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“Oi, Oi, are you serious…”


“Where’s all that muscle coming from on those skinny arms”


“390, …399, 400… 401.”


As the surrounding buzz began to build, I could hear the surprise in Captain Marius’s voice.


I do push-ups as I watch the sweat drop to the ground.

I could feel the soldiers staring at me.


…this was pretty hard.

This puts far more strain on my arms than I had imagined.

I have never done 500 at once before.


But it was not something I couldn’t do.


“411, 412, …413.”


“The pace is not hindered in the least.

…What guts.

It’s no wonder Prince Victor recommended him.”


The voice of the man who must be the second-in-command echoed in my ears.


If I messed up here, I would be a disgrace to Victor’s reputation.


I don’t want to be the source of someone else’s poor reputation.

My pride would never allow it.

I would keep up the pace and make it all the way to the end.


“I wonder how many people in this squad can do 500 pushups in a row…”


There would be few of them.


“What type of environment do they have to create a monster like this”


Calling me a monster was rude.

I was a respectable young lady before all this.


My arms tremble a little.

I noticed that my palms were quite wet with sweat.

Perhaps the captains noticed it, too.


“…447, 448.”


“Do you want to slow down”




I responded in a small voice to the man, who was probably the second-in-command, and did my 449th push-up.

Earlier, I was told to use honorifics, but I couldn’t help it now.


After struggling day in and day out to make my mark on history, I’ve finally made it this far.

You couldn’t just collapse in a place like this, Alicia.


I inspire myself to put even more strength in my arms.


“That kid is starting to pick up the pace.”


“I can’t believe it.”


There would be a normal training session after this….

I wonder if I’ll be strong enough….

But I couldn’t cut corners now.


The cloth covering my eyes was also very damp.

I felt a little uncomfortable, but I had no choice but to endure it for now.


No one would think that I am trying to be a noble and solitary young lady.


“483, 484, 485, 486.”


“Why are you going faster and faster”


“Superhuman… this is beyond the level of a human.”


My daily workout was for these pushups!


Of course not, but if I didn’t tell myself that right now, I wouldn’t be able to finish these push-ups.


It gets louder and louder all around me.

Mixed in among them were cheering voices.


“Chibi, you can do it!”


“You can do it! Hang in there! You’re almost there!”


It’s hard to believe they considered me an enemy just a few minutes ago.


“497, 498, 499, 500…”


Oooh, finished.

I plopped down on the spot.


Call me dirty, call me undignified, I wouldn’t care.

I’m dressed like a boy now, anyway.

I needed to take a short break before I could get up.


Silence fell as soon as I completed 500 push-ups.

After a few moments, everyone begins to clamor.


“Such a slender body…”


“Oh, he’s done it…”


“…really five hundred times.”


“Woooooah, Chibi, that’s awesome!”


“You’re awesome!”


“Oh, Chibi, you’re one of us from today!”


One after another, cheers were raised.

It seemed I had been promoted from a brat to a Chibi.


It seemed as if I had won a victory in a battle.


I wondered why they were more pleased than I was.

I’m the one who should be yelling with delight.


“Well done!”


Then Captain Marius held out his hand to me.


I firmly held his hand and managed to stand up with his help.

I take a deep breath and exhale slowly.


“Thank you, Captain.”


“I didn’t think you were such a strong guy.



“My name is Ria.”


“I’m going to work harder from now on.”


Ignoring my words, the captain said emphatically with a happy expression on his face.


I’d rather be called Chibi than a kid, and everyone seemed to be having fun, so…I guess I didn’t have to correct them anymore.


“My name is Garius Neil.

I’m the deputy commander of this squad.

I don’t know how you managed to do all those crazy push-ups.”


After all, you were the second in command.


“Thank you, Deputy Commander Neil.”


“I’d love to hear what training you’ve been doing all this time.”


Vice Captain Neil glanced at me.


“Vice Captain, are you trying to get them to do the same thing that I did…”


“Wait, Chibi, don’t say that!”


Perhaps sensing his thoughts, the soldiers suddenly raised their voices.


Vice Captain Neil looked so kind, but I wonder if he’s more of an ogre than I thought.

Well, it’s better that way, because ogres could make you stronger.


“Oh, so you guys want to do five hundred pushups now”


“Please, please don’t give us that!”


“Then stop playing around and let’s get on with the training.”


Captain Marius said in dismay.

Their expressions instantly changed to those of soldiers.


…They were a great squad, with a solid difference between on and off duty.


“Chibi, are you ready to move too”




I said confidently and took on the challenge of training.


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