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I was placed in a vacant cabin with the lion.


Wasn’t it too early to be here I thought it would take at least a couple of days.The king suddenly stood up from his seat and allowed me and the lion into the carriage.

His carriage arrived ahead of ours, which was impressive.

Of course, we came to the palace in separate carriages.


I glanced over at the lion.

He laid there, limp and exhausted.


The only first aid for the stab wound was a bandage wrapped around it.


“I’ll take the pain away.”


It’s just me and the lion in this hut, so I should be able to use magic for a moment.


I snap my fingers.


The wound on the lion’s leg became covered with a thin layer of black aura.

The moment his wound started healing, the color of his fur began to darken.


“What is this…”


Since when did I become capable of doing tricks like a hairdresser


I wonder if it’s because my magic power is seeping into his body and purifying the drugs.


Before I knew it, a fierce black lion stood proudly in front of me.

His golden eyes glittered.

I couldn’t help but admire its appearance.


How cool is this! This is the kind of animal I’d like to have next to a bad girl.

I look at him with excited eyes.


“Your name… is Rai.”


I reach out and stroke his fur gently.


The lion slowly bowed his head, as if agreeing with my words.


…Well, it’s not like you’re actually a human, is it


This is the world of an otome game, and the lion is clever.

…Maybe it was a gift from the gods to me, a villainess who had been working hard lately.


“It’s a good thing I told the king I wouldn’t let you die, but I had no idea you’d turn black.”


Rai understood what I was saying and returned to his original form with a poof.

An ordinary lion with ochre-colored hair.


What a strange coincidence.

It seemed to understand what I was saying.


“Which one is the real form”


Rai turned back into a black-haired lion when I asked….That’s the real one, I guess.


So a bit of magic could make you look like that.

Dark magic worked really well!


I’ve always dreamed of riding a lion around the savanna.


“This is hardly the opponent I was fighting a moment ago, right”


It was strange that just a short time ago, we were attempting to take each other’s lives and now we were trapped together in this cramped hut.


I wonder if any of the other villainess in this world have ever gotten along with a lion.

…Maybe a lot of them.


I suppose I wasn’t close to being one yet.

I should not get carried away just because I was expelled from the country.


I need to aim higher!


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