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Chapter 1260 - Wedding Participate ⑨

When I arrived at the venue of the wedding reception party with Olivia-san, what I felt first…… was some sort of strange emotion.

No, strange may not be the right word…… I suppose its more like theyre trying to keep their distance, kinda like theyre “trembling in fear”, and I could also feel awe being transmitted through my Sympathy Magic.

However, it wasnt as if they were feeling in awe towards the nearby Olivia-san, as the target of their fear seemed to be me instead.

Most of the people in this hall should be nobles or people related to large trading companies…… Well, most of them have people of high standing who are invited to what you could call a nobles wedding, and incidentally, most of them were people I have never even met before. What are they so afraid of……

As I had such a thought in mind, as if the flash of my intuition suddenly sparked in my mind, the image of Eden-san popped into my head. A- Ahh, I see…… Come to think of it, I did hear about a dangerous God who was going around enthusiastically threatening nobles at the Six Kings Festival…… That was the reason!

I kinda feel like thats really convincing. Heck, seriously, I wonder how she threatened them……

[As expected of Miyama Kaito-sama, your refined presence inspires a sense of awe in those around you. Im sure that all of this is due to Miyama Kaito-samas overflowing spirit, but its still good that they at least have the sense to perceive it and show their respect. Im impressed that they seem to understand who they should respect.]

(T/N: I kid you not, that spirit over there, thats haki. Like, Kaito got the Conquerors Haki now lol)

In contrast to my subtle expression, Olivia-san nodded her head with a proud expression on her face. If anything, I could even feel that shes positively revising her assessment of the nobles who are trembling in fear because of me.

Well, Olivia-san has an extremely high opinion of me…… The kind where she had a lenient judgment that seems to praise no matter what I do, which I already know from my previous visits to the Friendship City……

Its just, well, thinking about it the other way around, as someone who isnt interested in making connections with nobles, it may be a blessing that Im able to avoid them to a certain extent.

This wedding reception party wasnt a standing buffet style, but instead a course meal served at designated seats, so I honestly appreciate the fact that theres no development like many people coming up to me after getting our meal.

[Miyama Kaito-sama]


[Please forgive my rudeness in calling out while youre in the middle of your noble thoughts. I think its time for us to move to our seats, dont you think Ahh, no, of course, the schedule should match Miyama Kaito-samas actions, and your appearance radiating wisdom is majestic and wonderful. I know you must be pondering upon deep subjects that I cant even begin to fathom but……]

[S- Stop, Olivia-san. Its alright. Thank you for calling out to me. Lets move to our seats.]

[Ah, yes. Understood.]

For my part, I was rather glad that Olivia-san had called out to me when I had stopped to think at the entrance, but Olivia-san looked tense because she was afraid that I had interrupted her thoughts.

When Olivia-san gets that tense, she praises me so much that I think she may be trying to kill me with praises.

Normally, she gives the impression of being very calm and quiet, so it was a little funny to see her become so tense that she would become talkative and praise me all over the place.

After smiling to reassure Olivia-san, we started moving toward the seats where Lilia-san and the others were sitting.

In fact, theres a slight misunderstanding occurring between the two. Olivia is indeed usually quiet, but when she gets flustered, she ends up exaggeratedly praising Kaito.

Kaito recognizes these praises as something she desperately squeezes out of her chaotic thoughts…… but thats actually not the case.

(When I look up at him like this, Im still dazzled by Miyama Kaito-samas gallantness.)

To be correct, Olivia is usually always praising Kaito in her heart, but when she gets confused, she becomes talkative and ends up saying “things she usually doesnt say out loud”.

Therefore, even if she just stands there normally just as Kaito thinks, she usually raves about him in her mind.

In the first place, basically speaking, Kaito is an object of faith for Olivia. And her, Olivias faith is of an extraordinary magnitude, which is directly connected to her affection for him.

Furthermore, through that incident in the Friendship City, Olivia recognizes Kaito as the person who scolded, taught and guided the misguided her.

In other words, to put things simply…… Olivias faith and affection for Kaito has long surpassed the upper limit.

The only difference is that unlike Kaito, her emotions arent easily seen on her face, and with her faith towards him being so great, its hard for Kaitos Sympathy Magic to notice this because all he can read from her is her faith.

If anything, Olivia is already in love with him, and just being able to walk with Kaito like this is the pinnacle of happiness for her.

Her Affection Meters are so high that when she sees the nobles being in awe towards Kaito…… or rather, feeling fear towards Eden, she feels proud that the being she holds faith in is evaluated correctly.

(Of course, my first priority is to learn, but for me to be able to participate in this event coupled with Miyama Kaito-sama, what an honor this is…… Ahh, I want to offer a prayer of thanks right now. However, if I were to take a posture of prayer here, it would trouble Miyama Kaito-sama. I should hold onto my deep gratitude in my heart at the moment, and offer a deep prayer after I return to the Cathedral.)

……Yes, although she, Olivia, has pure, unmuddled feelings, she is someone that holds enough emotions to describe her as a fanatic.


Although its hard to notice because of her usual lack of expression, her quietness and purity, Olivia is quite the fanatic.

She basically follows the doctrine that Shiro and Kaito are absolute, and even when Kaito just thinks shes just breathing like usual, she was praising his being in her mind. Her Affection Meter is so high that its already broken through the limits…… but she considers it as faith and doesnt connect it to love.

As one would expect, it seems that being the object of her faith, Kaito, who scolded, taught and guided her (or so Olivia feels) was a very big factor, as honestly speaking, even if Kaito suddenly confessed to him at this point, she would accept without hesitation.-

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