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Liz Cather gets along with everyone in the school, regardless of grade level.


She was probably oblivious to the darker side of people.

She always had a smile on her face, no matter how bad the attitude of the student.


I think I understand why she is so popular.

I felt as if my mind was being purified when I was around her.

Her magical power was comforting.




I was idly observing Liz Cather, and before I knew it, she was standing in front of me.




“I felt like you were looking at me.”


She gave me a gentle smile.


When I didn’t say anything, Liz Cather continued.


“You seem kind of calm today.

I thought you didn’t like me because you’ve been staring at me all this time.”




What was the difference I didn’t like Liz Cather.


She arches an eyebrow and smiles.


I’d never felt anything like this before, so what was it What was this strange sense of guilt I was feeling Was this the power of charm


Or had I just misunderstood Liz Cather until now


“Gilles, are you good friends with Duke”


“Well, not really.”


“I see! I’m good friends with him, too.

Duke is incredible, isn’t he

He’s the youngest person to reach level 100 in magic, he’s smart, he’s strong, he’s the perfect guy!”


Even though I didn’t ask her, she talked about Duke with a sparkle in her eye.


“But sometimes he looks somewhat lonely…”


That was probably because Alicia wasn’t there.


“I wish I could do something.

We don’t talk much these days…”


“What kind of conversations did you have before”


“Well…we used to talk a lot about classes.

I used to ask him questions.”


I’m not sure why I’m having a normal conversation with her.

And that too, without any aversion.


“Actually, I wanted to get to know Alicia-chan.

I still do.

I believe she rejects everyone around her so much because she is lonely.”


She spoke only from her imagination.


I listened quietly, not because I liked Liz Cather’s stories, but because I wanted to be able to understand her way of thinking.

I’d like to understand her a little bit before making a decision.


“I still believe I can save Alicia-chan.

If I keep reaching out to her, one day we will understand each other.

So, I won’t give up.”


…What the hell was she saying


I knew Liz Cather had a flower garden in her head, but I had no idea she was so far gone.


She was not a bad person, but she was a very harmful person to me.


I was ashamed of myself for even trying to open my heart to her.

She was the type of person I couldn’t stand.


After all, Alicia was the only one for me.


I sighed heavily in front of her.


“Gilles! What’s wrong”


“I wonder how I can help her now that she has been exiled.”


I said to Liz Cather mockingly.


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