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Henry’s words silenced Alan.


…Liz’s words would have drowned out any help Alicia could have given him.


I was certain that Alicia didn’t mean to say that she would never dislike Alan because she was open-minded and kind.


Even if Alicia was not here, it would be easy to imagine what her reaction would be.

I could see her feeling happy about being targeted.


The more her brothers hate her to the point of almost killing her, the more smug she would become.  I’m sure she would be thinking, “I’m all grown up! To think that so much such hatred is directed to me by my brother!”.


I had no idea what she was talking about at first, but I am starting to understand how she thinks.


I thought she was a masochist, but she was not.

She was just trying to be the Villainess she imagined herself to be.


Hmm I think we’re doing something very unnecessary….


To Alicia, breaking the brainwashing would be the same as losing all the efforts she had made so far.

Moreover, I was an accomplice.

There was no way to escape.


What should I do


It would be bad if not only Albert, but also Alan, took Alicia’s side.

No, but it was already too late.




I could hear Alan’s voice trembling.


“No matter how much I avoided her, I knew that she was making constant efforts every day, even if I didn’t want her to be at home… Even after she’d been in the hut for two years, I’d see the attendants take her books away.

Also, the ridiculous magical power I felt from that hut at times… I didn’t want to admit that Alicia, who was at odds with Liz, was a hard worker.”


Henry listened silently as Alan continued his story, as if to let it all out.


“I didn’t want to believe in her when she woke up before everyone else every morning to practice her sword, or when she stayed up late studying in the library.

I know I am a lousy brother.

But maybe seeing her like that made me feel more ashamed of myself and more dependent on Liz.”


“I understand.

I also feel ashamed of myself when I look at Alicia.”


Henry felt a little sympathy for Alan.


I could understand that, especially since I was around Alicia all the time.

It made me feel like I was nothing compared to her.


“One day, I happened to pass Ali in the hallway when she said something to me.”




“She said that there would be a day when the Ravaal Kingdom would experience a sudden drop in temperature, and all the crops would be wiped out.

She asked me what would happen if that really happened.

I thought it was nonsense, so I didn’t take it seriously.

I didn’t think Alicia was researching the Ravaal country, and since it was Liz’s birthday, I thought she was being sarcastic, but…”


Why did Alicia ask Alan, of all people


No, but it would be normal to ask your brother if you don’t understand something.

It was a tricky subject, but extreme weather was not that uncommon.


Alicia probably didn’t pay that much attention to the issue.


But from what I could tell, they had discussed a lot of interesting topics.


I concentrated on their conversation.


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