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“Seeker…Will, you say”


For the first time, the king looked upset.


He had hardly changed his expression earlier, no matter what kind of argument we were having…


I could see his deep, ocean-colored eyes were shaking.

Of course, it was not only the king who was upset by my words.


The remaining four members of the five noble families were also frozen in place with their pupils agitated, just like the king.


I see.

They were aware of Will’s existence, but they barely knew what had happened to him.

Well, I doubt anyone but the king knew that Gramps had been driven away to the impoverished village.


“Alicia’s …eye…to Will What do you mean”


Arnold asked, looking puzzled.


“It’s a long story, isn’t it”


“Will, my brother, is still alive!”


The king shouted as he rose to his feet.

They were all taken aback by his appearance, as they had never seen him like this before.


…This was unexpected.

I didn’t expect the king’s composure to disappear.


“Is he still alive In that village where he was driven away to”


“That village…”


Joanne, Gayle’s father with light gray hair, was the first to speak up, wrinkling his brow.


Come to think of it, these parents didn’t say anything when they saw how stupid these kids were.

…No, they couldn’t say anything


This country was quite a mystery to me.


“He just suddenly disappeared, you know I guess it’s no wonder they think he’s dead, huh”


“Luke, what do you mean”


Joanne looked at the king with a grim expression on his face.


“…Is my father there too”


Arnold followed Joanne and asked this question in a low voice.

The air shook with the mixture of surprise and anger in his voice.


I didn’t expect this turn of events….

I’m getting tired of it.


Arnold’s father was not in the impoverished village.

So… maybe he was one of the members exiled to the Ravaal Kingdom.


Maybe he has already met Alicia.

That would be interesting.

I knew I should have gone with her.


“Well, we’ll leave it at that.”


“Wait, my brother is still alive, isn’t he”


The king raised his voice to overshadow my words.


“Thanks to Alicia, he felt like he was getting younger and younger.”


“So… my brother is alive.

I see.

Thank God…”


He muttered repeatedly as he chewed on the fact that Gramps was still in this world.


The look of relief on his face was the very expression of concern for his family.


Why did he treat them so miserably when he adored them so much …Even if it was actually the king’s mother who did it.

He could have stopped it.


Well, the King was about to be blamed by Arnold and the others, wasn’t he


The king also had a hard time.

It was only fair to say that he got what he deserved.


Duke looked at the king for a while and then left without saying anything.


I followed after him.



“But I was surprised.”


I started talking after we left the room.

Duke gave a small tilt of his head at my words.




“I didn’t think the King would be worried about Gramps.”


“My father respected my uncle, you know.”


“…Then he should have helped him.”


“He was being manipulated.”


Duke’s voice was too quiet for me to understand what he had said.


If he whispered so softly that I couldn’t hear him, I suppose I’d be ignored if I asked again.


I changed the subject without asking anything further about it.


“How come the king doesn’t know much about what’s going on in the impoverished village That wall of mist that confines the poor village is water magic, right”


“That part puzzles me, too.

My father was supposed to be trying to solve the situation in the impoverished village, but he had no idea about my uncle’s actual situation.”


Then he gives a perplexed expression.


It was a bit of a relief to think that there was something that Duke didn’t know either.


“So what are you going to do now”


“I’ll use her.”


“Will it be useful”


Of course, by her, we mean Liz Cather.


“Well, she’s not a bad person.”


…I couldn’t deny that.


She’s not a heinous person, though she’s the type of person I would be completely comfortable with.

That’s another thing that makes it tricky.


“So she is finally going to show us what she is capable of, that saint-sama.”


“It would be a shame not to use that power, you know.”


“I’m not so sure about using her magic… will it be really useful, though”


“I’ll make sure it will.”


A chill ran down my spine as I looked at Duke, who had raised the edge of his mouth in an evil smile.


I wondered what kind of moves he was going to use….


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