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“Now that I think about it, I’m glad I lost my ability to use magic.

I was liberated from the pressure of expectations… but that burden was placed on you.”


“…For me, my brother will always be the best.

Whether you can use magic or not, I will always look up to you.

I tried to be like you, brother, but I couldn’t do it.”


This would be the only time I saw the king like this, if ever.


The way the king looked at Gramps showed that he had worked hard, no matter what the results were.


His admiration for Gramps had to have given him a sense of dignity.


Whatever the king’s mother was like, the king at least admired his brother.


There was no doubt that their reunion was a major event in history, but I saw Gramps every day.

It was a strange feeling.


The first prince, the king’s most esteemed son, had returned.


“I was told you tried to rescue me many times.”


Gramps raised the corner of his mouth slightly.

His face looks a little like Duke’s.

It made me think that they were blood related after all.


I didn’t know the king was trying to help Gramps.

Officially, he was a deceased person.


Even so, it seemed to me that I was getting a lot of information …and then there was Duke’s letter.


If word got out that the king was trying to help someone in the impoverished village, his position would be at risk.

It must have been information that only the king and Duke knew.


Duke, you’d been working in secret far too long, hadn’t you I wasn’t expecting him to be so involved behind the scenes.


“I had never thought that a day would come when I would despise my own mother so much.”


He said this with a slight tremor in his voice.


“I could not do as well as my brother.

That’s why I asked the saint for help.”


No wonder the king was so obsessed with saints.

Certainly, with the saint, the country could remain peaceful.


Compared to a foolish king who fattened his own pockets, it was a good decision.

It was clear that he was doing the best he could in his own way.


“You did your best.”


Gramps said quietly.


Those words of certainty must have touched the King’s heart.

The king just stood there frozen, staring at Gramps.


“Truly, I am glad that you are alive…”


The king muttered this quietly, as if biting his tongue.


He could have died as a result of being sent to that impoverished village.

With great trepidation, the king continued to search for Gramps and attempted to save him.


Duke also probably sent a letter to Gramps at one point or another.


This story was like a miracle on top of a miracle, wasn’t it …It was interesting that Alicia was the axis of all this, and it all worked out.

I wonder what she really was.


“How is your mother”


At Gramps’ words, the king’s face turned a little grim.


“…I think she’s still well, since there are still some people sneaking around in the background.”


“She’s quite the crafty one, you know.

She hardly shows any openings.

You never know what she’s up to.”


If Gramps could say that much, she must be a very capable person.


I was inclined to check it out a little.

But, of course, I wouldn’t want to get involved in anything.


“…Was it you who was educating Alicia and the boy”


The king suddenly asked as if he had noticed something.



But they were much better than I was.”


It was the usual Gramps voice.

He had such a soft voice when he talked about us.


“The atmosphere they give off is a little like yours.

The sharpness of their eyes that they sometimes show, etc.”


“I’m honored.”


No, I was the one who’s honored.

I exclaimed in my mind.


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