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Victor was in no hurry to explain now that they seemed to have noticed something.




All three of them were surprised by the response he gave.


“I was the first to notice Ria was a woman, and his speech was also very girly back then.”


“He really was a woman…”




Neil added, while Marius and Ceres froze, muttering quietly.

Seeing them like this, Victor was quite surprised.


“I wonder why you didn’t figure it out before.”


“Prince, I don’t remember you telling me that the little guy was a woman.”


Ceres was the first to respond to Victor’s words.


“I didn’t tell you, but you knew what I meant.”


“She’s not sexy at all.”


“She’s a nice girl, though.”


Victor softly uttered in response to Ceres’ words as he gazed at Alicia’s sleeping face.


Albert’s jacket was draped over Alicia as she slept soundly under a thick-trunked tree.

Everyone was staring at her.


Her crow-colored feathered hair was still a little wet.

A few drops of water drip from her hair.

Her eyes were covered with a cloth, but she had a clean, straight nose and thin, well-shaped lips.

She looked very feminine.


Everyone began to notice a sense of femininity in her. 


“…Are you in love with her”


Ceres asked Victor in her usual tone, as if she had nothing to fear.

It seemed to represent the emotions of everyone present.




Victor furrowed his brow and wore a solemn expression.

He then continued his story.


“My type of woman is a woman who is outgoing, has long hair, and is calm and mature.”


“Well, then, why did you save her”


“Well, she was my father’s to begin with.

I couldn’t let her die.”


“Are you certain that’s all”


“You’re being nosy.

You guys should go back to rest.”


Victor glared at Ceres, looking a little irritated.

It was rare to see him like this, as he was usually so relaxed.




Saying this, Ceres heads toward a nearby tree.

Marius and Neil followed, bowing their heads in gratitude and getting ready to rest.


Soldiers could sleep anywhere, anytime.

They could sleep in any position, even if the ground was rickety or chilly.


“I think it’s time for us to go to sleep too.”


Mark nodded in response to Kate’s words, while Albert stood beside Alicia, keeping a close eye on her.

Luckily, Marius, Ceres, and Neil had no idea what Albert had done to Alicia.


They only thought that he had taken away her suffering with his special power.


“I’m not going to fall in love with a little kid.”


Albert turned his gaze to Victor as he muttered to himself.

Then he looked up at the sky.


“The moon is even more beautiful today.”


The sky was pitch black above the eerie, deadly forest, with numerous stars and the moon shining silently.

The moonlight illuminated Alicia, who was sleeping peacefully and comfortably, covered in dirt and mud.


Victor’s eyes widened at the sight.

Then, he uttered quietly, in a small voice.


“The girl chosen by the moon…”


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