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“I’d like to ask God how this woman is a saint.

Have you ever done anything else other than talk about ideals Have you ever actually done something, failed, and then made a new plan to succeed the next time”


“How can you say that when you don’t know Liz well”


Alan’s low, angry voice echoed in my ears.

The air became tense.


“I may not know much, but I do know she hasn’t done anything.”


“What So, what have you done, then”


Alan raised his voice.


It was scary how someone could be brainwashed to such an extent.

I was kind of brainwashed by Alicia too.

I wouldn’t doubt her, either.


The king didn’t stop me.

Duke also looked at me as if signaling that I could say everything I wanted to say out loud.


Maybe that was why he brought me here.


“Isn’t Liz Cather’s power just for bragging rights For Decoration Power is meant to be put to good use.

Your idealism may be necessary.

But you need to learn how to use it to make things happen.

What in the world have you learned from Alicia We don’t choose our talents, and our talents don’t choose us.

Why are you, with your most powerful gift, so naive”


Liz Cather was stunned.


I hadn’t raised my voice like this in a long time.

I always tried to speak calmly and nonchalantly.


She started saying something, but then closed her mouth, as if she couldn’t get the words out.


“…Then what did Alicia do”


“I was the one who asked her to be a guide.”


Gayle’s words were answered by the King.


Instantly, the air changed.

Everyone turned their gazes toward the King.


“I asked her to be the villain”


Alicia was insanely happy about it, though.


I bet Alicia would be the only one who would accept that request so willingly.


“What do you mean”


Albert asked with a puzzled look on his face.


“Saints are the key players in this country.

They cannot do things based on ideals alone.

They must be realistic.

However, Liz, you are a very pure, gentle, and untainted child.

I know that you hate the dirty side of politics.

So, to guide you correctly, I had arranged for Alicia to enter the magic academy early so that she can speak harshly to you.”


“Why did you do that!”


Albert yelled, interrupting the King.


I could tell he was really angry.


…Come to think of it, Albert used to love Alicia so much.


“That should be obvious to you all.

She’s a genius.

She was ten years old when she learned to use magic.

She has extraordinary physical abilities and a smart brain, so we thought Alicia was the right person for the job.”


“How selfish.

My sister is not your tool.”


“I know that I have done a terrible thing.”


“Didn’t Father object Didn’t you think she would be traumatized at such a young age”


Arnold looked apologetic and said nothing.


I should say this, but…we all didn’t have to be so serious about it.


Alicia wasn’t damaged in any way, in fact, she seemed to be delighted every day.


 She even said something like “Being bad-mouthed was the path to becoming a villainess!” and wanted to be criticized daily.


Moreover, the reason why Alicia was looked at with unfavorable eyes was because the stupid aristocrats attending the magic academy were brainwashed by Liz Cather.


Well, from Alicia’s point of view, maybe it was better that way.


“Then, all these days Alicia has been talking like that…, were they all ordered by the king”


Eric muttered in a small voice, puzzled.


That was a different matter, but, well, he could assume so.


I mean, wouldn’t Alicia become a villainess if she admitted those things


From my point of view, there was no “Bad” in her “Villainess” from the very beginning.

Only she was the one who believed so.


But I felt a little sorry for Alicia.


She wanted to be a villainess so badly that she even got herself exiled from her own country, but now the title of “worst person” in the country was likely going to be given to the King.


She was even exiled from the country.


The problem was that her definition of “villainess” was too far off, and she had it coming to her.


Alicia, when you come back, you may have to make a bad impression again, but good luck.


I muttered to myself.


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