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Shiro-san made a flamboyant entrance, looking like the last boss of an RPG. Hearing her say about how shes “excited” made me feel slightly uneasy.

W- Well, it seems like shes in a good mood, so I guess its great in a way…… right

[A- Anyway, lets get going, shall we]

[Please wait a moment.]


[An extremely serious situation occurred.]

I was about to regain my composure and was thinking of heading for the festival, but Shiro-san stopped me. What is this A serious situation I dont get any sense of urgency at all from the expressionless face she always had……

I mean, I mean, what the heck is this situation that Shiro-san, the God of Creation, considers serious

[My hands are available.]


[My hands are available.]

[……Errr, is that the serious situation]

[Yes. This is an extremely serious situation. We cant leave like this.]


Is she asking me to hold hands with her No, shes being too roundabout if its just that…… Ahh, I see. Perhaps, Shiro-san wanted me to be the one to suggest holding hands with her.

Thats why she wont directly say it……

[Thats right.]

……and she directly affirmed it. However, hmmm. It would be another thing if we were in a normal city, but at a festival where there are a lot of people, walking hand in hand with the most beautiful woman and the God of the world, Shiro-san…… Rather than just something that takes a lot of courage, I feel so embarrassed that Im shying away from it……

[……With my hands free, I may not be able to truly enjoy the festival. If that happens, “a certain statue” might be inadvertently displayed in the Sanctuary.]

[Shiro-san! Since were on a date, please hold hands with me!!!]

[Fumu, I guess it cant be helped. If Kaito-san really wants to hold hands with me so much, I guess Ill allow it.]


I forgot about it…… Come to think it, she possesses a really frightening hostage. This wont do, as long as that sad creature is in Shiro-sans hands, I cant ignore her request.

Giving up from resisting, I grasped Shiro-sans left hand with my right ha……. Its so soft!

Well, Shiro-san really is unfair. Shes so perfect down to the smallest detail, and her really soft skin feels so superb that it feels like my hands were being drawn in it.

I dont know how to describe the pleasant scent drifting towards me, but it smells really nice…… To put it simply, shes an extremely flawless beauty.

[Praise me more. Praises delights me.]


Well, putting aside her airheaded personality……

Speaking of which, holding hands with her like this…… makes me suddenly remember how I had walked around with Kuro yesterday. Its not that I was conscious of it, but yesterday, I was walking with Kuro on my left, so I thought that today was the other way around.


It didnt really have any big meaning. It was just a random thought that popped into my head, but soon after, a cold sweat ran down my spine.

Yes, it was here that I finally came to realize my fatal mistake. More specifically, theres someone here who can read minds, and shes got quite the rivalry with Kuro……

Leaking out a displeased grumble, Shiro-san then tightly hugged my right arm and laid her head on my shoulder.

[Wait! S- Shiro-san!]

[This isnt something Kuro cant do with her height. Its my win.]

[I dont understand your criteria for win or lose though! Also, t- theyre touching me……]

[Of course they are. These bulges are also something Kuro doesnt have. Which means…… Its my win.]

[Kuro isnt here, so why are you so proud of your victory!]

Awawa, my arm…… my right arm…… It was sandwiched between Shiro-sans very plump bulges……

I mean, t- theyre amazing…… I can feel their firm elasticity, but theyre so soft that my arm was sinking into it…… D*mn it, not only does the God of Creation have cheat-like powers, she also have a cheat-like body! I- I feel like my head is starting to spin……

[U- Ummm, Shiro-san. Please let go……]


[N- No, I really couldnt hold it in anymore……]

[If you can tell me what exactly it is that you couldnt hold in anymore, I might consider doing it.]

[Are you a Demon!]

[No, Im a God.]

This wont do, she still wont give in, and shes making the meanest comment ever! I mean, doesnt it seem like Shiro-san is being too aggressive today!

[……Im just slightly excited.]

The excited Shiro-san is too scary. A- Anyway, calm down, lets compose ourselves…… Lets think of prime numbers and other difficult things……

Arehh Ive been trying to think of prime numbers and the formulas for the Pythagorean Theorem, but why are the scenes of my time when Im mixed bathing with Shiro-san clearly coming to my mind

What the heck is happening This is strange, this is absolutely strange. I can clearly see images that are completely different from what Im thinking, as if theyre being played back like a video…… Unnn

Speaking of which, I think Ive experienced something like this once before…… Yes, I think it was when I visited a temple……

[……Shiro-san, please remove those images popping out of my head.]

[You found out huh.]

I knew it was you whos doing this! I mean, what the heck were you thinking when you did that!

[If you let go of my hand, my hand might slip.]

[……And what happens if your hand slips]

[It might bring back memories to Kaito-sans mind. What a strange hand, it is.]


S- Shes threatening me! If I dont agree to go around the festival while Shiro-san is hugging my arm, shes going to endlessly play those anguish-inducing images in my brain

S- Seriously…… Todays Shiro-san is too troubling.

Dear Mom, Dad————- H- How in the world can I explain this…… I dont know if I should say that God of Creation is fearsome or not, but she had completely taken control of the situation. I mean, whats going on Todays Shiro-san————– is being very aggressive.

God of Creations All-Out Attack…… is strong.

Under King : [……No, no, Im just using this as my base form because I like it, but I could be as tall as Shiro if I wanted to, you know I can also make my breasts as big as I want…… Thats why, I didnt lose, okay! I totally, never, ever lost, okay!!!]

Serious-senpai : [……You lost to Isis in that Popularity Poll though…… Ahh……]

Under King : [……Hey…… Look here…… How about we have some talk here]

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