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As soon as I left Vian’s room, I ran as fast as I could towards Victor.


“Hey, what is the meaning of this!”


I pushed open the door to Victor’s room as quickly as I could without even knocking.


Victor didn’t seem surprised or flustered as he looked at me and answered.


“What do you mean, what is this, you’ve just become my brother’s caretaker.”


“I don’t understand this at all.

Why did you assign me to be the first prince’s caretaker Don’t you hate the first prince”


I spoke briskly, without the honorifics.

But Victor didn’t care about that.


“Things have changed, you know.”


“Please tell me when, where, and how things have changed.

I think I have a right to know.


If I back down here, I lose.

Alicia, be persistent.


Victor glanced at me and sighed.


I was the one who wanted to sigh.

I couldn’t keep up with his behavior because it was so incomprehensible to me.


“Hey, explain it to me.

What am I supposed to do”


“He’s suddenly making a serious move to take the throne!”


Victor said, his voice abruptly raised.

He glared at me and continued.


“He’s always excelled in everything.

Everyone said the next king should be the first prince, but Father gave me a chance to be the next king too.

I am entitled to the throne.

So that expedition meant everything to me.

And yet, that guy… Until then, my brother had never shown any interest in the throne.

But all of a sudden, he became serious about claiming the throne.

When I showed my father the fairy this morning, he didn’t react well.

I asked him about the situation, and he told me everything.

That brother is now trying to prove his worth.


I had never seen Victor speak so much at once.

He must be very agitated.


Anyway, to summarize his story, presenting Kii to the King did not earn him the title of the Next King… That’s certainly a great way of infuriating someone by getting their hopes up.


But, from what I can tell, I don’t think that Vian wanted to be the King.


“For now, please calm down.

The next king cannot be decided that easily.”


“Easy Have you already forgotten that you risked your life to go there”


His sharp gaze turns to me.


Ah, I made him even angrier.

I guess I shouldn’t say anything now.


“Anyway, all you have to do is go find out what his weakness is.



…I think he already knows that I was a spy for Victor.


“Yes, I will.”


I said quietly and left.


If you guys want to have a sibling rivalry, please take it somewhere else.

If they could only cooperate, the Ravaal Kingdom would be large enough for the two to divide and rule.


I walked down the corridor thinking about this.


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