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It had been several hours since the man had roughly told us to get in here.


It still smells as bad as ever.

It reminded me of the impoverished village.


Unsanitary, filled with crazed screams, overpowering stench, and the place looked destitute.

It was almost impossible to find hope in such a place.


Phil was placed in a separate cell from the rest of us.

Apparently, those who are chosen for the freak show are put in a special place.

I don’t know if that cell is  cleaner or dirtier than here, but I’m pretty sure it should be a better cell.


“I wonder if he’s going to die.”


Mill mutters, staring blankly at the ground.

Ruby, who was sitting next to him, didn’t react.


…Sadly, I’m one hundred percent sure he’ll die.

There’s no way he could stand up to a hungry lion with his strength.


For some time now, I could gauge the strength of my opponents when I saw them.

I knew that my eyes were a bit special because of my ability to read quickly, but I never thought I would be able to do this.


Uncle Will was also amazed by my eyes, but I had never really thought of it as amazing because it was so natural to me.


From what I could see, the strongest one person was probably the bald guy, whose name I still don’t know.

He’s definitely no ordinary person.

He didn’t make a sound when he walked.

Someone would have to be trained to do that.


If my guess was correct, I’d say he was an assassin.


“Am I going to die too”


Mill utters in a faint voice.


What a weak-looking man.

I suppose in this situation, I wouldn’t blame him for thinking that, but if that’s the way he thinks, a villainess won’t even look at him.

Villainesses are always interested in strong people.


“I’m not gonna die.”


I said in a low voice.

Mill reacts to my words by twitching his eyebrows.


“I’ll survive, but you guys will probably die here.”


“Are you sure you can survive this fight”


“Confidence or not, my only option is to live.”


“Ha, you are very youthful.”


He snickered at my answer and started to get a little hostile… Well, I guess a ‘little kid’ like me would just be annoying to them.

Still, death was not an option for me from the start.


The more adversity I face, the stronger I become.

That was what being a villainess was all about, wasn’t it


They always find some way to get out of a desperate pinch and continue to annoy and harass the heroine.


“Then why don’t you take his place”


Mill suddenly said in a low, cold voice.

The air in the room became a little tense.




Oh my, what a wonderful opportunity to be able to do that!


I wouldn’t want to waste any of my time.

I would like to get the attention of the king of this country as soon as possible.




“Can I do that”


I guess he didn’t expect me to respond like that, because Mill froze, his eyes widening slightly.

Ruby, who had been expressionless for a long time, lightly moved her eyes toward me.


For him, it was weird to see a boy much younger than himself had volunteered to die.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Am I the only one that finds Alicia’s callousness almost comical

“Am I going to die” says random lawbreaker A.


But who cares.

I’m not going to~”

This is what their conversation feels like to me XD


Oh! By the way! For anyone interested, Alicia is using boku (僕ーぼく) now that she’s disguised as a boy! I do love me some Japanese pronouns hahaha~


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