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I dove in too quickly and ended up with a little lake water in my mouth.


…I was okay with that.

I doubt this much would kill me.

After all, I was usually extremely healthy.


Kii swims gracefully, her thin, transparent wings tucked neatly and compactly into her back.


Ceres and Captain Marius were swimming chaotically, frantically moving their arms and legs.

After all that running, having to hold my breath was painful.

What a pain in the neck.


Victor frowned a little, but still looked somewhat relaxed.


I was curious about his physical capabilities.

I wanted scientists all over the world to find out.

If he died, he should definitely be dissected.


I desperately followed the fairy, but the way out was still far away.

The strange skull-like thing was no longer chasing us, but I was now fighting a battle against myself.


Not being able to breathe was truly hell.

I felt like the most important thing for our survival was to take in oxygen.


I wonder if we are there yet….


[Almost there.]


Perhaps reading my thoughts, I heard the fairy’s clear voice.


I wonder what “close” means according to her.


Perhaps since I spent a lot of energy diving earlier, I’ve reached the limit of my strength.

And after using a great deal of magic power, I almost didn’t have any more energy left.


While I was thinking about that, I was suddenly hit by something.


What was that It felt as if someone had hit me with all their might.


My vision became distorted and I felt sick.

I desperately tried to hold back the urge to vomit.

My body became heavy, and I couldn’t swim well.


Victor was the first to notice my condition.

He must have sensed instantly that I had inhaled poison because he wrinkled his brow a little and looked as if he wanted to say, “Damn it”.


Oh, maybe this was the end of my life.


Although we spent only a short time together, I knew his character.

He would abandon his soldiers without mercy.


I was nothing more than a pawn in his quest to become king.

I wondered if I would end up dying here like Jurd did on his way in.


…And I haven’t even reached my goal of becoming the strongest villainess yet


I couldn’t die in a place like this.

I opened my eyes, feeling as if I were about to pass out.


I was lucky that I was in a strange lake where I wouldn’t absorb poison through my eyes.


Victor suddenly approached me as I was thinking this.

He grabbed me in his arms as if he were holding me.


What What happened


Ceres and Captain Marius, who were swimming behind us, were also surprised at his behavior.

They didn’t expect the prince to save me, did they


With me in his arms, he continued forward, chasing after the fairy.


…Am I already dead Does this mean I was going to heaven


No, but I still couldn’t breathe, and it was painful.

…This must be real, and Victor was risking his life to save me.


I couldn’t believe it.

And where on earth did he find the strength to do so


I wondered if Victor might be one of the fairies.

That was how extraordinary he was.


I could almost see the surface of the water.

A sliver of sunlight shone through the filthy, murky water.

Everyone was frantically moving their bodies for the last time to get to the surface.


If we could make it past this point, we would make it back alive.

I felt as if I was witnessing a moment where everyone was clinging to life and struggling to stay alive.


With a bang, my face suddenly surfaced above the water, and my body struggled to inhale a large amount of air.


Vice Captain Neil rushed over to me with a towel, looking panicked, as I successfully caught my breath while trying not to drink this water.


Victor lied down roughly on the dirty ground while holding me.

We all fall down with a thud, breathing desperately.


Only the sound of huffing and puffing echoes through the woods.


“We made it back alive!”


Captain Marius muttered quietly.


What a tough ordeal it was.

I felt like I was about to die, but I didn’t.


“I guess Jurd didn’t make it.”


Kate’s slightly low voice gave way to Vice Captain Neil, Grandpa, and Mark.


Victor took the towel from Vice Captain Neil, wiped his face messily, and then spoke.


“Don’t think about the dead ones anymore.”


I couldn’t help but think that Liz-san would have been offended by these words.


No one here would have said anything against him.

It was not because he was a prince, and they couldn’t stand up to him.


We all know that Victor valued his men, even if his words were cold.

We were unable to blame him for Jurd’s death.


“Why, why, did you save me”


I asked as I collapsed to the ground.

My breathing was labored, but my gaze was fixed on him.


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