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The sun’s peak gradually appeared on the horizon.


Early in the morning, me, Duke, and Henry gathered in the courtyard of the Williams’ house.


Today was the day when Gramps would be finally leaving the village.


I am happy, excited, and a little anxious at the same time.

If the king did something, I would not be strong enough to protect Gramps.


“Duke, promise me you will protect Gramps.”


I said this while looking at him straight in the eyes, and Duke nodded quietly.


Duke had actually wanted to go to the impoverished village, but I had stopped him.

The situation was not good enough for him to go there yet.

There were still many people who disliked the aristocrats.


Of course, Alicia was a noble, but she was an exception.

There was a big difference between Alicia, who had rebuilt the village, and the prince, who had never been to the village.


I understand that just because Duke had never been to the impoverished village, it didn’t mean he hadn’t done anything, but the people in the village didn’t see it that way.

And Duke understood that.


“Take care of him.”


I nodded at Duke’s words and looked back at Henry before I left.


It would take a long time to get to the impoverished village.


I shudder to think that Alicia had to run this distance with a book in her hand.

What in the world was she doing alone, what was she punishing herself for How could she come to the impoverished village every night, regardless of how much she cared about it


I kept moving while thinking about this.


-I was a little nervous.




As soon as I arrived at the village, I ran over to Gramps.


Everyone was out early in the morning to see him off.

Everyone seems reluctant to let go of this village hero.


But we need to get him out of there.

We need him out here so that we can free everyone from this village….


“Take this and let’s get out of here.”


Gramps took a deep breath before answering.


“Let’s go.”


He took the bottle from my hand and downed the Abel in one gulp.

A little thin pink liquid remains at the bottom of the bottle.


At last, Gramps was free.

We would finally be able to leave this village.


My heart was pounding loudly.

I was excited about Gramps’ release.


I couldn’t wait to see how he would change the situation in this country.


“I’m a little nervous about meeting him, but…”


With that, he steps toward the foggy wall.

I followed Gramps.


By “that guy,” he probably means the king.


I wondered how long it had been since he had seen the outside world.

Unlike me, Gramps had come to this village after he had been in the outside world.

I wondered how he could endure this kind of life when he had experienced the life of royalty.


I gazed at Gramps’ big, strong back as I thought of this.


I could feel everyone’s eyes watching us from behind.

It would be a lie to say that there were no glances of resentment or envy, but it seemed that most of them were happy to see us off.


The air was murky, but better than it had been, and the village was always gloomy and smelled foul.


Once outside, most people would never think of coming back.


Gramps had returned to a world full of sunshine after decades of being away.


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