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Give me a medal for making it here alive, Prince.


I stood there, muttering this to myself.

I gradually regain my breath.

When I looked at the remaining three, they were already catching their breath.


…They all have good bodies.

I should work out more too.


“You’ve got guts, kid.”


Captain Marius then grinned at me, showing his teeth.


Victor had taken the lead at this point.

We left the rocky terrain and entered a dark cave-like area.

I was momentarily intimidated by the path ahead, which I couldn’t see.


How was I supposed to know where to go when there was no light


Still, Captain Marius and Ceres didn’t say anything and followed Victor.

It was dark in the cave, but my eyes gradually became accustomed to the darkness.


There was a strange smell, like rags soaked in muddy water for a few days, but I could tolerate it.

To be honest, the smell was worse in the impoverished village.




Ceres’ voice echoed.

She appeared to have hit a large stone.


Ignoring her voice, Victor moves forward cautiously, placing his hand on the wall.


I had always admired Uncle Will, so I had practiced sensing the presence of others, but it would have been terrifying for a normal person. 


We had to keep going in the dark, without even the light of a candle, let alone a flashlight.


I was amazed by Victor’s courage in leading the way.

I wondered what kind of state of mind he was in.


Regarding Captain Marius, I would imagine that even if he runs into something, he would be able to repel it with his big muscles.


I mean, no one talks about Jurd at all….

It’s as if he was never there in the first place.


Maybe this squad was more serious than I thought.

Maybe they simply didn’t have time to worry about people who died.


“Let’s split up!”


Everyone stopped walking when they heard Victor’s voice.


We checked the scene ahead with our dim vision and saw that the road had split in two.

It was an unknown world to all of us.


From one of the paths, a faint sound of water could be heard.

…Was there a waterfall or something


“Is there something at the end of either path…”


“There may be something in both, though.”


“Or maybe there’s nothing in both.”


Ceres’ mutterings were answered by me and Victor.


I took the liberty of ruling out the possibility in my mind that there was nothing there.


Coming all this way and finding nothing… that would be a harsh sentence.

I would make the Prince do a lap around the Castle on a handstand.


“How shall we divide it up”


“…me and the kid.”


Why me!


“Is that all right”


“Is something the matter”


“No, I just thought it was too much responsibility for the little guy…”


“I agree.

I prefer not to entrust the prince’s life to this rookie…”


Ceres interrupted the conversation between Captain Marius and Victor.


She was absolutely right.

I was just a nobody whose origins were unknown.


At their suggestion, the prince wrinkled his brow.

And then he glared at me.


What intimidating eyes….

I mean, why would I be treated like that!


” Are you going to abandon me and run away”




Because of the unexpected question, I unintentionally gave a strange response.


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