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In the blink of an eye, 2 years have already passed by.

Every day has been much of the same: I practice my swordplay as soon as I wake up, then I read, and at night I go visit Grandpa Will.

Thats seriously all Ive been doing.

I havent seen the king again since he asked me those questions that day, and no other unexpected events have occurred….

The only thing thats really changed over these last two years is that I feel like Ive really sharpened my sword skills, though my brothers wouldnt admit to this.

Not one of them has praised my abilities since Ive started.

I dont really need their verbal confirmation, since there is a sword skills test that I could take, but they and Father have also forbidden me from attending.

I really want to test out how good Ive gotten, but only my brothers are allowed to go.

Hows that fair

So, of course I threw my temper around a bit like a villainess would.

I mean, how could I just tolerate this injustice!

Plus it doesnt make any sense for a self-centered villainess whos been learning the art of the sword to not even know her own skill level, right

But despite all of my persuasive efforts, Father still refused to allow me to take the test.

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Even though at this point I might even be stronger than my brothers…..

Well, no… I guess thats still pushing it a bit.

Other than sword practice though, Ive also been learning a lot from Grandpa Will.

Whenever I encountered a problem, he would always help me come up with a suitable solution, and if I ever came across something I couldnt understand while reading, he could easily explain it to me.

Hes smarter and more helpful even than the home tutors that are in charge of my general education.

At one point, I had invited him to come stay with us here in the mansion, but he told me that he wasnt able to leave the village.

I guess that magical barrier really is capable of preventing people from entering and leaving freely.

But to think that such an amazingly skilled individual would be locked up in that sort of place…..

And its possible that there are plenty more capable people wasting away in there.

I suppose its not an entirely surprising turn of events coming from a country that tends to only treat its nobility well….

I mean, sure.

We nobles are able to utilize magical abilities, but that doesnt mean we have the wisdom and intelligence needed to run a country.

What a backwards world Im living in.

Oh yeah, one more thing thats changed since I turned ten is that Albert-Oniisama is now started attending the magic academy.

Along with Gayle-Sama, Curtis-Sama, and Duke-Sama of course.

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Once you turn 15, thats when you can start attending the magic academy.

Of course, only if you are capable of using magic that is.

Typically, that would mean the academy is restricted to only nobles, but since I know what happens during the Otome Game, I know that there is at least one commoner out there who has magic power and who will also be entering the magic academy around this time……

Thats right, its finally time for the heroine to appear! I must bid you adieu now, Duke-Sama.

At 15, hes already become so sexy and mature….

Im sure that the heroine will be a goner.

Even if Duke-Samas nice to her for just a moment, shell fall for him instantly.

Im different though, of course.

Although hes been awfully nice to me over these past two years, I wont fall in love with him.

I dont want to experience that heartache.

Since I already know that Duke-Samas bound to the heroine, it would be utterly foolish of me to let myself form feelings for him.

As soon as the heroine appears, that will also be my bullying debut, and in the process Duke-Sama will end up hating me anyway…..

Well, not just Duke-Sama actually…..

My brothers, Eric-Sama, Finn-Sama, Gayle-Sama, Curtis-Sama, basically everyone will end up hating me.

…..Lets stop there.

Thinking about this any further is just going to make me sad.

The source of this content is lightnovelworld.com

Now that Im on this topic though….

If the heroine is about to appear, doesnt that mean shes 5 years older than me

To have such rude conduct towards someone older…..

how villainous!

Ahh, cant the heroine just hurry up and make her appearance already


T/N: Lol, how did that even work in the game A 10-year-old villainess bullying the 15-year-old heroine! XD Now thats quite a surprise!


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