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The girl who appeared from the grown World Tree, Nebula, introduced herself to me with a bright smile on her face. Reassured by the fact that she seemed to be friendly towards us for the time being, I responded.

[I'm Miyama Kaito, nice to meet you…… Errr, Nebula-san]

[Please call me Nebula, Milord! No need for honorifics!]

[Errr…… Then, once again, I'm in your care…… Nebula is, errr…… a Spirit, right]

[Yes! I am the Spirit of Milord's World Tree.]

At first glance, she looked mysterious and cool, but Nebula-san seems to have a cheerful personality, and her small stature of around 1 meter gives her a cute impression.

The reason why she calls me "Milord" is probably because I'm the owner of the World Tree. However, it seems that Nebula really is the Spirit of the World Tree…… I don't know why a Spirit dwelled in the World Tree that Lillywood-san said she had made impossible for Spirits to dwell in.

While talking with Nebula, I sent a hummingbird to Lillywood-san. I knew that she would be busy, and even though it would be difficult for her to do so right away, I'd like her to confirm this.

However, it seemed that Nebula's situation really was so unusual that within a minute, I received a hummingbird back saying that "she would adjust her schedule and would be on her way here within the next ten minutes".

As she watched Kaito exchange hummingbirds with Lillywood, a lot of thoughts raced within Nebula's mind.

(Curse you, lowly creature. There is no way that a lowly creature like you can stand above this Absolute me. Don't you dare get carried away…… No, wait…… However, if one were to be asked if Mil——– this lowly creature is to blame, I couldn't really say that he is. It was Shallow Vernal who was at fault here. Thinking about it again, he is just as much her victim as me. If that's the case, directing resentment towards this lowly creature isn't something the Absolute me should do.)

Calming down her mind, seething at the thought of serving a human, Nebula continued to think.

(……Yes, I can just change my way of thinking here. In a way, Mil———– this human is my first manservant after my resurrection. Fumu, in that case, I must take good care of him. Yes, if I were to think of it that way, I will forgive him for being somewhat rude.)

In a sense, it may be an arrogant theory, but she has reached a satisfactory conclusion, and her mind gradually returned to calmness.

Thereupon, Lillywood arrived and she alternately looked at the changed World Tree and Nebula.

"……I see, she does seem to be a Spirit. She also seems to have tremendous power. And as for the tree, even though it has changed, it's still a World Tree huh. I don't really know how this happened, but the birth of a new Spirit is a joyous occasion."

(……T- This b*stard…… For someone who barely crossed over Quasi-Omnipotence, how dare you talk about me like you're superior! Even if my abilities had been downgraded, if I feel like it, I'll end your insignificant…… No, wait.)

As the King of the Spirits, Lillywood smiled at the birth of a new Spirit, and for a moment, Nebula's pride was almost triggered, but then, she realized something and corrected her thoughts.

(This woman is Milord———- my manservant's acquaintance. In that case, if I punish this Spirit, it means that I will cause trouble for the manservant…… T- This is bad! It will be alright if "my manservant troubles me"…… Being inferior in ability than me, it is inevitable. It is within the capabilities of the Absolute me to forgive everything…… but "me causing trouble for my manservant" is something that should never happen. Such behavior is a disgrace to the Absolute me!)

After gathering her thoughts at super speed, Nebula smiled and spoke to Lillywood.

[My name is Nebula. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lillywood-sama!]

"Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you too…… If you have any problems, feel free to call me."

[Thank you!]

Her thoughts were done in an instant, so to the casual observer, their meeting seems to have ended amicably…… no matter what Nebula's inner thoughts were.

Thereupon, after Lillywood, Kuromueina also came to the scene after receiving Kaito's call. Kuromueina had the experience in raising a World Tree, which was Lillywood's main body…… but as expected, this situation was too special and she was also unable to understand what happened.

After a brief self-introduction, she curiously looked at Nebula and muttered.

[Hmmm, I wonder if she's also a mutation or something like that Even so…… Nebula-chan seems to have tremendous potential. If she grows up, she might be as powerful as the Six Kings.]

(……What the heck is with her Isn't her ability too unbalanced…… She's Quasi-Omnipotent, but all the abilities of her authority "specialized in destruction"…… Is she a God of Destruction or something Her abilities are just so unbalanced that even if she grows up, she won't be able to reach Omnipotence-level…… Fumu, being Milord…… my manservant's acquaintance, in a broader sense, it can be said that she's under my patronage. I'll grant her some Creation-type authorities…… With this, when she grows up, she should be able to reach Omnipotence-level.)

As a result of various analyses, they came to the conclusion that Nebula was a new kind of Spirit brought by a sudden mutation. Since Nebula is undoubtedly a Spirit, and she is friendly to Kaito and the people around him, they judged that she isn't dangerous.

Alice, who was the only one who had been very cautious of her from the start, was still cautious of hers, but perhaps, judging that she would be bringing serious harm to Kaito, her cautiousness relaxed to some extent by the time they dispersed.

Serious-senpai : [She's inwardly swearing like hell…… or so she pretends, but she inadvertently calls Kaito "Milord" many times, and she definitely is friendly with him…… I wonder what kind of trick that airhead god did……]

T/N: I got the okay from Foxy, so I'll start translating the LN's volume 1 the day after tomorrow, or the day after that. Around the time I finish I found a hole.‘s volume 1.-

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