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“Yo, Prince.”


I say this with a sneer, not wanting to appear weak.


“Oi! Know your place!”


The guards yelled loudly at me.


I was getting tired of hearing that line.

I wonder if they could come up with something different.


“Who the heck are you” would be a good choice, but I haven’t heard it even once yet. 


Well, it could just be that I was not listening.


The expression in the prince’s eyes changed a little.

He seems to be a little interested in me.


“You seem to have some guts.”


“If I didn’t, I’d have escaped a long time ago.”


“…Are you really blind”


The green eyes look at me suspiciously.


I knew he would ask that.

That was a question I would ask myself if I were the prince.


…If I were the prince, I wonder what I would believe.

I dodged a lot of attacks in the duel yesterday, and I bet there would be a lot of people who would suspect that my bandages were staged.


“You’re not going to answer”


“I’m really blind.

If you want, you can check”


You’d do yourself a favor if you didn’t act so provocative, I thought while scolding myself.


“Will you hit me Kick me Or stab me The prince of this country becomes enraged and furious because of the comments of a child.”


I dared to say something that would make him angry.


Let’s see the quality of the prince of Ravaal.

My words would undoubtedly enrage him, but if he were truly enraged by such words, there would be no end to his anger in the future.


Well, even if the prince wasn’t a tyrant, those words could get a person’s head chopped off.


“Ha, you’re a bratty little thing, aren’t you”


He smirks, his mouth lifting into a pout.


“I’m Victor Harrist, the second prince of this country.”


So that means the long-haired one was the older brother. 


I know it was just a prejudice, but I had already assumed you were the younger brother because of your short hair.


“My name is Ria.”


” Is that all”


“That’s all I have to say.”


“You really are a cocky little thing, aren’t you”


Victor stood up from his seat and made his way over to me.


What kind of legs do you have to rush over to where I was in an instant A former model


…I could tell when he got closer that he was pretty tall.

And with short hair, he looks like he could be good at basketball.


He stared down at me with sharp eyes, as if he was assessing me.


How could you be so intimidating to a child I’m sure if any lady were present here, she would definitely faint.

…I doubt that any young ladies are present here, though.


Could you please hurry up and finish the interrogationI have experienced a lot of pressure in my life, but this pressure… I couldn’t stand it.


He glanced at me for a moment before firmly grasping my hand.


“You’re thin, but you’ve got good muscles.”


“Let go of me.”


Victor puts more strength into the hand grabbing me and pulls me towards him with a good yank.

He couldn’t see my eyes because of the bandages, but I was firmly eye to eye with the prince.


I have a bad feeling about this.

I could already feel my heartbeat getting louder.


“…Are you a woman”


A low voice echoed in the room.


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