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PoV: Gilles


“It’s time to go.”


One of the guards grunted in a low voice as he grabbed Alicia’s arm.


Alicia smiled in satisfaction.

It was as if she was actually intoxicated with the idea of being exiled.


On the contrary, she seemed to be trying to play the role of a villainess to the very end.


Liz looked at Alicia with a twisted expression on her face.

No one noticed the expression on her face, but I definitely saw it with my two eyes.

That was the mix of the expressions of envy and jealousy that came out in the open.


She couldn’t stand the fact that everyone gave their attention to Alicia.

…Especially Duke.


“I wonder why Duke doesn’t show up here”


Henry raises an eyebrow in question.


The reason Duke hasn’t appeared in front of Alicia is because he ordered her to be exiled from the country, so he actually couldn’t be seen sending her off.


And they all think that Duke has amnesia.


…It’s pretty tough not being able to be there to say goodbye to the woman you love the most.

His perseverance is amazing.


“Well, no need to stay here any longer.

So, I guess this is really goodbye, everyone.”


Alicia raised the corner of her mouth and smiled, and I was transfixed by her strength.


I’ve never loved her strength so much as when she sacrificed one of her eyes and never complained, sticking to her beliefs even when the people around her cursed her.



So…, so…, I don’t want you to go.”


I couldn’t help but spit out as I lowered my head.

Everyone froze at the sound of my faint voice, and a silence enveloped the room.


I hadn’t meant to say anything like this, I shouldn’t have said anything that would get Alicia in trouble.

And yet…


“I’m glad you’re still adorable.”


Alicia gently removed her arm from the guard and rushed over to me.

She hugged me tightly.


At that moment, I realized that tears were welling up in my eyes.


I never expected that I would cry….


I was surprised by my own tears.

I had thought that I would never shed tears again.

I wrinkled my brow, desperately trying to keep the tears from spilling out.




“Gilles is my greatest treasure.”


She whispered in my ear, and my heart tightened even more at her words.


I couldn’t do anything for the young lady who hugged me, calling me a treasure, even though I was dirty and a failure in that poor village.


I tried my best to be useful to Alicia, to catch up with her, but she was always a few steps ahead of me.


“Gilles, thank you for always being so helpful.”


With that, she gently let go of my arm.

She quickly walked into the carriage.

No one could see inside the carriage from the outside.


I couldn’t help but smile, thinking that it was typical of Alicia to part ways in such a straightforward manner.


Please be safe.

That was my only wish as I saw Alicia’s carriage off.


Everyone gazed at the carriage as it became smaller and smaller over the horizon without saying a word, each holding their own thoughts.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Poor Gilles! T^T That was heart-wrenching! 


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