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“How can you just walk away and leave me to fend for myself”


He repeated it while staring at me.


Abandoning him…that’s the lamest statement I’ve ever heard!


Of course, I had no loyalty to this country or the prince of this country, but I was not that kind of a person.


A Villainess would never stand by and watch something like this happen.

If I did that, the ghosts of the previous villainess would undoubtedly come to stab me while I slept.


“I don’t want to die, so I’ll help you even though I don’t want to.”


All three of them looked puzzled at my words.


“Besides, I’d rather die in the prince’s place than become such a coward.”


“What I believe you should be aware that you must be willing to die in the service of his highness.”


Oh, that’s right.

I was part of the team that protects Victor now.

If I didn’t protect the prince, what would I be protecting


Captain Marius’s words made me gasp.


“Well, he is like this but you can trust him.”


Trustworthy, I like that word.

It made me feel like I was accepted.


There were many people I didn’t trust, even though I had known them for a long time.


“If the prince is in mortal danger, I will save him while snickering.”


With a crisp, serious expression on my face, I stated this forcefully.

A huge fist landed on my head as soon as I said those words.




Victor, did you forget that I was a woman


Even if I were such a strong woman, a hit like that would make your head bleed.


…This would make me sound like a masochist.


“Prince, don’t forget.

The little guy is blind.”


Victor knew I could see everything clearly, though.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t let a guy like me be the first one to dive into the lake.


Even if my vision isn’t great, I can see enough to get a general idea of what’s going on.


Personally, I find it more difficult to wear wet clothing than trying to lactate the place with my eyes.


…I hate to be the one to say it, but Captain Marius and Ceres were also a little slow on the uptake.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they discovered by now that I wasn’t blind and that I was a woman.


“This is the kid who fought a lion.

If this guy dies, we’ll be dealing with something akin to a major catastrophe.”


That was a compliment, right




Captain Marius and Ceres’ voices overlapped.


“So which way do you want to go”


“Which way do you want to go”


“I don’t want to go on the way where there is water because I don’t want to be soaked in it anymore.”




Victor raised his brows in response to my words.

The other two guys also cocked their heads slightly.


“You can hear the faint sound of water flowing from this side of the path, can’t you”


I indicate the path to the right.

They listened intently but didn’t seem to hear it.


…I guess my hearing had definitely improved since the day I handed one of my eyes to Uncle Will.

I have Uncle Will to thank for that.


“I can’t hear it, but if you can, it means there’s water on this side of the path.”


“I see, when you can’t see, you seem to have a better sense of hearing.”


Captain Marius looked at me seriously, as if impressed.


“Well, then we’ll go this way.”


Victor turned his feet to the right.


“Eh, hey, didn’t I say I didn’t like the one with the water”


“That’s why we’re going.”


Victor was such a person, wasn’t he I forgot.


I slumped my shoulders and glanced lightly at the prince.


“You really have a bad personality, don’t you”


“I get that a lot.”


He grinned happily, but I wasn’t the least bit pleased.


“You guys better survive.”


Victor said and walked away.

I hurried after him.


I wonder if his earlier words were his way of showing consideration for his men.


The cave was dark, but I could make out Victor’s blond hair.


Thank goodness he had blonde hair.

Well, if I lose track of him, I’m sure I’ll be able to find him.


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