo-san could through with room to spare, giving the atmosphere that this place is certainly where a pinnacle God lives.

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Well, I doubt Magnawell-san is able to move around here…… Thats just because Magnawell-sans size is abnormal, and in the first place, a house that he can get into couldnt be called a house anymore, it would just be a gigantic… errr…… something.

Going down the long, quiet hallway, we stand in front of a huge door.

The door was so big that I didnt feel like I could open it at all but…… Chronois-san doesnt seem to be particularly bothered by it and just knocked on the door.

[God of Fate, are you there]

[……Hmm God of Time and Space What is it now……]

When Chronois-san calls out to the door, the huge door slowly opens and Fate-san languidly speaks, showing herself.

Her purple hair was ruffled and was springing out all over the place, and the priests robe that shes wearing looked wrinkled up…… Inside the room, which looked as wide as a sports ground from what I could see, there is a large amount of cushions spread out all over the place just like those ball pits back in my world, and it seems like you can lie down just about anywhere.

……How should I say this… Isnt this a formation filled with uselessness with no opening at all Are you really that lazy……

Ive known from the moment we met in the Human Realm that she was a lazy person…… but it seems that what she was wearing when she came to the Human Realm is her, already trying to dress up.

W- Well, how should I say this…… I should have known that Fate-san is like this, but for me to still be surprised…… Rubbing her half-opened eyes, Fate-san drowsily spoke.

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[……You know Im busy relaxing right…… now]


However, when those half-opened eyes widened when they caught sight of me, Fate-san stiffened with a shocked look on her face.

After she dumbfoundedly stared at my face for a while, she began sweating profusely.

[……Errr…… Are you…… Could you be…… Kai-chan]

[Ah, yes. Errr, its been a while.]

[……Sorry, please wait here.]


As soon as she said that, Fate-san closed the door after telling me to wait.

Eh Wait here, how long do I have to wait here

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As I was thinking about that, the door was opened again just after a few seconds passed, and Fate-san appeared.

[Yaa, welcome, Kai-chan! To my temple!]

[Wha! E- Ehhhh!]

Fate-san, who appeared again, had radically changed from earlier.

Her beautiful hair that seems to shimmer and shine, her pure white priests robe that doesnt have a single wrinkle in it…… The overly stuffed room, which I dont know if theres any place I can step on, was now dust-free, and the floors and walls were polished like mirrors.

[Now, now, come in, come in, Ill have some tea prepared for you.]

[……Errr, compared to earlier…… Isnt that quite the drastic change]

[Ahaha, what are you talking about, Kai-chan. Im a “clean freak”, so thats why my room is like this. I just woke up earlier…… so I ended up showing you my embarrassing side.]

You just woke up…… No, thats not what Im talking about here though! Your room! Im talking about your room!!! Isnt your room just screaming out laziness earlier! It was literally a sea of cushions though! Eh What happened in the last five seconds!

[……If you could do that, you could have just done it on a regular basis.]

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[Geez, even the God of Time and Space is being mischievous too~~ Im the always serious and energetic Fate-chan, you know!]

[……I want to ask you one thing. Why do you look so lively right now]

Unnn, even I can tell that Fate-san isnt always like this. I mean, I was even beginning to doubt if the person Im talking with now is really Fate-san.

It feels like shes trying to be obviously serious. What is this This slightly unpleasant feeling……

It seems that uneasiness hit right on mark, as when Fate-san heard what Chronois-san said, she loudly declared.

[Thats obviously so that I could win Kai-chans heart!!!]

[……Oiiii…… Fate-saaannn…]

[Well~~ I visited you multiple times but you havent reacted well at all, so I was thinking that Kai-chan was actually homo……]

[Oi, stop right there, useless goddess.]

What the heck is this person saying now!!! Who the heck is homo! Im asking you!!!

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However, as expected of Fate-san, she magnificently ignored the shout of my heart and continued speaking.

[However, I heard from Shall-tan, that with Underworld King and Death King….. and also some elf, I heard that he became lovers with them!!! Then, doesnt that mean I also have a chance!!! I can also do it!!!]

[……What the heck……]

[If the Underworld King is OK as a love interest, then that would mean someone small-statured like me is A-OK!!! Then, I dont have any choice but to go attack!!! Im aiming for the ultimate kept lifestyle!!! I will be the God of NEETs!!!]



Ahh, shes still the same old Fate-san…… When she said her wish of becoming the “God of NEETs”, I could feel an irredeemable uselessness from her.

Chronois-san seems to be completely dumbfounded too, putting her fingers to her temples and her cheek seemed to be twitching.

[And so, Kai-chan! For now, how about we start with a “kiss”!!!]

[……No, even if you say it like youre just going to have beer for now in some izakaya…… I refuse.]

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(T/N: Fate said “toriaezu/for now”, and Kaito referenced “toriaezu nama/Ill have a beer for now”)

[Ehhh~~ Isnt it fine, its just a contact with our lips. If you do it now, Ill even let you get the option of feeling my breasts!!!]


Looking at Fate-san who is closing in on me, I backed away, somehow feeling a sense of dejavu.

Unfortunately, Chronois-san still hasnt recovered from her confusion yet.

Fate-san began walking up to me with bloodshot eyes, and there were even some drool slightly dripping down her mouth.

[Its alright, it will be alright…… Its just something like a light greeting…… Just a quick smack……]

[Please wait, Fate-san!]

As Im pulling away with all my might from Fate-san, who is approaching me like a starving, petite predator, Alice suddenly appears, looking somewhat flustered.

[Eh Arehh Shall-tan Whats wrong]

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[……Please withdraw now! Y- Youre going to die!]

[Eh What in the world are you—— Hahh!]

Almost at the same time Fate-san tilted her head at Alices flustered-sounding words, the entire room was enveloped in a “black fog”.

Fate-san seems to have immediately understood what that black fog was, and as her face began turning pale, she began sweating like a waterfall as golden eyes appeared in mid-air, glaring at Fate-san.

[……This…… This is amazing…… I…… I have never felt like this before…… I havent felt death this close…… N- No way~~ I- I- I- Its just skinship…… you know]

[Fate-san! Apologize!!! Quickly!!!]

[I- Im sorr——]

Before Fate-san could completely say her apology, she was swallowed up by the black fog, and her scream that seemed to rip through the air immediately afterwards.

[Gyyaaaaahhhhhhhh! St- Stoooooppppp! Youll tear me to pieces! Youll seriously to piieeecccceeeeessss!]

[……S- She was too late huh……]

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[Higyyaaahhhhh! Ill be crushed, Ill be cruuuussshhheeeddd!]

[……Farewell, my soul friend…… Ill never forget how gallant you are.]

[Wait, dont kill me off just——- my right haaaaannnndddd! I understand that I did a bit thing, alrriiiiigggghhttt! Wait, arehh My wounds are healing…… Ginnyyyaaaahhhh! Y- Youre doing this agaaaaiiinnnn! S- Stoooooppppp!]

Fate-san stayed being consumed by the black fog, and her screams rang out for a while in the room.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Reaching the upper level of the God Realm, we checked out Fate-sans temple first. Well, I dont know how I should say this, Ive always known that but—— Fate-san is still the same as always.

Kuro (serious mode) has arrived…… Fate…… Thats one rash decision.

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