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“That doesn’t matter; just tell me how to get out of here as quickly as possible.”


I huff at Victor’s voice.

The water had already gotten up to my chest.


[Impatient already.]


“Why can’t you stop the water if you built this place”


[That’s impossible.

The place has completely collapsed.

It’s beyond repair.]


She replied in a matter-of-fact tone.


“Then tell me quickly.

Where can we escape from”


The fairy looked at me blankly.


Did I say something funny She just kept saying the same thing.


[Can I clarify something first]




[Why don’t you use magic]


I glanced at Victor in response to her question.

The fairy seemed to have guessed just by looking at me.


I wanted to say that even if they knew I had magical powers, I couldn’t use magic.

…Maybe that would be impossible, though.

Still, I didn’t want to use magic in front of him as much as possible.


[I see.

Well, if you don’t want to use it, that’s fine.

What’s your name]




I answered with the name I use when I’m dressed as a man, just in case.


[My name is Kii.

Nice to meet you, Ria]


She moved her wings and flew away from Victor’s hands after she finished introducing herself.


I was a little envious of the fairy’s ability to flap her wings and fly away to wherever she pleased.




She said and went into the water at a tremendous speed.


“What now”


“We are going to dive.”


I took a big gulp of air and sank into the water.

Victor, not understanding what was going on, dove into the water as well.


In the water, Kii was glowing.


How mysterious.

If I were a painter, I would definitely paint this picture.


[Follow me.]


I moved my body in the direction she was going in response to her voice, which was clear, transparent, and audible even underwater.


Swimming was outrageously strenuous.

When this mission was over, I wanted to eat a lot of sweet macarons.

They have macarons in this country, don’t they


Thinking of these things, I moved my body frantically and followed Kii so that I would not be left behind.


On the way, I came across the cloth that had been covering my eyes, which I had removed earlier, and grabbed it tightly.


It would be very difficult to explain if I met other people with my eyes open like this.


[This water is non-poisonous, so it’s safe to inhale.]


Even if you say so proudly….


Even if there is no poison, it would be difficult for us to inhale because we cannot breathe underwater.


We followed her to the backside of the waterfall.

There was a small hole sandwiched between two rocks.


Maybe this was the way out.

…Kii might be able to get in, but we couldn’t, no matter how hard we tried.


I turned back to Victor.

He instantly understood what he had to do and approached the rock.


Then he smashes the surrounding rocks as hard as he can.

Despite the water pressure, he desperately grabbed and removed the rocks.


I wanted to help him, but I was afraid that if I did, I would just get in the way.

Kii and I could only watch.


[Ah, it’s open!]


The moment Victor broke one of the big rocks, the path suddenly opened up.


We swam desperately toward it.

It was quite painful because we couldn’t breathe.


[This way! Quickly!]


Kii urged us to keep moving forward, using everything we had left.

I think I’ve lost about two kilograms today alone.


I feel like I could make an advertisement that says, “If you want to lose weight, go to the death forest!”


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