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As per usual, Im doing my morning sword practice in the garden when I notice Eric-Sama walking over to me.

I wonder what he could be doing here I stop doing my practice swings as he gets closer and I turn to look towards him.

“Alicia, since youre 10 years old now, do you want to try checking out the town”

Even though Ive been walking to the impoverished village every day, Ive still yet to visit the nearby town even once.

“Id love to!” I exclaim and Eric-Samas face brightens at my reply.

Are we going, just the two of us I wonder

“Eric, what do you think youre doing” Henry-Oniisama asks walking over to us.

Hm Did Henry-Oniisama not know that Eric-Sama was here

Henry-Oniisama loops an arm around Eric-Samas neck.

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“Eric-Sama and I were just about to go visit the town together~” I tell him.

Henry-Oniisamas expression turns stern at my words.

Giving him a sidelong glance, he scowls at Eric-Sama.

I wonder if hes mad because he was feeling left out.

I guess Henry-Oniisama really wanted to visit the town as well.

“Im coming too,” he says, grinning, though somehow the expression looks somewhat ominous.

Its kind of similar to the smile the Albert-Oniisama often has on his face.

“What about Alan-Oniisama”

“Alans studying with the tutor.”

Oh Even though theyre twins, I guess their tutoring sessions arent at the same time.

“Lets get on the carriage for now,” Eric-Sama says, his expression looking a little forced.

Instead of a carriage, Id rather go on horseback though… I have properly learned to ride a horse now after all.

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“Cant we go on horseback instead”

The two of them stiffen at my suggestion.

“Are you saying… that you want to ride together with one of us”

“No, Oniisama, I meant that I want to ride the horse myself.”

“But, Ali, youre a girl you know”

“Are girls not allowed to ride horses by themselves”

“No, thats not what I meant, but typically…..”

“I dont care.

Im going to ride alone.

Henry-Oniisama, Eric-Sama, you two can feel free to take the carriage yourselves!”

To disregard the opinions of others in favor of my own willful desires….

how villainess-like! The fruits of these past three years of labor have not been wasted~!

Im able to deliver such selfish lines so naturally now.

Ive already become quite the splendid villainess, havent I

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Henry-Oniisama and Eric-Sama are both making such dazed looking expressions.

And then Henry-Oniisama heaves a huge sigh.

Oh my.

Doesnt he know that sighing like that will chase away his happiness

“Got it.

Then well go by horse, too.”

Yay! It kind of feels like Ive won~ I guess I can actually win when Henry-Oniisama is by himself.


It would be weird for us to ride in a carriage while Alicias riding a horse,” Eric-Sama says, smiling.

Agh, that face with that expression, what a destructive combination! Beautiful people are so dangerous for the eyes…..

But I cant help myself.

Im openly staring at him.

Noticing my gaze, Eric-Sama covers my eyes with his hand.

“Dont look at me like that,” he tells me, his hand still blocking my sight.

I wonder if hes shy

….Nah, who would feel shy just cause a little girl was staring at them

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Im sure hes just annoyed that I had the audacity to stare at him with these sharp eyes of mine.

It must not feel great being stared at by such thin and sharp eyes….

but I feel so blessed to have been born with such a villainous face!

“Come on.

Lets get going,” Henry-Oniisama says, and only then does Eric-Sama remove his hand from my face.

Hm Eric-Sama, your face looks a little red, you know

Did I really make him that mad…..


I can anger someone to this extent just with my eyes! Good show, me!


T/N: Ah, Eric~ Why are you acting so cute! With a smaller age gap, and such adorable reactions, youre making me like you more than Duke!! What do you guys think Weve seen a couple of the boys now, who are we shipping so far

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