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Gilles (Age: 12)


“Do I have something on my face”


Duke’s words brought me back to myself.

He was looking at me with a curious expression.


I guess I’d been staring blankly at Duke since I’d overheard Arnold and Joanne’s conversation yesterday.

I also couldn’t get the rose out of my head.


“Nah, nothing.”


I quickly replied.


“Are you sure you’re not in love with Duke”


Mel looked at me with a mischievous grin.


I silently glared at her as Mel said, “Wow, you are giving such a look to a pretty girl like me!” But I ignored her.


We were talking about Liz Cather’s move in the old library, though I didn’t go into much detail about what I’d discussed with her.


I guess I could have told her, but I felt like I needed to protect my privacy.

Even if it was about Liz Cather.


I felt like I didn’t need to bother telling Mel about Liz Cather’s love and jealousy.


“Liz was super depressing today!!!!”


Mel said as she licked a candy bar which she got from who knows where.


“What’s going on”


“She’s trying so hard to get to Duke! She should have known that I don’t want to be around her!”


Mel immediately responded to Henry’s words.


I wondered where in the world Mel had learned to speak like that, as she was an aristocrat.


“What exactly did they do to you”


Duke’s brow furrowed as he opened his mouth, as if he was quite annoyed by Liz Cather’s behavior.


“She’s acting worse than before.

She talks to me at all times, she invites me to lunch no matter how many times I refuse, and the most exhausting time is during the special class that those who have reached level 100 must attend.”


I wondered.

In general, she was supposed to be a positive girl who would never let a broken heart bring her down, but I had no idea how depressing it became for her simply because she was Liz Cather….


“She’s starting to get desperate”


Henry muttered with a wry smile.


“And why is it so hard for Liz to be aware of her surroundings!”


“What do you mean”


“The students want to support Liz’s love life, and they keep telling Duke how nice and amazing she is.

Quite a few of them have come up to Duke just today.”


Henry answered on Mel’s behalf.


“What That’s super annoying!”


“Liz-sama is very compassionate, intelligent, and beautiful, not only in appearance but also in heart, and I can’t tell you how many times she has saved my life!”


Mel mimics the Liz followers.


Wow, what an easy-to-follow imitation.

I could instantly imagine the situation.


“I don’t want to be saved on the basis of a flimsy belief that only exists on the surface! I don’t want that kind of superficial, flimsy belief!”


Mel looked at me with a strong gaze to see if I agreed with her sentiments.

I nodded my head in agreement.


“It’s terrible to think every day from here on out will be like that.”


Henry said as if he understood Duke’s feelings.


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