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1st Person POV


“I heard that the kind Liz is being bullied by you.”


One woman, roughly about my mother’s age or even older, first spoke up.


Her voice was so weak.

I wonder if she’s scared of me, a noble.

That’s wonderful! A villainess should be feared by others.


“I’m not sure what your definition of bullying is, but I don’t recall doing anything vile to her in any form or way.”


“Over here, I’ve heard a lot about the students of the Magic Academy when they came to visit the town with Liz!”


Suddenly, a plump woman raised her voice which echoed throughout the room.


“The one who has abused her may not remember, but the one who has been abused remembers!”


“That’s right! Have you ever thought about the feelings of the victims!”


The voices rose one after another.

I will call this the “Opportunistic Opposition”.


I guess even the townspeople hate me.

… I suppose I can call myself a villainess now, can’t I No, no, no, I’m getting carried away.

I’m trying to be the most evil woman in the world.

I’m not just aiming at this country.

I’m fighting against the world.

I have to work even harder.


“You’re the one who’s being rude to the prince!” (random townsfolk)


“Just because the prince is tolerant doesn’t mean you should get carried away!” (random townsfolk 2)


It seems that Duke has not told anyone that he has lost his memory.

That’s right, a prince’s memory loss is a top secret matter.


“What do you know about it, you ignorant little girl” (random townsfolk 3)


“Don’t think you can keep sucking on your parents’ honey forever.” (random townsfolk 4)


“People like you are the reason this world will never get better!” (random townsfolk 5)


Everyone’s words are getting worse and worse, aren’t they I’ve never been involved with anyone and have never been in contact with anyone else….

What else have they seen in me


“You’re a naive girl who grew up spoiled, you’re going to get hurt one day.” (random townsfolk 6)


“The way you look now suits you.

You’re nothing but a pretty face.” (random townsfolk 7)


How noisy! I wish they would speak with a little more dignity.


I took a glance at Duke-sama.

He was staring at me with a straight face.

There was no emotion on his face.

Poker face Is that the normal Duke He used to show various facial expressions in front of me all the time.

I wonder if this was really the right thing to do.

My heart is a little unsettled.

I don’t know if I should follow my dream or this unfamiliar feeling…


“You’re not going to argue in your defense”


Duke’s voice brought me back to my senses.


The townspeople were shouting abuse at me, as if they might hit me at any moment if it weren’t for this cage between us.

I didn’t know they held such a grudge against me.

I wonder if the person who erased Duke-sama’s memory is involved in this.


“Go to hell! We don’t need you in this country!”  (random townsfolk 8)


“Apologize to Liz!” (random townsfolk 9)


“If you hurt her again, we won’t forgive you.” (random townsfolk 10)


I wonder if they’re all followers of Liz-san.

I’m not a patriot, and I don’t care if they deport me, either.

Or rather, I do want to be deported.

I feel like I’ll finally achieve to become a full-fledged villainess once I’m sentenced to be deported.


“Liz-san, what a naive girl with a flower garden in your head, you are.”


This one comment of mine froze the air of the place.

Oh, did I do it


She’s not very good at seeing reality and solving problems logically.


“You have no idea how kind Liz is.”


Someone said in a low voice.

It was a voice so full of hate that it sent a chill down my spine.

More random townsfolk began hurling even more insults my way. 


“Just because you’re a noble doesn’t mean you can say anything you want.” 


“Why don’t you get some mud on your face and reflect on that”


“Wouldn’t horse ** be better”


“Your parents didn’t teach you well.”


“Liz said that Williams’ son is a very good man.”


Their son….

So does that mean Liz-san is saying that I’m a bad person


“So it’s this person that is the problem”


“Get out of this country!”


As their wild cries and accusations continued to come and go, I suddenly heard the door open with a thud and a bang.


A small boy stood there glaring at us.




I wonder how he got here.

Well, I guess he’s smart enough to at least make it to this room easily.


“This is absolutely revolting.”


His voice is the only sound in the silence.


Hey, Gilles, I don’t remember teaching you that dirty word.


“Hey, Duke, what are you doing”


Gilles walks towards us, glaring at Duke with frozen eyes.

He’s giving off a horrible, killer vibe.

Even I freeze and stare at Gilles.


Gilles came up next to me and stared at my face, this is the first time he showed me such an expression in the way he stares at me.

I thought about that.

He usually gives me a worried look, but not this time.


“Hey, Alicia…please make use of me.”


Gilles said in a serious tone without taking his eyes off of me.


Righteous Flower of Evil:


Someone tell me again why they brought in these random, unrelated commoners to get to the bottom of whether Alicia wiped Duke’s memory Cause I’m not seeing the logic here.

I think a certain nobly challenged royal (*cough cough* Prince Duke *cough*) has got a few screws loose.

Thank goodness Gilles has come to the rescue.


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