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“Wow, you’re going to build a better unit than me.”


“Where the heck do you get your confidence from…”


Vice Captain Neil was staring at me in disbelief, next to Victor, who was grinning at me.


A squad of villainesses that will go down in history How could I have made such a squad vulnerable


“What the heck are you trying to accomplish”


“I wonder.”


I took a sip of my coffee and smiled.


“The world’s most vicious villainess!” is what I would have said if I were a villainess.

It was more attractive to be a mysterious woman.


Besides, someone once said to me, a villainess would never call herself a villainess.


That sounds like a good point.

It would be stupid to describe yourself as a villainess.


I would be disappointed if a saintly woman introduced herself by saying, “I am kind and wish for peace in the world.”


“I’m not certain how much thought she’s putting into it.”


Vice Captain Neil interrupted me with an intense stare.




“When you fought the lion in that arena, didn’t you calculate that you would be favored by His Majesty the King Moreover, someone else was supposed to fight the lion that day.

Was this carefully planned, or was it simply a coincidence”


Vice Captain Neil narrowed his eyes doubtfully.


The air in the room tensed slightly as a result of his words, and Victor just stood silently waiting for my next words.


The vice-captain was right.

He must have suspected me.


“Besides, I didn’t think such a small child could do anything, but your lung capacity and muscle strength are extraordinary.

You have so much potential that the word ‘extraordinary’ doesn’t even begin to describe you.

Besides…you are a woman.What kind of life would a thin girl have to lead in order to grow up like this You’re a monster, especially considering how much stronger you’re going to get.”


Was that a snide remark No, a compliment


I grew up like this while I was a carefree young lady….


I mean, I didn’t realize that Vice Captain Neil was so talkative.

But he appeared to be very logical and methodical….


I didn’t know what to say to him.

I couldn’t find the words to reply.


“Indeed, I was wondering what kind of upbringing would bring up a girl like Ria.”


Suddenly, Lady Kate enters the conversation.

She looked at me with interest.


“I agree.”


Grandfather also uttered the words calmly.

Next to him, Mark-sama nods.


Grandfather, if you find out that I am your granddaughter, could you please not scold father


“A result of living too freely, I suppose”


Vice Captain Neil’s eyes became even sharper as I chuckled.


Stop staring at girls with those eyes! No matter how good you look, you won’t be popular!


“You mean to tell me that you lived a life of freedom, got deported, fought lions, and are now His Highness’ favorite”


“Amazing, right”


” I was talking about you.”


I was surprised when he actually pointed it out.

I must be doing some pretty villainous things.


I mean, being the prince’s favorite in exile was a perfect score for a villainess.

I definitely have the makings of one.


“I was going to send you back to your country of origin if you weren’t useful, but you are someone I want to keep with me from now on.”


Oh, no.

That’s not good.


Victor’s words made me stop thinking.


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