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An epidemic was prevalent in the Ravaal Kingdom….


“Is it the spotted disease”


“Yes, it is.”


“Is it still the Dagon River that is causing the spotted disease”


A while ago, in a class at the Magic Academy, Gilles had replied.

The medicine that cures the spot disease was a flower called Maddie.


But the problem was that there were only a few of them available in any given year and they were all taken by the upper nobility.

That means the epidemic will not be over soon.


“You seem to know a lot about it.

The fungus in the Dagon River is definitely the cause, but we don’t know for sure yet.

Where did you get that information, anyway”


“I’ve been studying it a little bit.”


“A little, huh So, you know about Maddie”



The flower that grows on the high cliffs


Victor did not take his gaze away from mine.


“Listen, in this country, only the nobility know about Maddie.

Commoners think they would die if they got the spotted disease.

There is no antidote, they just have to suffer in quarantine.”


He could already see that I am no ordinary commoner.


“…How much does the prince know about my true identity”


He took a breath before answering my question.


“All I know is that you’re just a little **.”


No way….

Maybe he said that out of concern for me.


“Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m interested in you.”


I retract my previous statement.

It would be impossible for me to care about this prince.


“I’ll be careful from now on about what I say.”



It would be troublesome if your secrets were to be noticed by others.”


He said this as he opened the door to his room.


He casually led me into his room… But it was strange that we had been discussing the contagious disease just outside the door all this time.


I followed him into the room.

It was different from the room where I had first met Victor.


There was nothing extra, just a bed in a large room.

What an imposing bed…


There was a tremendous amount of sunlight streaming in through the large windowpane.


I wondered if it was morally acceptable for a pre-married daughter to enter a man’s bedroom… Well, he didn’t see me as a woman, so that’s good!


“From now on, you will sleep here.”


“I think I can sleep on the soft carpet on this floor.”


“A normal, commoner would be pleased to have a bed like this.”


It seemed to me that he had emphasized only the word “normal”.

What did he expect me to do


I guess that would mean I would have to play the role of an exiled boy to the fullest if I wanted to survive here.


“Wah! Beautiful and gorgeous!”


I looked around the room, placing my hands on my chest, trying to make myself look happy.


…It was such a bad act that I can’t seem to get away from it.

I couldn’t do this kind of acting.


“Your eyes are dead.”


“You can’t see them with the cloth.”


“But I can sense it.”


Oh, I wondered if the prince has good eyesight like I do.


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