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T/N: A big thank you to my Cookie Donor, Aiza!! Im planning on getting some chocolate muffins ❤ Theyre my absolute favorite treat at the moment

“Youve heard of it” Paul-san asks me, still looking at me in surprise.

I cant tell him that I read about it in a book…..

My brother still doesnt know that I go to the library every day to read, after all.

“Yes,” I say tentatively, deciding to just answer in the affirmative for now instead of giving out excess details.

“Do you also know what properties and effects Chad has”

“Chad promotes the bodys production of the happiness hormone, serotonin.

That means it is often prescribed to people who are enduring emotional trauma or some sort of mental hardship.”

At my brief explanation, Paul-sans eyes become become as round as his glasses.

If you open your eyes any wider, then your eyeballs might just pop out you know.

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And Eric-Sama, I would appreciate it if you wouldnt leave your mouth open in the un-gentleman like manner….

Such a stupid look really doesnt suit such a good-looking face.

Henry-Oniisama must finally be getting used to me at least, since he doesnt appear particularly surprised by my knowledge.

I guess I might have gone a bit too far though.

Knowing that the plant was called Chad is one thing, but to even know the effects that it can have on people is rather unusual for anyone who isnt a plant enthusiast.

Though, I only know it because I remembered the information from that book.

Our estates library is chock-full of books like that with an insane amount of detail about the most minute of topics.

And honestly, thats not necessarily a bad thing…..

But considering it doesnt have the one type of book that I was actually looking for, its certainly not without its fair share of faults.

“Alicia, how old are you again” Paul-san asks, smiling at me.

“Im 10 years old.”

Paul-sans expression turns a bit complicated when he hears my answer, and he quietly repeats it to himself under his breath.

Did I say something that odd It shouldnt be so ridiculous that it warrants him scrunching up his eyebrows like that I should think

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“Are you very fond of plants”

“Not especially.”

“Then how do you know so much about them”

Ah, if you ask me that, Ill be troubled.

As I said, I cant just say that I read about them in a book, now can I

And if I say that I heard about it from someone, Im sure Paul-san is the type to ask me who I heard it from.

I need to come up with an answer befitting a villainess…..

This is what Ive been training for over these last three years after all.

I should be able to come up with something!

I quickly wrack my brain…..

……But I cant think of anything…..

I guess Ill just have to borrow one of the lines that Alicia liked to say during the game.

I think its pretty cheap to resort to just recycling her lines, but this time it cant be helped.

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“This is merely common knowledge.

If you dont even know this much, then I think that you must have been slacking in your studies.”

One of the lines that the villainess loved to throw at the heroine!

I was able to say it so proudly.

I wonder if this was enough to overturn the initially good impression that Paul-san had of me….

See There was nothing to worry about.

Its quite the simple matter to give someone a bad impression.

Paul-san, Eric-Sama, and even Henry-Oniisama all stiffen at my words.

But thats to be expected I suppose, since they were just looked down on by a 10-year-old girl.

Ufufu! How satisfying! I feel like giggling, looking at their stiff expressions….

But I cant.

I need to hold it in, otherwise itll just spoil my triumph.

Be cool, me.

Stay calm.

But just as Im getting ahold of my expression, Paul-san bursts out laughing.

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“Is that right.

Common knowledge, huh I guess that means I need to study more,” Paul-san says, laughing expressively, with no trace of crossness or sarcasm in his tone.

What an open-minded fellow.

Hes making me feel somewhat ashamed for my own narrow-minded thoughts.

And seemingly following along with Paul-sans contagious good humor, Eric-Sama and Henry-Oniisama cant help but start grinning again as well.

Even the plants around us all start to perk up.

Im sure that Paul-sans laughter must have delighted them.

A happy and warm atmosphere envelops the whole room.


T/N: Awww, Paul is such a sweetie~ Also, you guys in the comments section are hilarious XD We have like 5 handsome young lads for love interests in this novel, but Will and Paul seem like hot contenders for ships hahaha.

I love it!


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