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Since we didn’t know whether Duke-Sama might still be somewhere within the school, we searched the building for him despite class being in session.

…..But in the end, it was no good.

We couldn’t find him anywhere.

I wonder where the extracurricular lessons are held Though, even if I knew, I’d feel weird intentionally leaving campus just to meet up with him.

That feels a bit too much like… stalking for my tastes.

“What now” Gilles asks, after we had given up.

“Head to class”

“When it’s basically over” Gilles arches one eyebrow at me.


Then, let’s head over to the dining hall I guess.

Using magic’s made me hungry.”

“Sounds good to me.

Should be empty right now, so maybe we can actually get some food for once.”


It seems like whenever we pay a visit to the dining hall, we’re always getting caught up in some sort of trouble.

But considering that everyone else should still be in class, we should be able to relax this time.

Decision made, we set off towards the dining hall together.

“Serves her right!”

“She’ll do anything just to make Liz-Sama notice her, yet she acts so cocky just because Liz-Sama defended her once.”

“Ugh! Emma is so annoying! It can’t hurt to take her down a peg.

It’s practically a crime to leave her like that.

We’re doing the public a service!”

Just before we go into the dining hall, I hear faint voices coming from the other side of the door.

Someone actually got here before us What are the odds that there’d be other students skipping class like this.

And they just had to be in the dining hall.

Am I ever going to be able to eat in peace in this school

I quietly push open the door just wide enough to peak in without alerting the girls to our location.

Hm I feel like I’ve seen that girl before…..

Oh, right.

Wasn’t she the girl that Emma used last time The girl with earth magic who recorded my voice…..

Marika, I think Though it’s my first time seeing the other two girls.

My first impression of Marika was that she was a complete mob character.

She seemed like the quiet type.

A cowardly pushover….

But seeing her expression now, she looks more like a villainess.

I should make a mental note of her face.

I’ll use it as a reference for later when I’m enacting my own evil schemes.

“She was always ordering me around for every little thing.

‘Do this’ ‘No, not like that!’ Ugh, that haughty attitude of hers makes me sick!”

“She’s the worst! She made us do all the work, but then she took all the credit for herself!”

“She can’t even be considered human.

What human being is that horrible She even hits me sometimes!”

“Someone like Emma could never be capable of supporting Liz-Sama.”

“Right Why’s she hovering around Liz-Sama anyway She’d be way more use for someone like that girl from the Williams Family.

She should just go pander to her instead!”

“That girl technically belongs to one of the five great noble families you know.

You have say her name with respect~ Call her Alicia-Sama~”

“I don’t even want to say her name.”

Sounds like Emma really was getting her just deserts…..

But even so.

Just what did these girls do to reduce a strong-willed girl like her to tears Even if her expression is a bit evil right now, Marika doesn’t look the type capable of doing anything that extreme…..

They do have an admirable hatred for me already though.

It would seem that I’ve garnered quite the bad reputation within this school.

Which is perfect for me.

I need do my part so that these girls can continue spreading bad rumors about me.

“Hey, Gilles.

It’s not good to eavesdrop, is it” I whisper as quietly as I can.

“No, it’s not….

though in this situation I don’t think it can be avoided.”

“Then, I wonder if it wouldn’t be fine to listen in for just a bit longer”

I do get the feeling that eavesdropping is a bit beneath my dignity as a villainess.

But, if no one sees….

A little wrinkle forms between his brows and that exasperated look comes back to his face as Gilles heaves a small sigh.

Without saying anything, he turns his attention back towards the girls though, so I do the same.

“Did you see her face that time It was the best!”

“I know! It was a masterpiece!”

“She looked so scared when we aimed those knives at her! She’s always just overflowing with confidence, so it was great seeing that terrified look on her face.”

“And that time when she found the dead mouse in her bag! Her scared face was priceless!”

“My favorite was when we all threw knives at her at once! They all just hit the wall beside her but she looked like she was about to soil herself!”

“Oh, that was the best! She couldn’t even stand up after that.

And did you see her eyes She looked like she was about to cry!”

Their shrill, cackling laughter seems to pierce my ears.

What grating voices they have.

I feel like my eardrums are going to start bleeding.

I take back what I thought earlier.

These girls are the worst.

I doubt even Emma deserved to meet with such foul actions.

“Gilles, let me borrow a knife.” My voice is calm and whisper quiet.

Without hesitation, Gilles hands me a knife.

“Here.” Gilles sighs.

“Whenever we come to the cafeteria, we always get dragged into something,” he says, his shoulders slumping dejectedly.

T/N: When Alicia was talking about being hungry after using magic, it took me so long to remember that she cast a barrier around the classroom Emma is in XD I guess one spell is enough to work up quite an appetite hahaha.

Also, I love how even Alicia and Gilles realize that nothing good ever comes of going to the cafeteria lol.

Since they know, I feel like they should start packing their lunch! I bet Gilles would make a delectable bento.

And Alicia….

I bet hers would be sloppy and just barely edible.

So Gilles would end up having to make two hahahaha.

He’d sigh in exasperation, but still provide her with a lunch all the same.

Also, I’m curious! I know we all wouldn’t mind seeing Alicia threatening the girls with a knife….

possibly some of us might want her to actually draw some blood but….

Would you rather see Liz grow a brain and take care of her lackeys herself I feel like I wouldn’t mind Liz taking Emma back into the fold, and tossing these witches to the dogs.

It would be great character development.

Plus, I like the feeling of karma that comes with it.

Though, I REALLY doubt it will actually happen. 


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