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Everyone in this academy hates me, don’t they” I say to Gilles as we sit together in the old library.

The two of us are alone without another soul in sight.

It makes absolutely no sense to me why no one ever comes here.

I mean, I just love the tranquil, cozy atmosphere that this library gives off.

It’s so pleasant that I’d stay here all day if I could! The smell of the pages and parchment, the gentle light streaming in through the windows, it just feels so nostalgic.

It has to be my favorite place in the academy.

“…..Yup,” Gilles agrees nonchalantly, glancing over at me and nodding.

“Everybody hates you.”

“Though it’s not all bad since I still have you, and Duke-Sama, and Mel, and Henry-Oniisama on my side at least, right”


Though that’s the main reason that Duke’s popularity has been plummeting these days.”

How does he know that I’m so curious where he gets his intel from.

“There’s rumors going around that Duke and Henry are just confused, that you drove them half mad and that’s why they’re hanging around you.”


That’s not exactly wrong.

If things were as they should be, Duke-Sama would’ve been stuck to the heroine like glue, but he somehow ended up falling for me instead.

…..I can’t believe I was right and that Duke-Sama’s popularity really did take a hit from liking me though.

Not that he probably minds.

On the contrary, I bet he’s overjoyed by it.

Since he wants to be free, then reducing other’s expectations for him can only be a good thing.

“Even though we’re only five people, everyone’s so hung up on our every move.”

“Well, it’s cause we’re basically ‘the bad guys,'” I say, the corners of my mouth sliding up.

Ahh, I’m a little too happy about this.

I always thought allies were unnecessary, but if they are this effective for increasing my impact as a villainess, then I’ll welcome them with open arms.

I used to think that a villainess should be proud, aloof.

Independent! But if I surround myself with equally hateful people, then that’ll just serve to make me more infamous.

And if things keep going at this pace, I’ll easily be able to engrave my name on history!


Duke-Sama is this country’s prince.

If I can be known as the evil witch that corrupted a prince, then I’ll be able to create an even bigger stir.

“Behind our backs people are saying that we belong to some deranged shadow organization or that we’re the embodiment of pure evil.”

“Ooh! I like the sound of that!” I say, letting my excitement leak into my voice.

Though, rather than deranged, I feel like eccentric might be more accurate….

Well, objectively speaking, from an outsider’s perspective maybe we really do seem deranged.

But the embodiment of pure evil… What higher praise can there be than that! I’ve been yearning to hear those words for so long….

And to think, they’ve been saying them behind my back this whole time!

“Black Devil.”


“That’s what they’re calling you.”

“Really What about Liz-san”

“White Angel,” Gilles practically spits out the words.

…..He really can’t stand her, huh

But anyways, Black Devil and White Angel What is this, the 80s Can their naming sense possibly be any lamer Couldn’t they have picked something more….

sophisticated These names are truly abominable.

“They’re rather….

tacky, wouldn’t you say” I say while wrinkling my nose.

Gilles smiles, the corners of his mouth slicing high into his cheeks.


Now this is the expression I’d expect from a black devil.

It’s almost as if a pitch-black shadow has descended over his features.

How can a smile be this terrifying

Even all the books on the shelves seem to have fallen silent, cowering at that devilish look….

Not that books make much noise to begin with.

“There is a small group that’s calling you a black angel though.”

“Black angel” I ask, brows furrowing.


“Then, are those people calling Liz-san a white devil”

“Don’t know,” Gilles says, shrugging.

I understand Liz-san….

but why would anyone be calling me an angel

Seriously, referring to me simply as a plain old black devil would be fine with me.

Or, if they’d at least drop the angel part, I wouldn’t really care regardless of what they called me.

There isn’t a single angelic thing about me.

Even my features lean more towards the demonic side.

Whereas Liz-san fits the term angel perfectly.

Whether it’s her personality, her face….

or in particular that perfect smile of hers.

“Ugh, this sucks.”

With my hand clutching at my forehead, I let my frustrations leak out like a sigh.

It feels like I fell all the way from cloud nine down to the bitter pits of purgatory.

Bring me back those high spirits from a couple minutes ago!

“Why are they calling me an angel”

“Don’t worry, they’re not saying it outright.”

“Then how do you even know about it, Gilles”

“If there’s a will, there’s a way,” he tells me cheekily, grinning a bit evilly up at me.

The only thing I can say is, ‘as expected of him.’

“In the background, a war is waging between Liz’s faction and yours.”

“…..Why do you look so delighted by that”

“I just feel happy whenever I think about how your supporters are growing,” Gilles says, the corners of his eyes crinkling in pure, innocent joy.

Gilles’s words seem to pierce my heart, burrowing in deep.

I’m being supported by strangers….

people whom I don’t know and who likewise don’t know me….

“Though, the people in your faction would never just come out and admit that they support you.”

“….Well, obviously.

They’re overwhelmingly outnumbered by Liz-san’s faction.

Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t show off their allegiance under such disadvantageous circumstances.

But seriously.

Where do you get all this information from” I demand, scrutinizing him.

Gilles gazes at me a moment and then sighs as if he’s given up.

“From Henry.”

“From Henry-Oniisama”


That was unexpectedly easy.

I thought he’d hold out for at least a little bit longer.

I guess after all these years we’ve really come to understand each other well.

Because Gilles knows how stubborn I can be, he decided to give in now rather than later.

We make quite the pair.

“You know, I’m involved in quite a lot of things that you’re unaware of, Alicia,” Gilles tells me proudly, smiling at me in a way that seems to contain a hidden meaning behind his words.

Involved in a lot of things Like what I wonder We’re together practically every second of the day, so it feels weird to think that there’s still sides to him that I don’t know about.

…..Though, now that I think about it, he did seem to hit it off well with Professor John the other day, maybe he’s gotten involved with research or something

And why is he looking at me as if he’s won In my eyes, it almost looks like all the books on the shelves seem to be giving Gilles a round of applause, extoling his triumph….

Not that they actually have hands to clap with.


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