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Episode 1 : "Alice-chan Robo Appears!"

An ordinary college student, Kaito happens to meet Alice-chan, a self-proclaimed Transcendental Beautiful Space Cop, on his way home from university.

Kaito is having a hard time believing Alice-chan, who explains that an unidentified energy has been observed on Earth and that vicious kaijus are coming from all over the universe to acquire it, but suddenly, a huge kaiju appears in town.

Now, it's time for Alice-chan Robo to sortie!

Episode 2 : "Beware of the Mischievous Kaiju Lurking in the Moonlit Night"

Kaito decides to help Alice-chan, but he hears a rumor at the university. Apparently, the story that a kaiju could be seen in the moonlit night was spreading around the university.

Alice-chan sets out to investigate, but a prankster kaiju appears in front of her.

Go, Alice-chan Robo! Punish the mischievous kaiju!

Episode 3 : "The Guardian of the Red Forest"

A red forest has suddenly appeared in the suburbs, and Alice-chan has heard that people who tried to investigate it went missing one after another.

There appeared, wielding two swords, the Guardian of the Red Forest…… It seems like a battle is inevitable.

When it comes to swordsmanship, we also won't lose! Let's show them how sharp the Great Alice-chan Sword is!

Episode 4 : "Danger! A Two-Pronged Attack from Twin Kaijus"

Alice-chan is getting used to life on Earth, when a new kaiju appears before her. What There are two of them at once!

Alice-chan Robo is forced to fight against the twin kaijus that are closing in with their splendid combination.

Don't give up, Alice-chan Robo! Their coordination isn't perfect, and that's what we need to exploit!

Episode 5 : "Stop the Beast Tank's Advance!"

A huge bear kaiju suddenly appears, heading straight for the capital. If a kaiju of that size charges to the capital, the city will be destroyed!

We'll need to stop the kaiju before it reaches the capital…… Alice-chan Robo, takeoff!

Episode 6 : "The Swift Gale and Raging Billows! Super-Speed Hunting"

Another beast-shaped kaiju appears, this time in the form of a cat Perhaps, did it come from the same planet as the last bear kaiju

W- What in the world…… How can it be so fast! Alice-chan Robo is completely at her mercy.

Make a decision, Alice-chan Robo! It's a revival, and time for the counterattack!

Episode 7 : "We can't fuse! Retrieve Robo # 2"

A fairy took a liking to Robo #2 and brought it home! This means that everyone couldn't fuse to Great Alice-chan Robo. Moreover, a giant kaiju had to appear at this time!

Please, Kaito! While Alice-chan is taking the attention of the kaiju, find the fairy and retrieve Robo #2!

Episode 8 : "The Cry of an Aching Stomach"

A kaiju appears in the city and goes on a rampage, but it seems like something's wrong with it It's as if it's in pain…… Eh Your stomach is aching Yes, take good care of yourself…… No, wait a minute, that's an absurd amount of stomach medicine to take all at once!

Alice-chan Robo! Show that kaiju that medicine should be taken in proper dosage!

Episode 9 : "Battle in the Beach, Kick that Mermaid Back to Work!"

White sandy beach, blue skies, sea breeze caressing our cheeks, and giant kaijus, it was indeed the summer seas…… No, wait, what is that! Eh A mermaid kaiju skipped work and went to play on the beach What a guy.

Apply for a paid vacation before you come here! And so, kick her back to work, Alice-chan Robo!

Episode 10 : "The Housekeeper is an Alien! Beware of the Spreading Disease"

Suddenly, an uninvited housekeeper came to Kaito's door, wanting to work as his live-in housekeeper. Eh What did you say My alien senses are tingling

And at the same time, an unknown contagious epidemic has started to spread around the world! The mysterious housekeeper alien…… What on earth is her purpose!

Episode 11 : "Ancient Kaijus have Revived! Smash the Silver-Armed Giant Soldier Apart!"

A silver arm-like object has been salvaged from the sea. While transporting it to the laboratory, a giant armor kaiju with no arm appeared. Is that thing…… aiming for that arm

Alice-chan Robo! Protect that silver arm at all costs!

Episode 12 : "Where are the Bad Children Blue Oni of the Frozen World"

It's September and the temperature is -50 °C! Within this abnormal weather, a blue oni appears out of the blizzard. If the blizzard continues like this, the city's functions will be completely paralyzed!

Alice-chan Robo! It's time to exterminate the oni!

Episode 13 : "The Mountainous Defense Line! Defeat the Black Wind!"

In the harvest season of autumn, Kaito and his friends were on a chestnut picking tour. It was supposed to be a fun day, but suddenly, the sky turned cloudy and something like a black tornado began to appear.

Protect that taste of autumn! Alice-chan Robo!

Episode 14 : "Undetectable! Capture the Plain Kaiju!"

As Alice-chan Robo continues to make rapid progress, she is caught off guard by a featureless kaiju and escapes.

We tried to track it down, but the Kaiju went undetected…… Arehh, what did that kaiju look like again

A- Anyhow, pursue them! Alice-chan Robo!

Episode 15 : "Slothful Despair"

A giant kaiju appears in the middle of the city…… but she isn't moving. She isn't moving at all. She was just lying down with a slack expression on her face…… However, if she sits in the middle of the city, she would be too much of a hindrance, so we have to somehow get rid of her……

What! The Great Alice-chan Robo's attack doesn't work! Also, even after all the attacks, she still isn't moving at all! She looks the same in all the scenes, won't people misinterpret it as a broadcast accident!

Episode 16 : "Take them down! Giant Kaiju Faeton. A new power has been awoken! Neo Great Alice-chan Robo!"

Alice-chan Robo was helpless in the face of Faeton's overwhelming defense…… However, they are not out of ideas. Alice-chan Robo is able to evolve itself by collecting data.

We've collected enough data from our battles with the kaijus so far, and it's now time to evolve, Alice-chan Robo!

The complaints have really accumulated when it's all the same scene for two weeks in the row, so please do something about Faeton soon!

Episode 17 : "The Red Dragon Arrives, A Showdown on the Burning Earth!"

The power of the evolved Alice-chan Robo is so powerful that it can easily defeat kaijus that would have been difficult to defeat in the past.

Hearing the rumors of Alice-chan Robo though, a battle-crazed space dragon comes to challenge it.

Winter is almost here, but a blazing hot battle begins!

Episode 18 : "A Summary Episode: A Certain Housekeeper's Reminiscence"

Housekeeper Ill-chan and Faeton look back on the battles they've fought while preparing dinner. Let's revisit the record of the battles since Alice-chan's arrival on Earth!

Episode 19 : "The Capital was Destroyed! The Great Battle between the Maid and the God!"

A sect claiming to be the followers of the God of TIme invaded Earth and declared that they would make this planet their domain. Of course, unable to approve of such outrageousness, when Alice-chan Robo tries to go into action…… Another God appeared! Eh You're not a God, but a Maid ……What the heck is this guy talking about

Wait, you can't just start fighting over the capital! If this continues, a lot of injuries……

Episode 20 : "Piercing through the Momentary Time"

The battle between the God of Time and the Maid was so fierce that it was even affecting space and time. Neither of them would listen to words of persuasion.

If this continues, the world will be in trouble.

Alice-chan Robo! Now is the time to cut through time!

Episode 21 : "The Great Evil Attacks! The Worldwide Baby Castella Project!"

One day, the world is suddenly flooded with baby castellas, and a being who calls herself Kuuuuuro loudly declared.

[Let's make it so that baby castellas would be the staple food of the whole world.]

We must never allow such a nightmare to happen. Alice-chan Robo, shatter the future filled with despair!

Episode 22 : "An Army Invasion! Don't wake the Sleeping God"

Following the previous God of Time, a sect claiming to be followers of the God of Life has invaded. An army of overwhelming numbers, with the sleeping goddess as their center…… The battle of one against many begins.

Let the sleeping God go home asleep, Alice-chan Robo!

Episode 23 : "The White Demise"

An unidentified energy is gathering on Earth, and with each battle, the amount increases until finally reached a critical point…… and an unknown entity has descended.

No way, the Neo Great Alice-chan Robo couldn't stop them at all. What in the world is this entity…… They're too strong!

Episode 24 : "The World's End! A Meteor Shower of Doyas Incessantly Rains"

The White Demise, Shiiiiiro. In the face of the overwhelming power of Shiiiiiro, who can be said as the Truth itself, Alice-chan Robo is defeated and Alice-chan was seriously injured.

Shiiiiiro's power covers the world, and the meteor shower of doom, destroying everything in the universe, descends.

In the midst of all this, Alice-chan slips out of the hospital and heads off to battle Shiiiiiro all by herself.

Run, Kaito! To where Alice-chan is……

Final Episode : "Endless Hope"

Through the bond with Kaito and the others, and the wishes of every person in the world, Alice-chan Robo evolves into its ultimate form…… Miracle Alice-chan Robo, and faces the battle against Shiiiiiro.

There is only one hour left until the end of the world! Alice-chan Robo, now is the time to transcend truth and seize hope!

Movie : "Two Heroes! The Machinery Princess of the Parallel Universe"

Alice gets a special bonus and a long vacation for defeating Shiiiiiro, and invites Kaito and the others to a famous resort planet for a vacation.

In the midst of this, a massive space-time rift occurs, and a large army of mechanical soldiers suddenly appears and a black Alice-chan Robo appears to fight them. Riding in the black Alice-chan Robo…… was Alice-chan from a parallel universe!

In order to save her best friend Makina, who has been captured by a mechanical planet, Parallel Universe Alice-chan asks for help from Alice-chan and her friends.

Now, a battle involving the two universes is about to begin…… Open up the future with your infinite power! Alice-chan Robo!

~ ~ Introduction of the Major Characters ~ ~


A third-year college student studying Social Welfare, Kaito helps Alice-chan, whom he met by chance. His parents have died, leaving him with a huge inheritance and a house, and since he lives alone in a large house, Alice-chan has decided to stay at Kaito's house.

He is basically a good-natured person at heart, and if someone is in trouble, he can't leave them alone. However, he often gets into trouble because of his personality.

Unlike that universe's Kaito, the parents of this universe's Kaito's died after he had grown up to a certain extent, so he has come to terms with their deaths and didn't become a distorted person like the other Kaito.

In the movie, he has graduated from college and is depicted as working, but it's unclear what kind of job he got.


The Transcendentally Beautiful Space Cup who drives the self-evolving Alice-chan Robo. She was dispatched to Earth to investigate an unidentified energy source that is currently occurring on the planet.

She is an elite fighter with a sharp mind and top-notch fighting skills…… but she is often scolded by Kaito for her sloppy lifestyle.

She ended up staying at Kaito's house, and they gradually developed a bond. She has a cheerful personality, but is prone to taking on too much and trying to do things on her own. After forming a bond with Kaito and the others, she has learned to rely on others.

In the movie, it is revealed that she was offered a promotion for defeating Shiiiiiro, but she turned it down, saying that the field suited her better. She also comes to Earth for vacation and spends time at Kaito's house.

Housekeeper Ill-chan

A self-proclaimed housekeeper who suddenly comes to Kaito's door in Episode 10. She eagerly asks to work for Kaito, and demonstrating his natural good-naturedness, she was hired by Kaito to work as a live-in housekeeper.

From the fact that there was a reaction to Alice-chan's Alien Detector and that she sometimes smiled eerily, she was suspected to be related to the mysterious epidemic that was occurring at that time…… "but she had nothing to do with it at all".

Although she is an alien, she doesn't act with any particular malicious intent, but rather, just like a wanderer, travels aimlessly from one planet to another, stopping at Earth along the way…… and falling in love with Kaito at first sight, she decided to become his housekeeper. Even though she has an uncanny laugh, she is a normal, good-hearted alien.

Although she doesn't appear in many episodes, she gallantly takes care of Kaito everyday, whether it's eventful or not, and some fans even say that she is the true heroine.

After Episode 10, there is a scene where Kaito eats a bento at his university, even though he used to eat at the school cafeteria, so it is assumed that Ill-chan is making him his bento.

In the movie, she continues to work as a housekeeper at Kaito's house and since there are scenes where she keeps what looks like a household account book and where Faeton begs her for allowance, it is highly likely that she is also in charge of managing the money. She may be in a position where she's practically Kaito's wife.


In Episode 16, she was defeated by the Neo Great Alice-chan Robo, but she managed to survive thanks to her natural defensive abilities. However, she seems to have lost most of her power in the process, and her body has become about the size of a human, making it difficult for her to return to her home planet…… Thus, she shamelessly took up residence in Kaito's house.

In fact, she was just a hindrance and didn't destroy the city, so even with a complicated expression on her face, Alice-chan gave her tacit approval. However, she seems to be aware of the fact that she's being taken care of in her own way, so she reluctantly goes shopping when Ill-chan asks her to, and occasionally helps Kaito. If anything, she is moving more than she did when she was a kaiju.

In addition, even though she claims to have lost most of her power…… She was unharmed when a steel frame fell from a skyscraper on her way to buy groceries, and she caught a four-ton truck with a sleeping driver that rammed into her with one hand, so people on the Internet have been investigating whether she is lying just because she finds returning to her home planet troublesome.

In the movie, she is still living in Kaito's house, watching TV with Alice, and it seems like she gets along well with everyone.

Also, she crushed the attacking mechanical soldiers with her bare hands, so it seems like it's not true that she lost her power.

Baby Castella Demon Kuuuuuro

She makes her first appearance in Episode 21, and says something nightmarish about turning the world's staple food into baby castellas. In the end, she was impressed by Kaito's words "Baby castellas are supposed to make people happy, not make them suffer or be unhappy!", and with the persuasion of other baby castella lovers, she gave up and stopped fighting.

She left, saying that she was going to spread baby castellas steadily from now on, but it seems that she has come to like Kaito and often comes to visit him with baby castellas.

Episode 21 was more of a comedic story, not exactly a full-force battle, but she was able to overpower the Neo Great Alice-chan Robo with only a bag of baby castellas in one hand until Kaito managed to convince her, so it's rumored that she might be the strongest enemy in the series if she had fought seriously.

She also makes a small appearance in the movie, where she was setting up a baby castella stall on the resort planet, but it was crushed by a mechanical soldier and she became enraged. At that time, she wiped out thousands of mechanical soldiers with one swing of her arm, so she might actually be the strongest of the series.

The White Demise, Shiiiiiro

The real form of the unidentified energy that has been gathering on Earth, and can be considered as the final boss of this story. It is unclear until the end of the story where she came from, but her power is so strong that she can be said to be the very essence of truth itself, exhibiting her overwhelming strength in the story.

When she was defeated by Miracle Alice-chan Robo, she muttered "Kuro appears on one episode, I appeared on three…… No matter how you look at it, I'm the overwhelming winner. You can't even compare it." and such unintelligible words, but "she was suddenly swallowed up by a black vortex" and disappeared.

—–Is what everyone thought, but in the movie, the trailer confirmed that there was a person who looked like her in Kuro's stall, but the Internet predicted that she was just another person who looked like her, and that it was just some kind of fan service.

However, it was revealed that she was able to restrain the raging Kuuuuuro and repaired her broken stall in an instant, so it seemed like she was the real deal…… In the end though, it remains unclear what her purpose is.

Alice-chan (Parallel World)

This is the Parallel World Alice-chan that appeared in the movie. Unlike the Alice-chan in the main story, she isn't a Space Cop, but travels around the universe as a mercenary.

Unlike the main story Alice-chan, she is cool and has the air of a lone wolf, but inside, she was the same kind Alice-chan. In order to save her only best friend, Makina, she has come to a parallel world in pursuit of a mechanical star.

~ ~ Mecha Introduction ~ ~

【Alice-chan Robo】

A special robot that evolves itself based on the data it accumulates through battle and the energy it collects. Alice-chan discovered it in an ancient ruin when she was a child, and has kept it as her favorite machine. An OOParts aircraft whose details are shrouded in mystery.

【Great Alice-chan Robo】

This is the original form of the five Alice-chan Robos combined into one…… Perhaps, it would probably be more accurate to say that this form is the original and was usually just separated into five pieces.

It's an all-around type of aircraft that can handle both ranged and melee, and can fight not only on the ground, but also under the sea and up in the air.

Its special move is the Great Alice-chan Sword.

【Neo Great Alice-chan Robo】

A form achieved after evolving from the data and energy it accumulated after being defeated by the giant kaiju Faeton. It has evolved to counter Faeton's unbelievable defensive power, so its performance is focused on offensive power.

Its special move is the Neo Great Alice-chan Cannon

【Ultimate Alice-chan Robo】

This is the black Alice-chan Robo that Parallel World Alice-chan was riding in the movie, and it's the ultimate machine that surpasses even the Miracle Alice-chan Robo in terms of simple combat power.

From the official data, it seems that all of its abilities are completely superior to those of the Neo Great Alice-chan Robo, and it is thought that the Ultimate Alice-chan Robo is the legitimate final form that Alice-chan Robo was supposed to reach.

It's also predicted that it would have evolved into this form if Kaito and the others hadn't appeared before Alice in Episode 24, and she had gone into battle against Shiiiiiro alone.

However, while it is true that this aircraft has an overwhelming combat power befitting of the word ultimate…… The world would have been destroyed if that had happened, as simple combat power wouldn't have been enough to defeat Shiiiiiro, the truth itself.

【Miracle Alice-chan Robo】

It's a kind of irregular evolution that Alice-chan could never have achieved on her own, a form that she has evolved through the bonds she has cultivated with Kaito and the others on Earth, and through the wishes of the people for the future.

Alice-chan's bonds with Kaito and the others and the wishes of the people increases its power, allowing her to exceed the truth and defeat Shiiiiiro.

Due to its nature of increasing power through bonds and wishes, its combat power greatly fluctuates and is dependent on Alice-chan's surroundings, but as the phrase "endless hope" suggests, it has the potential to achieve all kinds of miracles…… In other words, it's a machine that can be described as "the infinite possibilities" itself.

【Alice-chan Robo – Infinity Wing】

In the movie, the Miracle Alice-chan Robo's miracle-causing power allows it to combine with the Ultimate Alice-chan Robo, accomplishing an astonishing 10-Unit Combination.

The two Alice-chan Robos, each of which has evolved along separate paths, have combined to create a force that far exceeds the limits of what can be achieved in a single universe, and it's no exaggeration to say that it is truly an infinite power.

※ Can you guess who the original characters of each episode

※ The same character may appear in two episodes in a row.-

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