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I tied the new cloth Victor had given me behind my head to cover my eyes.


…I can definitely see more with this cloth than with the previous one.

It’s also cleaner and better quality.

Rather, this one also smells good.


“You’ll be trained like a regular soldier.

You will also continue your studies.

…Also, in the event of any expeditions, you’ll be my escort.”


I froze at his proposal.


It was too good to be true, and I should be thanking him for it.

To be able to train physically, study, and even go on an expedition where I could learn more about this country….


Oh, Thank you so much, God, for giving me this chance.

I couldn’t thank you enough.


What wonderful conditions.


“The soldiers aren’t bad people either, but little boys like you might be bullied at first because they think you are not willing to do anything, so be prepared.”


This would be the first time I would be on the receiving end of bullying.

Villainess is always on the side of the bullies.


Victor glared at me with an annoyed look on his face.


“Are you even listening to me, kid”



I understand that you’re worried about me.”


“It’s annoying that you can be so relaxed.”


There was no way I could afford it.

I have been in a rather dire situation since I arrived in the Ravaal Kingdom.


I don’t know anyone, I don’t know anything about the terrain here, and I don’t even know if the customs are correct since I only read about them in books…


“Speaking of which, what happened to that lion Is he still alive”


“Yeah, he’s doing much better.”


I couldn’t say that I’ve healed him completely with magic and made him even more powerful.


“Have you decided on a name yet”




Victor burst out laughing at what I said.


In the conversation we just had, I would love to know what the funny part was.

Was it just that he had an odd sense of humour about me


Looking at him smile for the first time gave me mixed feelings.


“Why are you laughing”


“Because, you know, Rai is part of Lion So when you get your next lion, are you going to name him On Are you gonna say the two of them together would be LION”


Victor stated while laughing at me.


You… are you making fun of me


I think it was a cute name, Rai.

I think Salinger would agree with the name I gave him.


“Don’t be so sullen.

You made me laugh, so you should be pleased.”


I got taken advantage of by this guy, didn’t I I felt shocked.

I had a lot of self-doubt at this point.


…I was really annoyed that the princes were better.

I would definitely overtake Victor and Duke-sama someday.


“Oh, and stay away from the tallest tower in the royal palace.”


“That sounds like you’re asking me to get closer.”


About halfway through, I realized Victor’s intentions with a gasp.


“I’m definitely not going there!”


“Well, we will see about that.”


He raised the corner of his mouth as he said that.


He knew that if he told me to never go near the tower, I would certainly go near it.


I would certainly want to go if he said that.

I want to go so badly.


…But it would be exactly what Victor wanted if I went there so easily.


Ah, I really hate this guy!


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