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For a split second, Gilles just stares at me, stunned.

But thereafter he brings his hand up to stroke his chin and a wrinkle forms between his brows as he gets lost in thought.

He mutters to himself as he thinks, though his voice is so low that I can’t pick out any of the words.

After a seemingly long while, his hand suddenly drops and he turns his gaze back to stare at me.

“I think you should be able to use it again after about a week’s time,” he says very gently.

“Why do you think that”

“I read it in a book once.

That your eyes are one of the epicenters of your magic power….

so to suddenly lost one, it makes sense that it would be difficult to use magic for a while after that, right”

“Will my level stay the same”

“That… I don’t know,” Gilles says, a slightly troubled expression drifting onto his face.

If my level did fall, then I’ll be removed from my position as Liz Cather’s monitor….

But, before I even worry about that, I need to be able to make it through this week without anyone discovering that I can’t use magic.

“Hey… What about Gramps Shouldn’t he be able to use magic” Gilles asks with a strange expression on his face.


That’s right.

Grandpa Will belongs to the Seeker family.

So of course he should be able to use magic.

But he’s never shown any indication that he could before….

And if he could use magic, doesn’t that mean he could have left the impoverished village any time he wanted So why would he stay Or rather, why was he there in the first place He’s part of the royal family! The king’s older brother! So why…. Ugh, I really don’t get it.

His identity makes this whole situation just that much more confusing.

The more I try to think about it, the more my mind feels like it’s running in never-ending circles.

“Duke would probably know,” Gilles whispers expressionlessly.

That’s true.

If it’s Duke-Sama, he really might know.

However, I don’t think he’d tell us even if he did.

“Anyway… what are you going to do About your magic” Gilles asks me, his tone low and serious.


Well, there’s nothing much I can do for the time being.

So, for now I’d like to go to the academy and verify what the situation is like there.”

“Hah You’re gonna go to the academy” Gilles demands, his expression both surprised and confused.

Hm, was that so unexpected I didn’t think it would be that surprising of a decision.

And here I was thinking that verifying Liz-san’s current state and circumstances was quite the logical first move.

Evaluating your opponent’s strengths is a must.

A villainess can’t allow herself to just dive in blind and bumble around.


Do you seriously want to continue monitoring Liz Cather in your current state” Gilles continues, incredulously.

“……So is it true that Henry-Oniisama and Father aren’t speaking to each other at all” I say, completely ignoring his question.

Gilles lets out a little sigh as if he’s given up.


Henry one-sidedly hates him.”

“Poor Father.”

Henry-Oniisama doesn’t know anything about my role as Liz Cather’s monitor.

So when he heard about those conditions that Father foisted upon me, of course he’d be mad.

Even fully knowing the situation, Father’s conditions were nonsensical.

And to force meaningless conditions on his daughter for no apparent reason….

In Henry-Oniisama’s eyes, Father must be a complete failure as a parent.

For someone who’s being kept in the dark, his reaction is natural.

At least, it’s natural for an ordinary brother who actually cares about his little sister.

Unfortunately, in my case, my goal is actually to be hated by all of my brothers, so this sort of response isn’t exactly ideal.

But I guess it can’t be helped.

Henry-Oniisama is just being a good big brother.

It’s not a bad feeling, knowing he’s still on my side but….

I’d prefer it if he turned his back on me now rather than later.

Since eventually….

he’s sure to betray me.

It’s my fate as a villainess after all.

If I let him in now, it will only make it that much harder for me to stand upright and alone later.

My aloof and independent image is at stake here!

“Alright! Let’s go to academy!”

“Right now No way….

Are you planning to avoid Arnold until your magic comes back”

Oof. He really hit the nail on the head with that one.

I knew he’d eventually catch on, but I didn’t think I’d be seen through this quickly.

But what other options do I have If I see Father now, he’s sure to want to test my magical level right away.

And that is not something that I can afford in my current state.


did he just call my father, Arnold Just how close did those two get while I was gone


For the next week, I’ll just have to avoid him like the plague.

I have no intention of seeing him until I get my magic back.

But, anyway, I need to change, so please wait for me outside for a moment.

I’ll be right out.”

“Okay… But, first I have one last question.

Why do you want to be a villainess so badly, Alicia”

That’s the first time anybody’s ever asked me that.

Which is actually rather surprising.

Any normal person would probably be wondering the same thing.

But if I tell him that it’s because I admire villainesses, that probably won’t be enough.

Merely admiring them is one thing, but wanting to become one is another thing entirely.

So, if he once again asks me why, I don’t know what I’d say after that…

But, I really do want to become one.

….They’re just so cool! However, I wouldn’t be caught dead admitting that as the reason.

It sounds much too shallow and immature.

It’s a reasonable question, but it’s hard to come up with a good answer.

I’ve wanted to become one for so long, and never really tried to put my reason into words before.

“Because it is my destiny,” I finally go with, smiling broadly in satisfaction.

I think that answer should do for the present!


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