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Duke-sama muttered, staring at me.


“Someone has wiped Duke’s memory and ugh…”


I covered Gilles’ mouth with one hand before he could finish.Of course he would be confused if someone suddenly told him his memory had been erased.


“What kind of relationship do you have with me”


“…I don’t know, my Lord.”


“How do you know about me”


“Because Duke-sama is famous.”


I replied with a slight grin.


If he didn’t remember me for the rest of his life, then it  would turn into a normal otome game.

Liz-san and Duke-sama will get back together…


“You said your name was Alicia.”




“Is your eye injured”


Duke-sama said, looking at my eye patch suspiciously.


…I guess I’ll have to explain again.


“It’s not really an injury, it’s more like I’m missing an eye.”


I raised the corner of my mouth higher and lowered the tone of my voice without saying anything else.

Duke-sama froze for a moment at my words.

He has the same face as Duke-sama, but he isn’t the same person.


In the light streaming in through the window, his eyes shone brightly, but their colour was a bit darker than usual.

His eyes look like they’ve lost their light somehow.


“What happened to your eye”


“…It’s punishment for killing someone.”




Big Brother Henry and Gilles’ voices overlapped.

They looked at me with a surprised expression.


I need to make sure that Duke-sama, who has no memory, is aware of my reputation as a villainess.

It’s not every day that I get a chance like this.

Besides, I’ve actually killed people when I was kidnapped…


“You’ve killed people”


Duke-sama asked, with his brows furrowed.It was certainly unheard of for a girl who wasn’t a knight to kill someone.


“Yes, is there a problem”


I said, smiling a little and nodding enthusiastically.

Now that’s what I call a villainess!


“You’re just saying that like it’s nothing.”


I guess my words offended him… Killing someone is not something I’m proud of, but I couldn’t help it in that situation.


“I should take my leave now.”


With that, Duke-sama turned his back on us and walked away.


…I wonder if I managed to give the impression of being a wicked villainess.

I thought to myself as I watched Duke-sama walk away.


Only the sound of Duke-sama’s footsteps echoed in the endlessly long and wide hallway.


“I wonder who did this”


“I guess we’ll have to find the culprit.”


“Many people despise me, so there will be a lot of candidates.”


It’s going to be pretty hard to find the culprit.I’m at a loss about where to begin.


“Wasn’t Duke very sweet to Alicia just this morning”


“Well, it pissed her off, but…”


“And then I met Emma, and then I met Marika, and then I met Curtis and Finn.”


“I’m curious as to how you ended up meeting those guys, but I’d rather not ask right now.”


“…Is this a challenge to me from someone”


“If it’s a challenge, why are you smiling like that”


“Of course I’m smiling.

A villainess isn’t deemed a villain until she has someone to fight against.”


“It’s still weird, but if it’s okay with Alicia, then it’s okay with me.”


Gilles said with a slight frown, as if he had given up trying to convince me, and Big Brother Henry had the same expression on his face.


…I can’t get into a fight without knowing who the opponent is.

I’m not a detective, so it’s impossible for me to find out who did it.

Oh, I don’t know what I’m going to do.


“In the meantime,let’s meet our allies and discuss this issue.”


“Rely on others This is my problem.”


“Sometimes, you have to compromise.

This case in particular is going to be messy.”


Gilles said with a serious look on his face, Big Brother Henry nodded at Gilles’ words.




I agreed, albeit a little grudgingly.


Righteous Flower of Evil:


If Duke’s only forgotten Alicia, then he should still remember that he has also killed people before, right And that his best friend has killed people before He may have left abruptly, but his reaction seems a bit suspicious to me. 


Haha, am I the only one thinking that Alicia’s lies and boasting weren’t necessarily a turnoff to him What say you Is his lost memory going to turn him into a Liz-loving, sycophantic, dunderhead Or is he in danger of falling in love with her allllllll over again


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