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Did your uncle die” Gilles asks curiously.

He’s not even trying to hold back.

But thanks, Gilles.

I really wanted to ask about that myself.

“Who knows” Duke-Sama says, smiling vaguely.

…..That expression.

I’m sure he knows something that he’s just not telling us.

But, I feel like he won’t say anything more even if I do ask.

I wonder what he’s hiding.

“And, I have one more question…..” Gilles says, his eyebrows knitted thoughtfully.


“How many years has it been since the last saintess appeared I’ve only been able to find previous accounts of the saintess in legends.”


I guess at this point they really are just legends,” Duke-Sama says without hesitation.

Wait, so all the prior saintesses are only known from legends

I don’t remember ever reading that anywhere… Did I just not read that book But, if it’s one of the books that Gilles has read, then I should have read it too….

But I don’t remember reading anything like that.

Wait… That means that the heroine is the first saintess to appear in probably hundreds, if not thousands, of years! So she’ll undoubtedly leave a deep impression on history….!

Darn it! Why did I have to be born in the same age as a saintess That means that no matter how amazing of a villainess I become, my feats will always pale in comparison with hers.

Even if I manage to become a top-tier villainess, I’ll still never get my chance to enjoy the limelight…..

“Alicia Why do you look so disturbed” Gilles asks, peering up into my face.

I’d like to explain my current thoughts to him, but Duke-Sama still doesn’t know about my desire to be a villainess, so I can’t just casually say anything about it here.

“It’s nothing,” I say and smile to reassure him.

Though, since it’s Gilles, he’ll probably realize that it wasn’t just nothing.

But, returning to the topic at hand, I just found out about something insanely important to my future plans.

I always thought of the saintess as being someone who would appear once in every age.

But, that might have just been a foolish misconception I got because of the game.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard mention of another saintess besides Liz-san.

Agh! This is the worst.

To realize this late in the game about something so crucial feels absolutely awful…..

“So the saintess of legend, Liz Cather, is a flower-headed idiot, and the current king is incompetent….” Gilles mutters bitterly, smiling in a way that doesn’t reach his eyes.

At his words, a chill runs down my spine.

To think that he would call the king incompetent right in front of Duke-Sama…..

Slowly, I peek over at Duke-Sama to gauge his reaction.

But he’s just staring at Gilles in wonder.

…..Maybe now would be a good time to make our getaway, while he’s frozen in surprise.

Henry-Oniisama is just standing there in shock as well.

He’s gazing at Gilles in half respect and half utter disbelief.

The silence stretches for a long moment while nobody moves, but then Duke-Sama bursts into hearty laughter.

I’ve never seen him laugh so hard before.

The sound is quite loud, but somehow it doesn’t come off as crude or vulgar at all.

Being a prince really is amazing.

He can stay refined no matter what he’s doing.

“Yeah, I guess he really might be incompetent,” Duke-Sama says, still laughing.

….The king….

is his father, right Is it okay for him to talk about his own father like that

And at Duke-Sama’s words, it’s Gilles’s turn to be surprised.

“I… really have no idea what goes on in your head,” Gilles admits.

“Me neither,” I chime in.

And Henry-Oniisama, clearly just jumping on the bandwagon, cheerfully declares, “Same!”

For a long moment, we all just stand there looking at Duke-Sama as if he was some sort of enigma.

And then in that quiet room, Gilles says one more thing.

Although his voice is quiet, his words seem to ring loudly in my ears.

“If the saintess really has appeared, then she’ll be expected to marry the next king…..”


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