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Victor looked dubious at my words.


“So what are you going to do for me You will do something reasonable for me now that I have told you my secret, right”


“Who the hell do you think I am”


“You are the prince of Ravaal Kingdom.

So, there’s nothing you can’t do, right”


I was always the one who was pushed around, but now I finally have the opportunity to stir things up.


Seeing the prince’s stunned state, Grandfather held back his laughter.


“How dare you talk to His Highness like that!”


Vice Captain Neil interjected, looking a little flustered.


“It is true that we have all sworn allegiance to Prince Victor, but isn’t it the Prince who would be troubled by my absence”


I looked at Victor as if testing him.

No soldier would have this attitude.


But I do hold some value.

I’ve trained myself so that I can be proud of being Alicia Williams.

I deserve some freedom to be able to express myself.


Suddenly, Victor started laughing out loud.


“It’s super rare for a prince to laugh like this, isn’t it”


“When the prince is with Ria, I see many expressions on his face.”


I could hear Captain Marius and Ceres whispering.


“Really, father picked up something extraordinary.”


Victor was trying to suppress a laugh with tears in his eyes.


Is he complimenting me or mocking me… I was sure it was the latter, since there was no way Victor would compliment me.


“Yes, I need you now.

How can I let go of someone so useful …The only people who could take that attitude with me would be that trio of old men or this kid.”




My voice and the old men’s voices overlapped beautifully.

It was Victor who needed to correct his language.


“So, what exactly do you want, young lady”


Books, was what I was about to say, but I stopped.


There were people who would teach me.

So, I don’t have to choose books… maybe a sword


But the prince was the one I was negotiating with.

I need something more profitable… right!


“I’d like to form a squad that I can lead.”




Victor raised his eyebrows as high as he could in response to my answer.


“You mean, you want my position”


“I’m not aiming for Captain Marius’ position.”


“That’s supposed to be a good thing, but why does that sound rude”


Ceres muttered beside him.

Victor grimaced and opened his mouth to speak.


“No, you can’t.

Now that there’s no chance of you siding with my brother, I’m uncertain if I’m willing to make it that easy for you.”


That was true.

…But I couldn’t break down here, either.


I produced the best smile I could muster.

I had studied and practiced the villainess smile all this time.

I wouldn’t be disturbed by anything they say.


“Even if I don’t form a squad, Victor-sama will be at a great disadvantage if I switch sides to the first prince.

To begin with, I do not belong to any side…”




I belonged to the king.


“You said earlier that you were loyal to me.”


“I did say that.

But what I really meant was that I hadn’t sworn allegiance to you.”


Victor remained frozen and said nothing back.


Not only Grandfather, but also Kate and Mark, struggled to hold back their laughter.

They had their hands on their mouths, but their shoulders were shaking.


Prince, I’ve got you!


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