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How did I end up in this situation I just thought I'd take a look around the night festival with Raz-san, who I ran into earlier……

Receiving Zwei-san's focused glare, I broke out in a cold sweat and shivered. After a while, Zwei-san took her gaze off me, allowing me to let out a sigh of relief.

It was only a few minutes, but I felt exhausted, feeling as if she was staring at me for hours…… Seriously, did I do something for Zwei-san to get angry at me

After she took her eyes off me, Zwei-san turned towards Acht and Eva, and quietly spoke.

[……Acht, Eval.]

[ [ Y- Yes! ] ]

[Be mindful from now on…… Maintaining your appearance is important.]

[ [ Yes!!! ……Eh ] ]

After loudly replying to Zwei-san's words…… For some reason, Acht and Eva's expressions looked as if they had seen something unbelievable.

(……If I want to express how much I care for the two of them, I must strictly scold them. But, however…… My apologies, Acht, Eval. I…… don't want to make Kaito-sama think that I'm a "scary woman". Guidance will be given at a later date, so please forgive your selfish sister for now.)

After she finished talking with Acht and Eva, Zwei-san glared at me again. How should I say this…… I was now painfully aware of how a frog feels why it's being stared at by a snake.

As if to help me out of this predicament, Raz-san flaps her way in front of Zwei-san.

A- As expected of Raz-san! The fairy who can read the mood! Please make her stop with that glare of her that feels like she wants to shoot me in the head……

[……Big Sister Zwei, why don't you go with Raz and everyone too~~]

……I retract my previous statement. I thought she would be helping, but she ended up helping the other side corner me. No, no, you can't do that, Raz-san! I don't know the reason why, but there's an incredibly threatening atmosphere around here, you know! I'm begging you, please read the mood!

N- No, wait…… It should be alright. Zwei doesn't seem to like me, and from what I've heard, she should be a very busy person.

There's no way that she would agree to Raz-san's offer……

[……I guess so. There's "something I'm a little worried about", so I'll go with you.]

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

[Yaaaay, I'm going around with Big Sister Zwei-san!]

Seeing Zwei-san readily nodding in agreement, Acht and Eva…… and my expression is tinged with despair.

Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyy! Why did she agree to it! There's something she's worried about ……It's definitely that, right I've heard that Zwei-san always thinks about her family…… so perhaps, she's going to keep an eye on me and the others, making sure that we don't do anything strange.

(……As I thought, Kaito-sama's face is pale. He's sweating a lot…… As I thought, he might not be feeling well. Kaito-sama is a person with the pure heart of a saint, so I guess he couldn't refuse Razelia's invitation. I'm worried about him…… If needs be, I need to be there to help him!)

I never thought I'd have to go around the festival with her shooting glares on my face…… Seriously, how the heck did this happen Uuuuuu, I guess I'll ask Lilia-san to share some stomach medicine with me later.

[S- Sis Zwei! E- Errr, a- aren't you busy……]

[T- That's right! Acht and I will make sure to watch Elder Sis Raz, so you don't have to……]

[Thank you for your concern. It's true that my schedule would be a little packed tomorrow…… but there's something I need to handle that is more important than that.]

[ [ I- Is that so…… ] ]

[Embarrassing it may be, I'm not as skillful as Ein. I have a bad habit of losing sight of my surroundings when I concentrate on one thing. And now, I would have to forget about work and give my undivided attention on this.]

[ [ Ah, yes. ] ]

What the heck is with that undivided attention! Does she want me to leave Is she trying to get rid of me! Forget about work, she's putting all her energy into watching me…… Awawa, how the heck did this happen……

[Well then, Miyama-sama. It might be "just for a short time"…… but I will be in your care.]


She's going to finish what she's planning in just a short time! I- I'm sure now. Zwei-san is planning to eliminate me immediately if I take even the slightest no good action! This is too scary…… This is definitely a punishment game……

(I can't let Kaito-sama overexert himself. If I judge that Kaito-sama is in pain, I will definitely stop this night tour and bring him to the hospital…… Fumu, I could really see the anxiety in Kaito-sama's expression. I guess he himself is quite concerned about his own physical condition. I guess I should make a follow-up and let him know that it will be alright.)

As I was holding my head because of this situation, Zwei-san walked up to the stunned me with an orderly pace…… and whispered to me in a quiet voice that Raz-san and the others couldn't hear.

[……It's alright. I will not let my eyes out of you for even a single moment. I'll be right behind you, so you can be relieved and enjoy the festival.]


H- Hyyiiiiiiiihhhh! S- She just warned me of what she's going to do!

What she's saying is that she's going to watch me from behind to make sure that she doesn't miss even the slightest blunder! I- I don't know how many times I've asked this but……. How the heck did this happen

Dear Mom, Dad————– It was supposed to be a fun night out, where I would enjoy the stalls around the festival, but for some reason, it became a behavior check where one mistake and it would lead to an instant game over. Perhaps, she's just trying to determine what kind of person were the friends that her precious family was associating with. Z- Zwei-san…… I don't care how important your family is to you—————- but isn't this being too overprotective

~~ The Translations of Zwei-Oneechan's Thoughts that Even a Fairy Can Understand ~~

My dearest Kaito-sama looks like he's not feeling well! I must help him (Sense of Mission rises).

Q : How does Zwei-Oneechan get rid of the misunderstanding Kai-chan have for her

A : If she doesn't suppress her magic power, Kai-chan would be able to use his Sympathy Magic and read her emotions, conveying her affection to him and solving the problem.

Q : What else can Zwei-Oneechan do

A : She can stop glaring.-

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