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The sight of Bacchus-san holding his great axe without any hint of hesitation made me think of a warrior who had fought in many battles. However, this isnt the time to care about that.

[Listen here, Eden-san. Be gentle, okay Gentle. Be as gentle as you would pluck a flower……]


……Does she really understand what Im saying Im really worried about that.

However, Bacchus-san was so motivated that he wouldnt listen to me even if I stopped him…… I just hope that Eden-san will take it easy on him……

In front of me, half in resignation, I offered my prayer for his sake, Bacchus-san took a strong step forward. The impact cracked the ground, and Bacchus-sans magic power raged like a storm.

[Shall we begin, powerful being whose name I dont know of! One of War Kings Five Generals, Ironblood Bacchus! Ready for———]

With his vigorous speech, Bacchus-san powerfully kicked off the ground, and his figure immediately disappeared…… and before I knew it, “his upper body was stuck like a dart in the wall behind him”……

[Ba…… Bacchus-saaaaaaannnn!]

Before I could even perceive it, he was already defeated! Even though I already told him…… that Eden-san isnt someone he should fight. She seriously isnt someone he should fight……

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Moreover, this is already her holding herself back…… Shes seriously the incarnation of a cheat.

I didnt know if hes already unconscious or not, but as Bacchus-san was stuck against the wall, a helplessly awkward silence fell around the arena.

……It was an unpleasant incident.

After that, I asked Eden-san to heal Bacchus-sans wound. Well, it seems that Eden-san took it easy on him, so the damage he received wasnt that serious……

After he regained his consciousness, I received a stamp from Bacchus-san and went outside the arena to wait for Lilia-san and the others.

[……E- Eden-san. Thank you, and Im sorry. Eden-san is too strong, so I wont be asking you to be my proxy for the next battles…… Also, please speak normally.]

[……I see, my child wants to do his best on his own. Seeing my childs growth makes Mother very happy. However, Im worried. It would be a disaster if my childs body is harmed by the trash of this world. Yes, my childs body is the treasure of the world…… Mother cant help but be worried. However, yes, its also a mothers duty to watch over her childs growth. Im very worried, but for the sake of my child, Ill be patient. Ahh, but still, if things continue as they are now…… Thats right. Lets increase my childs physical abilities by a “thousandfold”. Lets also increase your magic power, so that you can wipe out the trash of this world. Yes, thats a good idea! My child is the supreme being, and no worthless trash should ever surpass my child in any aspect. Yes, thats right! Frustrating it may be, Im forbidden from cleaning up the trash of this world because of a promise I made to the God of this world. However, if its making my child stronger, there should be no problem. Yes, lets do that. With my help, my child will rise to greater heights…… Ahh, how wonderful. Thats right, I should also……]

[Stop! Eden-san, stoooooooopppp!!!]

She really is scary! Why the heck are you casually speaking about turning me to a superhuman!

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[I- Im fine the way I am now! Modifying my body like that is……]

[Ahh, youre right. My beloved child is already supreme at this point, arent you My apologies. Mother is being foolish. Yes, it is as you say! My child is a sacred being that cant be tainted by anyone. Even if Im your mother, it is unforgivable of me to change my childs body without permission. Thinking about it, there was no way I could have improved my child, when he was already the “ultimate miracle”…… I just cant do that. Yes, thats right! My beloved child is most superb and wonderful in his natural state. Ahh, but dont worry. Even if my child doesnt possess the strength to fight, Mother will always be here to protect you. Ye, thats right, Mother will protect my child better than anyone else……]

[Im begging you here! Can you just step on the brakes for a second!]

I hurriedly called out to Eden-san, whose eyes started to take the shape of murky hearts. I really felt like something terrifying would happen if I didnt stop her while she was like this.

[A- Anyway, Im already fine now so…… Eden-san, you can go back to your sightseeing……]

[I understand. Ill do that. Where are you headed next, my child]

[Errr, my next stop is…… the nearby arena.]

Ive already learned my lesson. If I said here that I would wait for Lilia-san and the others before moving on, she would definitely say something like “Making my child wait, how disrespectful.” or something like that.

So, lets just tell her where Im going next and let her go sightseeing as soon as possible.

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I said that, thinking that it was a great Eden-san countermeasure but…… it seems like that was quite naive of me.

[I see. Well then, “Mother will send you off”.]


[Now, I bid you well. Do your best over there. Mother is looking forward to your success.]

[Eh Wait! Wha——-]

As Eden-san gave me her most beautiful smile, my body was enveloped in light and the scenery instantly changed.

……I see, so thats what shes going to do…… She teleported me huh…… What should I do I wont be able to meet up with Lilia-san and the others like this.

As I was unceremoniously teleported to a position quite far from where I was before, I thought for a moment.

I dont think its a good idea to move without a thought. Ill just explain the situation here with a hummingbird and meet up with Lilia-san and the others over there.

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After gathering my thoughts, I quickly sent a hummingbird to Lilia-san.

Now then, all I have to do is wait…… Ill never know what will happen when I enter the arena, so lets just wait in this place.

[Ohh, youve arrived huh! Ive been waiting for you!!!]


Why the heck are all things going against my expectations today Why is there a 3-meter tall gorilla with a horn approaching me……

No, what Im saying isnt a metaphor, the being approaching me is seriously a gorilla. It has black hair, big arms, and even the way it walks is just like a gorilla. The only difference it had with a regular gorilla was the one big horn on its head.

N- No, wait, calm down…… It would be rude to think of someone as a gorilla just because they look exactly like one. Its just that they resemble a gorilla……

[Im one of War Kings Five Generals. The Gallant “Kong”! Im glad youre here, youngster from another world!!!]

Even your name screams gorilla!

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[……Ah, errr, Im Miyama Kaito. Nice to meet you.]

[Ohh! The fact that youre here means that youve already defeated Bacchus. Even though you have a seedy body thats as thin as a branch, youre really great, arent you!]

[Ah, no, the one who defeated Bacchus is……]

[The next one youre challenging is me huh! Alright, lets get started! Just so you know, Im not as naive as Bacchus!!!]

[N- No, Im still waiting for someone……]

[Now, follow me! This way!!!]

This gorilla wasnt listening to me at all! I cant even establish a proper conversation with him, you know!

The gorilla…… or rather, Kong-san carried me on his shoulders. and I was forcibly taken to the arena.

As we entered the arena, Kong-san sat me down, beat his chest with both of his hands and spoke…… Thats definitely drumming…… Theres no mistaking it, this guys a gorilla.

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[Alright! Lets get started! Dont worry, I know youre weak, so Ill give you a handicap! If you want to send a proxy, thats fine too!!! Come on, get yourself ready!!!]


No, thats why Ive been waiting for the proxy who might be able to represent me…… Youre the one who forced me into this situation, you know……

H- However, what should I do I cant just call Eden-san now. She may be really kind to me, but shes really unforgiving to the inhabitants of this world. I mean, shes even calling them trash. She may have taken it easy against Bacchus-san, but I dont know if shell do it again.

So, I would like to ask for another proxy but…… w- what should I do S- Someone, can anyone help me out here!

[……Rude and uncivilized. This is why I hate War Kings subordinates. Did you really think that a gorilla with no intelligence or dignity could talk rudely to Miyama-sama]

[……P- Pandora-san]

[Miyama-sama, please leave it to me. As Miyama-samas “proxy”, I will make sure that this rude person will be dealt with.]

[Eh N- No, but Pandora-san is……]

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[Dont worry. Thanks to Shalltear-samas consideration, I also have the badge that shows Im “Miyama-samas companion”.]

……Ooooiii, Alice Why the heck are you increasing my companions without my knowledge Also, its just a hunch, but I think Pandora-san is a very dangerous person, you know

[Ahh, dont worry. I will not simply make those who have been rude to Miyama-sama faint. I will “make them regret being born”, and then, educate them so that they will never speak rudely to Miyama-sama again.]


[Ill make sure hell scream so hard that he wont have the strength to scream anymore.]

……Just after Eden-san, why did such a dangerous person appear…… Even though Im not Lilia-san, I think my stomach is starting to hurt.

Dear Mom, Dad————- Just when I thought Id managed to persuade the dangerous Eden-san, someone else came to help me, but shes on a different vector of dangerousness compared to Eden-san…… Seriously, what the heck is going on today Could it be that today————- Its that so-called unlucky day

~~ Doki! Reinforcements Filled with Yanderes ~~

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Mama Eden: The type that would annihilate someone in an instant

Pandora: The type that tortures someone

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