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Deportation to Ravaal kingdom was like training.


After a while, I planned to go back to Duelkis kingdom.


I had no idea that Victor liked me so much….


“Hey, why do you look so disgusted”


“I don’t want to spend the rest of my life listening to such words from His Highness.”


“Little brat, you have no idea how great it is to be the prince’s favorite… as long as you are Prince Victor’s knight, nothing else should matter.”


Following Captain Marius, Ceres chimed in.


I know it was an honor, but I didn’t ask for it, and it’s not good for Victor to have me as an essential part of his life.


I couldn’t tell him that one day I might leave his company.


If I was caught doing something disrespectful, I could be thrown back into the arena.


“Thank you”


“Why the question mark”


Victor raised his eyebrows at my words.


“Well, can I ask you one thing”




“It’s about the first prince.”


Instantly, Victor’s expression changed.

He looked blatantly disgusted.


Why did he have to hate him so much Even though they were brothers, why would he show such blatant dislike for him


Albert and Alan didn’t like me either, but I didn’t dislike them.


“Does he really want to inherit the throne”


“You bet.”


“Are you sure you don’t know anything about it”


The moment I probed further, the air in the room froze at once.


Victor exuded an incredible killing intent.

He was on the verge of killing me at any moment.


Oh, I think I went a little too far.


“You’d better know who you’re talking to, boy.

Marius, cut off his finger.”


Everyone froze at his quiet tone, and I could tell Victor meant it.


I knew he was a rough man, but I didn’t expect him to go this far…




Victor’s clear, low voice filled the room.

Marius was startled by those words, and his body trembled a little.


“But, Your Highness…”


“Just do it.”


“I think it would be wise to reconsider.”


Grandfather gently interrupted to calm Victor’s rage.


“Shut up.

She’s getting too carried away.

She needs to learn a few things.

Let her see where she stands.”


…Unfortunately, you won’t be able to keep me in line.


“Short temper leads to loss, my prince.”




“Why are you smiling in this situation”


“Because, I’m not afraid of anything.”


Following Victor’s words, I heard Ceres and Captain Neil’s voices.


“Please have a drink and calm down.”


“Are you **ing with me Or do you really want to die”


“I choose where I die.”


“Why are you so brazen Apologize now.”


Ceres whispered to me.

What a wonderful person you are to be concerned about me.


I am not weak enough to be killed by the prince of a neighboring kingdom.

Besides, I hadn’t done anything villainous in a while, and it was about time I got some motivation.


Victor opened his mouth without looking away from me.


“Marius, get this guy pinned down quickly.”


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