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Chapter 1209 - Duke-Rank and Maid-Rank ④

【Sorry to keep you waiting. The eBook version of the Light Novels Volume 13, even though it has been delayed a bit, has now been released】

After talking with Funf-san, Alice finally got off my back and we headed to the next location with her Teleportation Magic. What we arrived at was a town I saw for the first time.

The town is quite large, not as large as Yggfresis, but it seemed to be about the size of the city in the vicinity of Kuros castle.

[……This is the first time Ive seen this town. Where is this]

[This is one of the towns on the land that Kuro-san owns. Kuro-sans land is vast, so she had several towns like this. Each of these towns has its own representatives, and Zwei-san is the one who organizes them.]

[Ahh, so thats why Zwei-san is here huh……]

[She had many offices here and there, but this is where she does her main work.]

After a brief explanation, we arrived at a large building near the center of the town. After Alice said a word or two to the person who seemed to be guarding the entrance, we were immediately ushered into a room, which seemed to be Zwei-sans room.

When I entered the room, I saw Zwei-san silently organizing a large number of documents on a large table.

There was a large sofa and a beautiful table in the room, so I understood that it was used not only as an office, but also as a reception room.

When Zwei-san saw that we had entered the room, she stopped working and quickly standing up, she gave us a beautiful bow.

[Miyama-sama, Shalltear-sama, welcome. I deeply apologize for not being able to prepare hospitality……]

[Hello, Zwei-san. Im sorry for our sudden visit.]

[You dont have to worry about hospitality or anything like that…… For the time being, just bring me some snacks.]

[At once.]

[Oi, Alice……]

While feeling astounded at Alice who cheekily demanded sweets after saying not to worry about it, I sat down with Alice on the big sofa at Zwei-sans urging.

After placing some fancy-looking cookies on the table, Zwei-san quickly brewed us a pot of tea using the utensils provided in the room…… This is already my third cup of tea. I feel like my stomach is starting to get flabby.

[So, how may I be of service today]

[Ahh, no, its nothing much. Ive decided to revise a part of the Peerage system, and Ive come to certify Zwei-san as a Duke-level, High-ranking Demon.]

[……Revising a part of the system, I see…… You lowered the threshold for the Duke-ranks and raised Ein to a higher level huh Also, were you planning on raising a certain number of people from each camp to Duke-rank]

[As expected of Zwei-san, youve read the situation well. Thats right.]

[……Have you actually managed to convince Ein well]

[……The new rank is now named Maid-Rank.]

[You have my heartfelt sympathy.]

As if she understood everything by the words Alice said and the expression on her face, Zwei-san had an indescribable expression on her face.

[By the way, Zwei-san]

[What is it]

[I apologize for my sudden visit today. You must have been flabbergasted, right Well~~, I should have sent out a notice a while ago~~]

[……Errr, Shalltear-sama Ummm, from my past experience, when Shalltear-sama has that kind of expression on your face…… How should I say this…… Errr…… I have a bad feeling about this.]

As a nasty smile appeared on Alices lips, Zwei-san somehow looked flustered. Zwei-san is still keeping her magic power from leaking out, so I cant read her emotions through my Sympathy Magic…… but theres no doubt that she looked like she had some bad premonition.

[Well, its just, we suddenly came out of nowhere, and even though it felt like we walked in while you were working…… I was just thinking…… You sure are very well-groomed, arent you~~]

[…….Shalltear-sama…… I already understand what youre trying to say. Please, please have mercy……]

[Oya This smell, I see youre even wearing new perfume. When you heard that Kaito-san was here, I guess you must have prepared in a great hurry before we arrived here~~. And yet, when we entered the room, you acted like you didnt notice our arrival, acting like you were just doing your job like usual~~]

[……I- Its not like I was doing that…… I- I- Its not that I hurriedly got myself ready just because Miyama-sama was coming. It also just so happened that I put on my new perfume……]

Zwei-san, just like Lilia-san, seems to be the type of person who cant lie, and it was all too obvious as her eyes were clearly swimming about and she clearly looked flustered, completely different from her usual coolness.

[By the way, that document you were holding when we entered the room…… “It was upside down, you know”]

[……………………………….Ive prepared for your arrival with great enthusiasm. The best cookies and other things in the residence were prepared and waiting.]

[Unnn, unnn, its good that youre being honest.]

Zwei-san, hiding her bright red face with her hands, hung her head low and fully acknowledged what Alice was pointing out…… Unlike my first impression of her, Zwei-san may really be quite a lovely person.

Also, I think I somewhat understand now why Alice said that Zwei-san was someone that was teased often.

Serious-senpai : [Shes basically a serious person, so that makes her a good teasing target for Alice huh……]

T/N: For those who still havent noticed it, YuuShou Volume 13s illustrations have been uploaded. -

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