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“…I don’t envy you, I admire you.”


Curtis-sama’s response was unusually serious.

But then again, I don’t really remember doing anything to be admired.


“There’s a fine line between envy and admiration, you know.”


I interjected at Gilles’ words.


“That would be jealousy, I suppose.”


Curtis-sama chuckled as he heard our comments.


No, first, I’m a proper villainess, aren’t I, and Curtis-sama admires me for being a villainess, right


And just as Curtis-sama started speaking, the bell rang, signalling the end of class.

Almost at once, the building started to become noisy.

I could hear high-pitched voices coming from all over the place.


Oh, I hadn’t even realized just how much time had passed.

Because of the bell, I couldn’t hear Curtis-sama’s muffled voice.


“Curtis-sama, what did you just say”


Apparently, everyone but me had heard what Curtis-sama had said.


Both Gilles and Finn-sama froze with their eyes wide open.


They got that look after hearing Curtis-sama’s words… What in the world did he just say




Curtis-sama only gave me an awkward smile when I stared at him.


…I wonder what that smile meant.


“It was nothing, you know.”


He’s returned to his usual fishy grin, which he uses on the girls.


It bothers me a lot when he does that.

The straightforward Curtis-sama is more to my liking.


Gilles and Finn-sama were both quite surprised, weren’t they How could it be nothing


“People are coming over, so I’ll see you later, Ali-chan, Gilles.”


Curtis-sama turned to leave, dragging away Finn-sama along with him.


Oh no, I am not letting you get away with it that easily.


I made a light snapping motion with my fingers and a sound echoed down the corridor.


“Whoa, what the, I can’t move my body.”


In front of me, Curtis-sama was frozen in place, looking like he was about to start walking.

His right arm was still gripping Finn-sama’s arm tightly.


“Let go of me!”


Finn-sama said to Curtis-sama with a scowl on his face.


“I’m not going to break the spell until you tell me what you said.”


Curtis-sama’s face scrunched up a little at my words.

Don’t think I’m going to back down that easily.


“Unless you want a lot of students to find you in this embarrassing condition, please tell me what you said earlier.”


” Are you threatening me”


“Yes, I am.

Tell me quickly, or you’ll become a laughing stock for the students.”


Finn-sama couldn’t believe that she looked like a sweet little angel while saying such cold things.


“No, I don’t care if I become a laughing stock.”




Finn-sama raised his voice.


I almost shouted too, Curtis-sama is willing to be a laughing stock I’ve always known that he was a strange person, but isn’t this quite weird even for him


“I don’t want to.

It sucks to be involved as collateral damage… Hey, Alicia, please just let go of me.”


Finn-sama looks up at me, his eyes slightly moist.


Oh my, that trick won’t work on me.

If I was a shotacon, I would have certainly released him…




At my words, Finn-sama’s face suddenly returned to its original expression, and he clicked his tongue lightly.


…I wonder if he was this kind of character in the original game.


Why is everyone’s character a little different in real life


“I had nothing to do with it.

Why should I be humiliated because of Curtis That’s ridiculous.

It doesn’t make any sense.”


He became extremely chatty all of a sudden.

But he’s right, it doesn’t make any sense for him to be trapped along with Curtis-sama, and since I’m the kind of person who is reasonable.


I let out a small sigh and snapped my fingers again.


“Thank you, Alicia!”


Finn-sama said with a bright smile on his face.


I’m feeling a little cheated… Finn-sama clearly had the ability to escape unscathed from any kind of situation.


“Shouldn’t Duke be back already”


Gilles murmured next to me.


Duke-sama is clearly higher on my list of priorities than Curtis-sama


“Well, I guess we better get going.”


Curtis-sama smirks at my words.

It’s kind of creepy.


“Bye, Ali-chan, say hi to Duke for me.”


“That expression of yours is creepy.”


Finn-sama and Gilles’ voices overlap each other beautifully.


They’re pretty much on the same wavelength, aren’t they


“After all, men are awful.

I’m going to go get a girl to comfort me.”


“Go have fun.”


“Finn is also coming with me.”


“Eh, why me too I don’t want to.”


“Just come.”


And so, Finn-sama was forcibly taken away by Curtis-sama.


He’s so pushy… Well, I already knew that, though.


“We should also go.”


Gilles nodded at my words.


“I’m rather jealous of Liz, you know.”


Finn and Gilles didn’t catch any sound of the bell in their ears, only Curtis’ voice.


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